Voice of the Martyrs Attempts Damage Control

By | May 4, 2017

Yesterday I received two comments on my article titled “Voice of the Martyrs (VOM) Funded Abuse of Nigerian Orphans” from a woman named Christine. It would appear that Voice of the Martyrs has loosed their damage control team on the internet as obviously efforts appear to be coordinated across the web. Some organizations hire public relations teams to stem the tide of negative publicity and it would not surprise me if VOM has done so.  I asked Christine what her relationship to VOM was, but she did not respond to me. She may just be a loyal donor who accepts everything VOM tells her as truth. Both her comments appear to be the work of an amateur, as opposed to someone who is paid to combat bad press. The first one strikes me as a bullet point reponse that VOM has asked their loyalists to utilize, not fit for a stand alone comment.  I would attribute the second comment solely to Christine. Surely an organization that hauls in $55 million a year from donors would have a more professional sounding suggested comment than what Christine came up with.

Look at the first sentence: “This is not factual information and shoddy reporting.” What is not factual information? The statement that follows, or my blog post linked above? Reference the “shoddy reporting,” the sentence structure causes me to read the sentence as “This is not factual information and this is not shoddy reporting.”   As a policy we generally do not publish comments that are not backed up with factual content stated in a clear, concise format.  Any simpleton can, and often does, resort to calling Janna and I agents of Satan, or some such “Church Lady” remark. Most don’t see the light of day, but being that this was Christine’s first comment on our blog (and likely her first comment ever penned to anyone, anywhere) we decided to publish it.  I also try to be a fair guy, so I am not opposed to publishing the other side of a story, no matter how ridiculous I feel their claims are.

If anything, Christine’s comment does a good job of illustrating the ease of which charlatans must have of bilking the average Christian out of their hard earned dollars.

Did Christine even read my blog article? Did she watch the video produced by Reformation Baptist Church? The video presented numerous first-hand accounts of neglect, abuse and misappropriation of funds, yet I am accused of aiding Satan in his work of clouding the minds of believers! Incredible. Children in Nigeria, in a supposedly Christian orphanage are being starved and raped and when I and others take the time to document this tragedy we are the agents of Satan?


Here is VOM’s official statement – please help stop the misinformation from spreadinghttp://www.persecution.com/public/newsroom.aspx?story_ID=%3d383533

This is not factual information and shoddy reporting. Once again in the name of “good Christians” satan is doing his work to cloud the minds of believers so they will stop funding those organizations who do Christ’s mission. Here is VOM’s official statement on this video. Perhaps contacting them and getting some facts would have helped this to not escalate to this level. http://www.persecution.com/public/newsroom.aspx?story_ID=%3d383533


Christine chooses to believe the word of the leaders of Voice of the Martyrs over well documented claims of individuals on the scene of the crimes in Nigeria.  Does Christine recall that In April 2012 the executive director of VOM-USA, Walter Thomas “Tom” White, who served in that capacity for over 20 years, committed suicide after only two to three hours after an accusation of suspected child sexual molestation (pedophilia) of a 10-year-old girl was formally filed by her parents with the local police, and while the Bartlesville, OK police were searching to arrest him?  At the time of his committing suicide, Tom White had a $140,000+, plus perks, yearly salary and very substantial travel and expense account used in his extensive and frequent international travel. Since the suspected perpetrator was dead, the police closed any further investigation of the sexual molestation. The police chief and the former mayor of the town of  Bartlesville, OK were personally serving on the Board of Directors of the Voice of the Martyrs.

Does Christine recall that Richard Wurmbrand’s son, Michael Wurmbrand, wrote to the VOM Board of Directors and asked for a “Blue Ribbon” commission to investigate back at least two years, all Tom White’s travel points, contacts and especially financial expenditures to establish and put to rest any suspicions regarding child molestation?

Does Christine recall that four days after Michael Wurmbrand sent his letter to the VOM Board of Directors he received a curt letter of termination of employment? No “sorry” and no “thank you for his founding  the organization or the many years of service! Michael Wurmbrand’s letter had not been answered after more than two years.

Does Christine recall that VOM spent $28 million dollars of donor money to build their new headquarters in Bartlesville, OK? (The previous headquarters cost approximately $90,000.) The present chairman of VOM is a former mayor of Bartlesville and was a part of the city leadership.

