Bruce Ware and Owen Strachan – All in the Family!

By | January 13, 2020

SBC women who work and the ultra-complementarians they support


For those of you who are unaware, Owen Strachan is married to the daughter of Bruce Ware. Does it seem strange to anyone besides me that these two winsome men frequently endorse each other’s books and teaching? I am not sure if I would call it an unethical practice, but it does seem a bit unusual. I would think that at a minimum they should add a disclaimer to their endorsements. But then, I think date-nights between a father and daughter are also a bit weird. (I’m not saying either Ware or Strachan are proponents of this because I do not know, but I do know that many patriarchal men do “date” their daughters.

Note to the 9Marx pastor in Dubai, and anyone else unfamiliar with my sense of humor, the conversations in the “bubbles” are not actual quotes from Bruce Ware and his son-in-law, Owen Strachan. It is my attempt at making a point through the use of humor. If you don’t find it humorous may I suggest you move along to some of Luther’s writings!
















SBC women who work and the ultra-complementarians they support



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You think there is nepotism here? Take a look at Sovereign Grace.

There’s lots of genetic inbreeding amongst the royal families in Sovereign Grace Churches too.

Perhaps that’s why they’re producing leaders who can’t spell the name of their denomination.

Janna L. Chan (blog team member)

Conferences are where they go to inbreed. Kind of like prep schools, it insures that people will be able to find a proper spouse. Would not want to marry outside of the “family.” In a couple of generations they will look like the Hasburgs.

We stopped this stuff a few generations ago. Now people ask what “state” you got your wife from.

Thanks for the information. In all fairness, many sociologists say that most people, in any culture, have a strong tendency to marry their social equals.

Perhaps it is then unfair of me to criticize pastors in Sovereign Grace for seeking brides specific to their micro social caste.

My father is of 100 percent Chinese ethnicity and my mother is of almost 100 percent German ethnicity.

I suppose they were social equals when they married, yet I have never had to worry about the biological detriments of genetic inbreeding.

That’s good, one fewer thing to worry about in life. 😉

Janna L. Chan (blog team member)

Janna L. Chan (blog team member)

But you can be sure that your mother was not chosen to keep the wealth in the family. This seems to be the motive.

That’s true, neither one of my parents had any money or high social status to go after when they got married.

That probably made their lives easier.

By contrast, there appear to have been SGM men who aspired to marry the daughters of prominent SGM pastors, because these women functioned like golden geese.

Marrying up into the “pastor class” of Sovereign Grace guaranteed guys a six figure income, a cushy job, and high social status in their narrow world.

Some of the daughters of the pastors appear to have had little or no say in these practically arranged marriages.

Once daddy proclaimed a suitor worthy of courting you, backing out wasn’t an option even if you couldn’t stand the guy.

That’s because objecting to the match implied that you didn’t trust your pastor/father’s judgment.

Women are still treated like commodities in most of the world. However, I’m happy that the Sovereign Grace brand has tanked, because Sovereign Grace promoted inbreeding that probably wasn’t healthy for society.


Janna L. Chan

This highlights the fact that so many of our “leaders” who are out shamelessly promoting themselves and their nepotism never, ever look in the mirror. They either do not see their own blazing hypocrisy or they just do not care. They have books to sell. There is Mammon out there to be made and they have their own egos to feed. You cannot serve God and Money, success, fame, having your own personal cult following, telling some people what they want to hear.

The biggest b.s. thing he said is that the husband is fully and wholly responsible for his wives’ spiritual growth and well being. This is not what the scriptures plainly state. Each of us is primarily responsible for our own spiritual growth and our overall well being flows out of that relationship with God. This turns the man into an idol. It also places an impossible load on him to bare at the same time. If your spouse does not want to grow, there is nothing that you can do to manipulate or force that into being.

I went through this myself the hard way. I felt over-responsible for a spouse that had little room for God because they were angry and bitter against God and did not want to change that. In the end in her hardness of heart she divorced me. No one is responsible for anyone else’s personal relationship with God. We can love and pray for our families but trying to manipulate them to do what we think is best for them is just plain white-witchcraft. So yes, I am plainly stating this older gentleman is preaching white-witchcraft. It is what it is.

This Owen guy looks very young.

The neo Reformed sadly hijacked great theology for authoritarianism in the church and in the home.

As a Calvinist and mild-complementarian, I am sadly beginning to see that neo-Reformed movement was not fueled by the wonder of grace, but the whip of gender authoritarianism.

This is the best comment I’ve ever read.

Please stick around.

Janna L. Chan (blog team member)

Couldn’t agree more.