Day Six of the Thomas Chantry Trial

By | May 3, 2019

Chantry Trial – Day 6
Thursday, May 2, 2019

Testifying today:
TW – father of daughter and son whom Chantry was convicted of assaulting
PW – mother of daughter and son whom Chantry was convicted of assaulting

There was no court session on Wednesday, so no, I didn’t miss a day! Today was only a half-day session because a witness or two couldn’t make it in until Friday. Present in the gallery of the courtroom today was a juror from the first trial and his wife. I would have liked to talk with him and thanked him for his service but he left after the first witness finished testifying. Also present were two women who were there to support PW and TW.

Noteworthy by his absence was Al Huber, the father-in-law of Tom Chantry. You may recall that Al put up the $250,000 cash to spring Tom from jail in late March.  Al is a pastor at an ARBCA church – Grace Reformed Baptist Church in Rockford, IL Al has not been present for any of the trial and it’s unlikely he will make an appearance because next week is the yearly ARBCA General Assembly. As a member of the Administrative Council (the inner sanctum of ARBCA) Al will be expected to attend.

Testifying first today was TW. He, his son and his daughter testified at the first Chantry trial and the two felony assault convictions Chantry received were for his actions taken against TW’s children. All three of them have now also testified at this trial.

Much of the TW’s testimony centered around the letter he wrote to MVBC Elders Rich Howe and Eric Owens on December 7, 2000. The fact is not lost on me that just as December 7, 1941 is a day that will live in infamy for our nation, so the letter TW wrote 59 years later outlines events that will live in infamy in the lives of his family.


Letter From Father of Victi… by on Scribd

Of note in the testimony given by TW was that the three-man investigative committee told them they could go to the police, but they were given the impression that this was not needed as they would handle it. The  three-man investigative council told them Tom Chantry would never be a pastor again or be around children.

Of course these were empty promises, as we now know that within six months of Tom Chantry moving to Tom Lyon’s church he was preaching there, and within a few years he had moved on to teach elementary school children at Christian Liberty Academy in the Chicago area. Below is an informative letter from a former member of Tom Lyon’s church.

Paul Schmidt Questions PRBC… by on Scribd

The three-man committee also told TW and PW that they needed to apologize to their children for placing them in the care of Tom Chantry and encouraged them to forgive Chantry.

Prosecutor Eazer completed her questioning of TW by asking him if he regrets not calling the Police. “Absolutely,” he responded.

PW began her testimony around 10:40. She stated that bother her children are kind and tender-hearted and were never a discipline problem.

She mentioned that when Tom talked about disciplining her children while tutoring them she got a “sick feeling.” After Tom had left their home she voiced her concerns to her husband and he promised he would talk to Tom the next day and tell him there was to be no spanking. (He did not do this.)

PW said her children were nervous and scared after their first  time with Chantry and they did not want to go back to Tom’s house, nor did she want them to return.

She said the letter they received from the three-man investigative council told them it was their fault for placing them in the care of Tom Chantry.

She also mentioned that they were told Tom would not be pastoring again or be around children and that the church would handle the matter.

When PW was asked if this had been hard on her family she said “yes.” When asked “Why?” she broke down crying.

Judge Astrowsky quickly called for a recess and the jury was sent out.  About ten minutes later the jury was brought back in but PW still had not fully regained her composure. Prosecutor Eazer asked her two more questions: Were your children angry with you? To which she replied “yes” and “In hindsight do you wish you had done things differently?” PW replied, “Very much so.”

Defense attorney Stevens said he had no questions, nor did the jury, so that ended the witness testimony for the day.

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LA Watching

Still got your panties in a twist over a bad day in court? Surely more has happened! Where is your account?

Good heavens, why don’t you attend the trial yourself?

I think it’s clear whose panties are really in a knot. ?

Janna L. Chan (blog team member)


What an awful thing to say! Obviously, you have no appreciation for the incredible amount of energy and fortitude it takes to do what Todd is doing. But for the efforts of him and Janna and some of the other on-line bloggers, we would all be kept in the dark about the atrocities committed against these children (which is exactly what many of the “leaders” in ARBCA want).

Please take some time and educate yourself about the toll that these types of crimes take on EVERYONE involved. In addition to the victims and their families, the court personnel, law enforcement, and yes, even reporters like Todd, are affected by what they hear and witness in court.

Better yet, go and sit in on a child abuse trial. I promise you that you will not be the same person that you were going into it, and if you are, I question your humanity. Hearing about these things and witnessing the terrible toll it takes on the victims and their families changes you as a person. It is physically, emotionally and psychologically exhausting just being around this evil. Why do your think just about every CYS agency has such a high turnover rate? Because the case workers burn out and can’t do it any more. It literally hurts your soul. Please be more mindful of your sarcastic comments.

Will the REAL Wicked please go away?

Does anyone know how these two grown children are doing today?

I am so glad that Tom, Walt, and the rest have lived long enough for some sort of justice to be brought their way at the hand of the “wicked” as their Bible tells them…

What must Tom’s children think? “Our dad is being disgraced by the wicked!” That’s quite a view on the world for them to have. The righteous are in our church, the unregenerate are in the justice system, and we pretty much have to ignore it all and wait for heaven…or can heaven wait?

When our (formed an ARBCA church until the Chantry ordeal was exposed) church split so that the nepotism could continue more effectively, we had a pastor from out of state stand in front of us, arms stretched to the heavens, loudly proclaiming: “YOU NEED TO VIEW THESE TWO MEN AS HAVING BEEN SET RIGHT HERE BY GOD FROM THE THRONE OF HEAVEN JUST FOR YOU! DON’T EVER QUESTION THEM, DO ALL THAT YOU CAN TO SUPPORT THEM IN THEIR VERY DIFFICULT WORK OF LEADING YOU, ETC., ETC., ETC.,” Definitely no thought of the morrow going on in this situation. Even the pastor’s then three year old would look at visitors and point her arm, “You listen when my dad talks!” She did not have a natural curiosity in others.