Does Christine recall that a repeated offender 3rd degree felon, who as of 2013 was still under a 10-year parole conviction sentence as an embezzler was named the Voic of the Martyrs Vice President? Tens of thousands of donor dollars out of contributions for supposed misssionary work were extended as a loan to him to pay back some of what he stole and escape parole supervision.

Does Christine recall that VOM had reluctantly agreed in 2001 to help about 100 believers who were imprisoned 5-10 years for their faith in communist prisons in Romania, currently destitute in their 80s and 90s, with less than $1 (yes, one dollar) a month?

Editor’s note: These and many other reports detailing the corruption of VOM leadership can be found on Michael Wurmbrand’s website.

These are the type of people Christine chooses to defend, and I assume donate her money to. Blogs like mine which detail the corruption of so-called Christian organizations such as Voice of the Martyrs are the bad guys, the tools of Satan.  Am I the only one who thinks Christine’s logic is a bit skewed?

Below is a PDF file containing copies of emails that were exchanged between VOM staff and Michael Wurmbrand.  Wurmbrand was attempting to obtain funding for those in desperate need.  VOM couldn’t help as the donor money was being used for the construction of their lavish new headquarters.

[gview file=”http://michaelwurmbrand.com/VOM-claims-lack-of-money.pdf” save=”1″]

Below are copies of  financial reports on VOM. You will notice in the first one, compiled in 2010, two year prior to Tom White’s committing suicide, he waa paid a salary of nearly $161,000.  This is a very  extravagant salary for a man who heads a religious ministry funded soley by donors.

You will notice that in the second report, compiled 5 years later, donations were up nearly $7 million dollars yet VOM had a deficit of $1.5 million dollars.




Below is the response that Reformation Baptist Church just published in response to VOM’s PR campaign. I find the Reformation Baptist Church’s response well-reasoned, logical and believable.  I have no doubt as to whom is being forthright and who is attempting to skew the truth.


(This response was posted on Facebook and may be viewed here.)

Voice of the Martyrs has just released a statement responding to the allegations in the Persecuting the Persecuted video. The statement is dated April 13, but it was not publicly released until today, May 3. We are thankful that they have acknowledged some of the issues in their work in Nigeria, but we are very concerned that they still refuse to do an independent investigation, and that several statements they made are not open and forthright.

1. “VOM-USA has never controlled VOCM-Nigeria’s operations nor its hiring and management of staff.”

VOM-USA tried to use this same distinction in our conversations with them. As we said in the Persecuting the Persecuted video, we do not believe this is a forthright description of the situation in Nigeria. In our experience, they both had their own staff in Nigeria, and worked closely with VOCM staff. For example, VOM-USA has told us that Zingak Deshi was a VOCM employee, and so they had no role in his firing. However, we know from both Zingak and the former VOM-USA contactor who hired him, that he worked for VOM-USA and never VOCM-Nigeria. Therefore, it had to be VOM-USA who fired him, furthering Isaac’s attempt to retaliate against those who spoke against him.

2. “Despite the questionable source of the allegations against Isaac, VOM-USA undertook a thorough investigation [in 2011] and found no evidence of their truth. “

This statement fails to mention other occasions when these allegations were made against Isaac and they refused to investigate. They also do not answer the allegations in the Persecuting the Persecuted video that their investigation had several critical flaws which led to failure to uncover the truth.


3. “When VOM-USA received a video on August 31, 2016 … VOM-USA had already cut all financial support to VOCM-Nigeria.”

Although it is true that we did not send the video to VOM-USA until August, 2016, that was certainly not the first time we had told them of these allegations. Very soon after we shot the first interviews, in January 2016, we met with a VOM-USA staff member to discuss the allegations. We sent the video to the VOM-USA board in August because we did not believe that VOM-USA employees were handling the situation in a biblical way, and because the video had been requested by a VOM USA staff member to show to other national VOMs (since we didn’t believe that they ever did, we sent it to every other VOM we could find contact information for.) We had also been promised that they would bring in two independent investigators which, since none ever contacted us for the information we had, we believe has never happened.

One thing their statement does not address is why, after they decided to stop funding VOCM because of poor conditions at the Stephens Center and financial misconduct in VOCM, they gave over $100,000 in properties and cars to VOCM, especially as they had already been made aware of allegations of sexual abuse by Isaac Newton, head of VOCM. An employee of VOM-USA even told Jeff Arnette that Isaac Newton offered to buy them back, but they gave them to him and didn’t accept any money.

