John Piper Dumps His Good Friend C.J. Mahaney

By | July 11, 2013

“Thank you C.J.  I chose to be here.  Nobody forced me.  He is a pretty persuasive guy but  I really, really wanted to be here.  And therefore when the opportunity arose I snatched it.  And I’m thankful for it.

I wanted to be here because I am excited about what God is doing in this church plant.  I’ve been following it from a distance.  And I’m thrilled with what is in the offing here in the mix of this city.  I’m excited to be here secondly because I love Sovereign Grace and what God is doing in it across the country and the world.

And most emotionally significant, I’m glad to be here because C.J. is right, he is my friend and he has meant a lot to me over the years both at the encouragement level of preaching and professional life – though nobody in the ministry is a professional – but even more at the personal family level of caring.  So it is real easy for me to stand here and be with you.  It is what I want to do.”

-John Piper, speaking at C.J. Mahaney’s church in Louisville, KY.  February 17, 2013.

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Photo of the scheduled speakers at Piper’s Cross Conference as seen on the internet on July 2, 2013.  (Editors note: In transferring my blog to a new host this photo was lost and it appears to have been removed from the Web.  You will have to take my word for it – Mahaney was listed as a speaker but was subsequently quietly removed.)  Below is the revised speaker list.  The blue question mark is where Mahaney’s photo used to be.

2015-08-03 Mahaney removed from 2013 Cross Con speakers

Photo of the scheduled speakers at Piper’s Cross Conference as seen on the internet on July 11, 2013.

Notice anybody missing?  Yep, Piper’s good friend C.J. Mahaney has disappeared. Piper, in a move reminiscent of the T4G boys attempt to quietly change their statement of support for Mahaney – unannounced and hopefully unnoticed, seems to have dumped Mahaney from the conference without making any public notification of the deletion.

Once again I must question the integrity of the “leaders” in the neo-reformed movement.

“Integrity and honesty in unbelievers is like the seashell of holiness. There is beauty still, but no life. Vestiges of Imago.” -John Piper,

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CJ himself is withdrawing from these conferences. Its not that his friends are dumping him.

Anon 2

We the pew-sitter are getting tired of our so-called Christian leaders sneaking around and playing games with C. J. Mahaney. They didn’t publicly denounce him, so now we don’t know: Are they just removing him from public venues but secretly supporting behind the scenes, waiting to trot him out at a quiet moment? I’ve lost trust in Piper, Mohler, Dever, Duncan, and their ilk. And I agree with 2Samuel127. More criminal charges are likely to come. (Some of these defendants have already been jailed in other child sex crime cases.) What has made these men compromise and put a mere man before God? An oath of loyalty? Blackmail? (Mahaney has already admitted to this before.) Money?

Bill Frank

Talk about a mixed message and mixed emotions to this ‘news’. The headline had me very relieved…. thinking one of my all time favorite teachers (Piper) had seen the light and was doing a HUGE “mea culpa”. Will still hope and pray for these leaders as I was just today.

Merely speculation on my part, but I would say the “leaders” are getting a rising crescendo of pushback from us pew-sitters, or perhaps they have some inside information that Mahaney is about to be hit with some criminal charges. Judging from Grudem’s response to my email requesting him to not speak at Mahaney’s church, as well as the lack of concern over the whole C.J. scandal I received from John Folmar, my pastor at UCCD, I would say the leaders really are not that concerned with what the laity think. (Unless or until it starts to affect the flow of money.) Therefore I am inclined to think criminal charges are forthcoming. IF, as a leader, you had knowledge of this it would be in your best interest to disassociate yourself from Mahaney. They don’t seem to possess the cajones to admit they were wrong in backing Mahaney over the victims of sexual abuse, so they quietly hope to move away, undetected by the general public.

Anon 1

Same here, more people are questioning alliances with Mahaney. It seems their attempts to really support him publicly have backfired so instead of repenting they were wrong not to consider the victims, they are quietly eliminating him from their public conferences, etc. The attitude is that if he is not around it will go away and they can pretend it was never a real problem. Then when it is brought up they can say it is old news and you are divisive. :o)


Any thoughts on why CJ is currently getting quietly dumped from conferences? I have received a few emails from new readers that indicate that they are raising questions about Mahaney with their pastors. Do you think it is starting to become difficult to maintain the facade of everything being “just wonderful?”