T4G- When Will the Evangelical Leaders Cancel Their Gospelly Conference?

By | March 16, 2020

The world is seemingly going to hell in a hand-basket. The NCAA Basketball Tournaments have been cancelled, the NBA, NHL, and MLB have postponed their seasons, schools across the nation have either cancelled classes or are conducting classes on-line, companies are telling employees to work from home as the Stock Market crashes, restaurants are closing, Disneyland has closed, and I may soon have to resort to using banana leaves instead of toilet paper!

In the midst of all this craziness, it’s comforting to know that two entities are continuing with business as usual – the NFL and the Together 4 the Gospel boys. What’s the common denominator between these two organizations? They are both driven by money.

I fully expect the T4G Gospelly boys to announce they are cancelling their conference any day now, but it’s rather shameful that the Governor of Kentucky may have to threaten the leaders with house arrest if they refuse to do so!

It should be abundantly clear to all that the Gospelly boys want you to “entrust them with your money” so they can teach you about being “Entrusted with the Gospel.”  Watch for them to ask those who have paid the $300 conference fee to donate it to T4G.  And watch their “partners in the gospel” do it!




Time for another Temple cleansing? I personally think these many conferences have run their course. They are simply a method used by Evangelical celebrities to fund a lavish lifestyle.



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[…] Todd first wrote “T4G – When Will the Evangelical Leaders Cancel Their Gospelly Conference?” […]

You two know what I think if you have read my emails, but for the rest and the public God has been warning me for over a decade of a great storm He was bringing to the world to judge sin, both inside and outside of His Church. I am with you that most of these conferences have nothing at all to do with The True Gospel and everything with Mammon and promoting the idol of celebrity status and superiority to the common layman. These snakes claim to hear from God for us, and to have wisdom that we do not when most of them do not even write their own books. They just lie as they pay someone who can write money under the table to create and promote a simple lie.

God sending pestilence as judgment you can find in the O.T. history books and prophets. You also find it right there at the end of the book as one of the horsemen of the apocalypse. What is happening is obviously a big wake up call from heaven itself, but the question is will we look up and heed it? Our ways of “doing church” are not His ways! And so it will become much more difficult to continue doing things our own ways.

It is my hope that a small remnant will look up, repent from our own evil ways, and we all have those, and become willing to start doing what Jesus actually wants. There is so much hypocrisy as we pray the Lord’s prayer “you Kingdom come, your will be done” and yet when this actually happens we fight against it. We get so mad at God for not giving us our own will and for not blessing our own little fiefdoms. Time to ask Jesus for the Fear of God once again. We really need it more than anything else that we focus our attention on! And that you cannot find by going to any conference. It has to happen inside your own prayer closet as Jesus taught. Ask God for His will in our life and for a vastly improved character and God will give that to us along with the many trials and tribulations of life.