4. “[Former VOCM-Nigeria staff] had not raised … allegations with VOM-USA staff members who visited Nigeria or had involvement with The Stephen Centre or other VOCM projects, and who had met with VOM-USA staff at VOM-USA headquarters in October, 2014.”

We have every reason to believe this statement is false. We know that Raphael reported these issues to VOM USA when he was visiting the United States in June of 2015. Raphael and Zingak also raised these issues with their VOM-USA contacts on other occasions. However, even though these people were their primary contacts with VOM-USA, those contacts may not have technically been “VOM-USA staff.”

5. “[T]hose who produced the video have apparently made no contact with Nigerian authorities…”

Early in the process, Zingak went to a Nigerian attorney and was told that the Nigerian government will not do anything based on these reports without it being brought before them with sworn testimony from victims, or upon the application of pressure outside the government. Another attorney has told us the same thing. We are still working with Nigerian attorneys to bring this to court in Nigeria in a proper and effective way. Based on VOM’s statement today, we looked for other avenues to attempt to report it and we have contacted the Nigerian embassy in the US, as well as the Nigerian Federal Ministry of Justice.

6. “[N]or have [those who produced the video] been willing to provide the name of even a single alleged victim that VOM could follow-up with or minister to.”

We were indeed asked by VOM-USA to give a list of the names of victims. We were told in the same meeting that VOM-USA would be bringing in outside investigators in investigate the situation. We told them because of the victims’ lack of trust in VOM-USA and because of the security risk, we would only give those names to the outside investigators. This was specifically told to Jim Dau, president of VOM. However, we believe that no serious outside investigation was ever done as we were never contacted by outside investigators.

We did not give VOM-USA the names directly because we wanted to protect the victims from retaliation by Isaac Newton. He was threatening victims with the withdraw of VOM-USA support for their mothers and siblings at the Stephens Centre if they talked. We had been told VOM-USA had worked with him in an improper way before on other investigations by letting him know in advance that the investigators were coming. We concluded that we could not trust them not to give the victims’ names to Isaac.

7. “VOM is contracting with an outside child safety ministry to evaluate the methodology of VOM’s work in Nigeria and advise our staff in best-practices…”

Please note that this is very far from the outside investigation we are requesting. This ministry seems to be in merely an advisor role, with no responsibility or ability to investigate the very questionable actions of VOM-USA in the past, or ability to ensure that VOM-USA staff followed through on any policies that they might have.

If they were serious about dealing with these allegations, we would expect VOM to publicly announce the name of the ministry that they were contracting with, release the full results of their findings, and be open about their policies for handling reports of sexual abuse in VOM ministries. Since they have been ministering in the name of Jesus Christ, they should desire to walk in the light and insist on an outside investigation to clear their name and to make certain that they do not have policies in place that would facilitate this in other places in the world.

8. “We are providing more than $2 million in care this year to widows, orphans and other Christians in northern Nigeria…”

We have been told by VOM-USA and others that after severing ties with VOCM, VOM-USA began directing money instead to Chris Collins. According to witnesses we have interviewed, and the documentation that we possess, Chris Collins partook in the same financial corruption that was rampant in VOCM. Who is currently in charge of VOM USA’s ministry in Nigeria, and have accusations of his financial corruption been thoroughly investigated?
We ask VOM to release another statement that deals in full with the questions raised in the Persecuting the Persecuted video:

-Why would VOM USA donate property worth $100,000 to someone who they had good reason to believe was abusing the people he was supposed to be helping?
-Why didn’t VOM USA act years earlier? What wasn’t Isaac removed after the other investigations?
-Why has VOM USA on several occasions blamed another man for things that Isaac had done?
-Will VOM USA bring in outside investigators to discover why they allowed this evil to go on for so long?
-If this is how VOM USA handles accusations of molestation in their organization, how do we know that children aren’t being assaulted all over the world on their dime?

-Is VOM USA using their money and influence to report Isaac to the Nigerian authorities, or are they just trying to make the problem go away?
-What about the other corruption that is rampant in VOM’s other work in Nigeria?

We continue to pray that God will reveal the truth, and bring justice to this tragic situation.



Below are some photos of the lavish headquarters of VOM.  What would cause a so-called Christian organization to spend donor money so foolishly?  The amount of money spent was culled from the Michael Wurmbrand website.



Below are some photos of the Voice of the Martyrs headquarters located in Bartlesville, OK.  The total cost of the complex was approximately $28 million dollars.

Source: michaelwurmbrand.com

Front view of VOM Administration Building, Bartlesville, OK. Approximate Contract: $14,600,000 Start: December, 2008 Completion: December, 2010

Rear view of VOM Administation Building situated on man-made lake, Bartlesville headquarters, a part of the $28M complex.

VOM Guest Housing, Bartlesville, OK.  Approximate Contract: $1,700,000 Start: June, 2005 Completion: February, 2006

Operations Center of VOM, Bartlesville headquarters. Approximate Contract: $8,000,000 Start: December, 2007 Completion: June, 2009


Employee exercise room, VOM Administration Building, Bartlesville headquarters, part of the $28M complex.

Shower Building, RV Park, Bartlesville, OK.  Approximate Contract: $550,000 Start: November, 2006 Completion: May, 2007




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Judy Sherfey

Thank you for this article! I WAS thinking of supporting them. Much gratitude.

[…] Voice of the Martyrs Attempts Damage Control […]

Keith L Comeau

Abusers are devious and conspiratorial, encouraging others to join in their abuse much as a drug addict will seek the company of dealers and users. Unfortunately charity organizations are at greatest risk due to the vulnerability of the charges or clients. Pedophiles sexual abusers and those of low moral character what ever their proposed belief or lack there of, have methods and schemes to achieve their goal of satisfying their appetites and evil desires. Sick unions of lawless self serving people feed on the innocent and the generosity of the kind hearted. Oversight must be made with rigid standards of accountability and rules of conduct with staff and clients as well as supervision of staff expenditures and supply distributions. It is not Christians who are dishonest or abusers but rather some abusers and evil acts are done by those who claim to be Christians. It is always the same situation power in the hands of one or two people , vulnerable people or children old or young girls boys grandparents. Abuse an evil act, done and hidden, it is evil done twice. The wicked and evil seek to hide what they do , but the righteous seek the light that their acts might be proven right in the sight of men and before God.


Mr. Jesperson,
I was not aware of these issues at VOM until recently, when I discovered some ties between the organization and a problematic individual we are acquainted with. That started my investigation. So, I’ve backed into this. From what I’ve looked at, it seems possible that Tom White may have been compromised when he first moved to Bartlesville. Now I’m questioning his account of his Cuban imprisonment, and subsequent rise to the leadership at VOM. His insistence on headquartering in Bartlesville seems suspect considering the power base in that small town, which soon came onto the VOM board. You mentioned some problems arising in 2002. Can you enlarge on that?


The discouraging thing over the last few years is that VOM always seems to have an answer but it doesn’t get to the heart of the question. You get the sense that the thrust of their efforts with regard to the issues raised by Tom White’s death and Michael Wurmbrand’s letter is to move on. They say they have investigated and found nothing and you are left having to trust their word which is harder to do as time goes on. An independent investigation would have gone so much farther in putting things to rest, instead questions linger.

This is only a small thing, but when I visited VOM headquarters and we were given a tour, the guide said that VOM had worked with the FBI in the design of the complex. We were told that the lake was a security feature to protect the main building from physical attack by vehicles. In the pics above, the rounded silver sections that face the lake are the offices of personnel. When I was there was no fence around the property and at the building itself there’s still much unprotected perimeter. I wonder if the lake is not merely a vanity feature so officials can look out over water rather than a field. It was over 110 degrees on that visit and I wonder if the costs of building, supplying and maintaining a man-made lake are justified.

I hope that doesn’t sound petty, but in view of Michael Wurmbrand’s charges of extravagance and waste, if it is just vanity then it is indicative of other issues at the heart of the ministry. Even the design of the building with a rounded facade with the floors stepping back is not an inexpensive type of construction.

I hope I am wrong. The reality and needs of persecuted Christians are only increasing and VOM is in a position to help greatly.

Thank you for the considered response, Bruce. You make excellent points.

Janna L. Chan (blog team member)


Unfortunately, I am one of those “naive” folks who had not heard of the issues and improprieties discussed here. VOM was a ministry that I supported many years ago, when it was under its early leadership. I more recently happened to look up Mihai Wurmbrand out of curiosity about what he may be doing with his life, so this was my first exposure to the information you have provided. My inclination was to think there was some appropriate explanation to the allegations that may eventually become apparent. It was disconcerting to believe that a ministry that historically had been so helpful by keeping us informed about fellow believers around the world was totally disingenuous, so I hoped it was just a rogue faction of the ministry that had gone wrong. Even yet, recent magazine articles and resources seem to have some merit. Can someone provide an honest, objective view about whether it is totally wrong to think the organization is doing some good for us, even if they are flawed or corrupted? It is difficult for me to “throw the baby out with the bathwater,” so to speak. However, I am, of course preparing to do so. I have others to inform, so I want to be prepared to tell them how pervasive the problem is, as they are likely to be as incredulous as I was. I would appreciate it if you would be so kind as to refrain from judging me as brain dead. Hindsight is 20/20. Lest you harshly judge those of us who have not been following more current issues with the ministry, please believe that I will henceforth try to be more “in the know” about all of the organizations I support.

Hi Fran, thanks for your well-written and thoughtful comment. I’m sorry if Todd or I (this is his blog and I’m his assistant) did something to lead you to believe you’d be judged as being “brain dead.”

Todd himself supported VOM for many years because he believed it was a good organization.

I’m not sure who could give you a truly objective opinion about VOM right now. To my knowledge, VOM is still refusing to allow an investigation into allegations that some of its partner organizations are enabling and covering up child sexual abuse.

VOM may be doing some good work. However, I wouldn’t want to give money to an organization that won’t investigate credible allegations of child sexual abuse pertaining to a facility it has financially supported.

However, how other people spend their money is generally none of my business.

I’m not sure I’ve responded to your comment very well. Perhaps others who know more about VOM can weigh in.

Thanks again for your comment.

Janna L. Chan (blog team member)

Vicki Suttle

My husband & I have given a substantial amount of money every month (for several years,) to VOM. The monthly donation was for the purchase of Bibles to many countries where the Gospel is prohibited. We also receive their monthly news magazine as well as emails. My husband informed me this afternoon that we will no longer give any money to VOM and we have requested to no longer receive any of their correspondence. He, for the last few days, had a gut level feeling to hold off on writing his monthly check. Today, he (quite unintentionally) found several articles concerning the accusations & scandals surrounding Voice of the Martyrs. He found these when he was trying to locate the VOM website. My husband has never been one to have knee-jerk responses. Ever. He’s thoughtful and thorough. He read & researched enough to believe the Lord’s money (of which we are stewards) was being abused and squandered by those in positions of authority. The final straw was the construction of a $28 million dollar facility. Our donation is now going to Open Doors who also helps persecuted Christians.

Thank you for your feedback.

Janna L. Chan (blog team member)

Ernest Woodwaed

Many year’s ago I was looking for an organization where I could give to help the body of Christ.
I called a several and requested their last year’s financial statement so that I could see how much of the money coming in actually went out to minister to those in need. VOM’s showed over eighty percent went out to the work of the ministry. I liked what they ( seemed ) to be doing so my wife and I have been giving, what is a substantial amount of our low middle income to VOM. Telling other’s that is a good place to give because they are doing ( so I thought ) what Jesus said to do. Feed the hungry, give them water, cloth them, visit them when sick or in prison. If only I had googled sooner to check on their handling of the money they received. I did that a couple of days ago and was shocked at what I found out. I get the VOM magazine and was always encouraged by reading about those I was helping through my contributions. Interesting that when my mail came yesterday another person’s magazine was stuck to mine. Will be letting them know that they need to research info. About VOM. I have looked at other site’s concerning this issue so as to get more than one person’s take on it.
Thank you!

a friend

Christine’s comments are typical of paid internet trolls. Whether she is honest or not is impossible to tell. But her behavior matches the model. Unfortunately such efforts to “poison the well” are effective.

Thank you for continuing to tell the truth.

I agree. Like most corporations in trouble, VOM has probably hired a PR firm to do things like troll on blogs critical of the organization.

Thanks. Janna L. Chan (blog team member)

Bill M

Having been on my share of non-profit boards, a 28 million dollar facility should have been hard to justify but unfortunately some non-profit boards seem to find justification for most anything while maintaining an ever thinner veneer of “christian service”. I went looking for VOM’s form 990 that should provide many details of their finances and what I found was this charity used to be required to file a form 990 but in 2015 they acquired a religious exemption from the IRS. So now their inner working are more secret and harder to penetrate.

Their last form 990 filed in 2013 provided enough details that should have set off warning signals, roughly 2.6 million directed to several companies owned by one man who then became an employee of VOM. Add to this the fact they have since sought and obtained IRS exemption from future reporting should amplify those warnings.

I am curious if the board is made up of unquestioning “yes men” of if some are compromised by conflicts of interest that so often come to light when an organization goes off the rails. Admittedly I am increasingly skeptical of institutional christianity but regardless of my bias I strongly recommend people to NOT donate to a non-profit that lacks organizational and financial transparency and this would include VOM.

I was there in the building when the decision was made to build the complex. I thought it was a bad idea at the time, and looking worse as time went on. I think the building was Tom’s monument to himself. The information you highlighted about inside dealing was also highlighted on a couple of comments here: http://whitemail.blogspot.com/2013/01/tom-white-and-unanswered-questions.html There is other information here that I would love to see verified: “Many have claimed at VOM over the years that his accounts of the 17 months in Cuba changed, creating doubts as to whether any or all of the time was in captivity. A media employee found images of young Latin American girls clothed but sucking on lolly pops on his laptop (media staff at the time brought up the pictures as looking inappropriate and they were told the photos were family and not for the newsletter) Since then he has been a continual target of scrutiny if he questions any authority.
Tom traveled internationally alone on behalf of VOM and on his own. A couple instances were weeks long, and no account for his whereabouts.
Police records indicate that Tom White had been identified as a peeping tom. The victim lived near him and was a relative of a local man who ran an anti-porn ministry who presented at chapel.
Tom legally changed his name to Rolland Lamb administered by a judge in Washington County, OK.
Before 9/11 Tom traveled internationally under both names. Dozens of VOM employees have lived under alias’ over the years.
Tom’s body was found by a VOM employee in it’s warehouse. The body and items found around the body were altered by VOM employees under the direction of VOM executives before police arrived, removing evidence.
The death certificate was issued under the name of Walter Thomas White and not Rolland Lamb. Was that insurance fraud? Was debt or assets ever accumulated in the name of Rolland Lamb? Were crimes or travel ever investigated under that name?
Each of these companies is linked to a common owner and consultant at the time, Steve Cleary. As a consultant, Mr. Cleary directed the decisions of the VOM Executives to use his companies for the newsletter design, content, and the technology to process donor funds. Steve is now an employee of VOM and still profiting from VOM’s use of his companies. However, $2,694,999 of donor funds paid in a single fiscal year to a consultant with influence to direct funds to his personal companies is a giant red flag. ”
There is much that we do not know, but eventually everything will come out.


Wow! All of this stuff needs to be documented inmate blog posts. Todd-I’m heading to Florida but will be around to discuss this starting on Sunday.


It was surprising to note SBC IMB David Platt mentioning VOM in the film about Christian martyrs, The Insanity of God with missionaries Nik and Ruth Ripken.

Isn’t his org aware of the VOM travesty?

Why do the other religious networks prop up and legitimize a non-profit that has veered so far off course?


“I went looking for VOM’s form 990 that should provide many details of their finances and what I found was this charity used to be required to file a form 990 but in 2015 they acquired a religious exemption from the IRS. So now their inner working are more secret and harder to penetrate.”

That move has become more than a red flag to me and more of an admission of nefarious activity or intention. I have seen it too many times. Many mega church pastors starting their own parachurch ministries while a mega church pastor then took cues from John Haggee back in the late 90’s and did the same. Haggee started to receive complaints about the millions coming into his parachurch (,TV!) so he folded it into the church making pew sitters believe it was for the church. But he controlled it with family members in charge.

But people are not going to find their 990 on charity navigator, either, anymore. . If the church does not police its leaders then they can simply live off it. I used to look everyone up. That is where I lost respect for Swindoll who had his whole family on the payroll –making bank. But now, most are designated as churches so one will never know.

It’s amazing what people will believe.

This stuns me…I remember when I was younger listening to KLove in California and I would hear advertisements for Voice of the Martyrs. I subscribed and would read Tom White’s column. In addition I also gave money over the years. I felt sick when I heard this, so its good that this is coming out. I would be willing to bet Nigeria is the tip of the iceberg. Good work Todd and keep it up!

Thank you so much for highlighting this story. I am a former volunteer and part-time employee of VOM. I have a story to tell if you are interested in hearing it. I knew that VOM had major problems back during the Christmas season of 2002. I know who went to the police in 2012 and who the victim is. I have contacts with VOM Diaspora, many of which had bad experiences with this so called ministry. I came to the same conclusions Michael Wurmbrant did very soon after Tom White killed himself. Tom White, I believe, grew up an organization for the purpose of raising funds so he could con people into funding trips overseas for him to molest children. Every thing else is just rotten fruit falling off a rotten tree. I have a lot more to say but I have been waiting for the sh@ to hit the fan. Please keep reporting on the aftermath. More field trips are needed to more countries. I think Nigeria is just the tip of the whole iceberg.

Shauna M

I’m glad to hear your giving information now but I believe it should have been told back in 2002. This is so frustrating how many children need to be abused before someone decides to come forward and shout it from the rooftops what has happened? I mean how many more could have been spared had people said one is enough!!!! Think about it 2002-2017, fifteen years of hundreds of children most likely sexually abused because the church the individuals stay silent. This is not just about you Mr Jeperson but the majority who stand in silence knowing it happened or that it’s happening. I wonder still today how many children my child’s rapist raped and those in the church knew? Would my baby have been spared? Yes I have those questions and maybe one day I will get the answers. In the meantime we have been shouting it from the rooftops even if it just warns one parent. The cost is to high if we stay silent to long. The trauma so devastating to the victim that it affects every area of their lives. Anyone reading these comments if you know abuse has occurred REPORT IT!!!! Confront the organization or churches who silence victims and cover abuse, don’t just let it go or leave it up to others.

Perhaps you misunderstood my comment. I was exiled back in 2002 and let those around me know the details about that at the time. I have never had a large audience and I was just a small time volunteer/part-time employee. The situation turned out to be much worse than I suspected when Tom killed himself five years ago. I recognized that VOM needed to hire someone like G.R.A.C.E. to investigate what Tom did on his trips. I knew that they would not do that before M. Wurmbrand figured that out. After my exile, I became aware of other sexual related “problems” that happened there that the VOM heads never let out of the building. None of those involved children. Also, if I was to learn of such a thing I would not go to the police because our police chief is on the VOM board. I would go to the county sheriff. Now I am greatly concerned about the other orphanages that VOM supports. If I had the resources to find them all and investigate them I would. But VOM is a marketing machine designed to coerce funds out of naive wallets. We have little in the way of resources. I did not know that VOM supports orphanages until I read about it here. There are red flags all over that.

Thanks for commenting. We’d love to know more about your story.

Janna L. Chan (blog team member)

Shauna M

Thank you Mr Jepperson for explaining further. That must have been difficult to navigate. Forgive my misinterpretation of what you said prior. It is a big machine and I get that believe me I do this is why we risked everything going public on TWW. It was a huge step but a necessary one. I had no idea that these blogs existed until my friend told me to read about Karen and the village church and stated that I should try to contact the women at TWW. It was a blessing and hopefully by my son sharing his story another child/family might be spared from going through the pain of abuse more importantly the children


I know that Todd and I are very interested in documenting this.


Thanks for allowing TWW to post TATM research and writing regarding the problem with VOM.

Shauna M

Unbelievable that anyone could defend this! Christine shame on you. I hadn’t heard any of this until a few days ago about what was going on with VOM. I thought it was a wonderful ministry our former pastor promotes it(although I find it hard to believe he hadn’t heard about any of this). Come on people even unbelievers could read this and figure it out! Either your head is so far buried in the sand and you don’t know which way is up or you agree with what they have been doing, including the predators. It’s funny when organizations who are non profit spin a story there’s a majority of fools who support their narrative. Good job to the bloggers for not backing down.

Thank you for providing this in-depth exposé on VOM. I have supported them in the past and was shocked and angered by the allegations of impropriety – coupled with the evidence of lacking financial integrity. It’s always grievous when those who claim an allegiance to Christ and a commitment to the hurting are found to have been corrupted by money and power.