ARBCA – Further Proof of Cover-Up and Deceit

By | July 21, 2018

“Lies and secrets, Tessa, they are like a cancer in the soul. They eat away what is good and leave only destruction behind.”
-Cassandra Clare, Clockwork Prince

In April 2017 the ARBCA, feeling the heat from numerous bloggers (here, here, here and here) who presented credible evidence that they had covered-up the sexual abuse and physical assault of children by ARBCA pastor Thomas Chantry, published the document below. While ARBCA leadership clings to their false claim of no cover-up by the ARBCA,  irrefutable evidence continues to mount which puts to flight the lies contained in their published document. (It should be noted that this document seems to have disappeared from the ARBCA website.)


Let me shed some light on the document above. The bold, italicized paragraphs below are from the ARBCA document. My comments and evidence follow each of the bold paragraphs.

“All parties agreed to the three men who would serve on the Council. Those who served in this capacity were men of integrity, elders in their respective churches, trusted in the association, and had considerable experience in the fields of law, counseling, and law enforcement.”

This three-member panel consisted of Mike McKnight, Pastor Tedd Tripp, and Pastor Richard Jensen.

Mike McKnight was an elder at Grace Baptist Church of Carlisle, PA. The pastor of Grace Baptist was Walter Chantry, father of Tom Chantry. Walter Chantry was reportedly very upset with McKnight because of the report of the investigative committee.

Pastor Tedd Tripp was the pastor of the Grace Fellowship Church in Hazelton, PA. Tripp and his brother Paul David Tripp have authored several books and are well known in evangelical circles, holding frequent seminars.

Pastor Richard Jensen is the pastor of Hope Reformed Baptist Church in Long Island, NY. Prior to serving as a pastor, Jensen was a homicide detective.

“Contrary to the recent false charges made by internet bloggers and others, from 1995 to this day there has never been a cover-up whatsoever by anyone in the Association with knowledge of these events.”

I attended an Evidentiary Hearing for the upcoming Thomas Chantry trial yesterday. One item that came out in the hearing was the fact that the ARBCA investigative three-man committee published a “sealed, confidential” report of their findings. This document was not meant for wide distribution but was intended for ARBCA leadership’s eyes only. This document stated that the spankings administered by Thomas Chantry to the victims were “punishing for the personal pleasure” of Thomas Chantry. The parents of the victims were never given this information. The prosecuting attorney, Susan Eazer said that every family stated that if they had been made aware of this information they would have reported Chantry to the Police.  Instead of reporting this information to Law Enforcement, leaders of ARBCA chose to remain silent and instead attack the bloggers for “false charges.”

“Everyone has been open, as far as discretion allows, and everyone with knowledge of these events has operated within the parameters of the laws of the land.”

I was recently provided with some information which proves that ARBCA leaders did not operate “within the parameters of the laws of the land.”

Specifically, on June 18, 2017, Thomas Chantry’s attorney, John Sears filed a Motion with the court titled “Motion to Dismiss Counts Six, Seven, and Eight As Barred By the Statute of Limitations and to Declare A.R.S. 13-107 (D) Unconstitutional.”

As you can read in the highlighted section of this motion filed on behalf of Thomas Chantry, the three-man panel of Mike McKnight, Pastor Tedd Tripp, and Pastor Richard Jensen were, (among others) under the law, mandatory reporters of abuse. Further, their failure to report Chantry’s abuse to Law Enforcement was a criminal act! Yet the ARBCA document claims “everyone with knowledge of these events has operated within the parameters of the laws of the land.”


“In short, there has never been any conspiracy on the part of the Association to conceal,”

In response to this, let me simply quote Pastor Jeff Crippen. He withdrew his church from the corrupt ARBCA denomination.

“I have spoken to people who do in fact know the facts about the Chantry coverup. Yes, there was certainly a coverup by ARBCA although most of us had no idea the situation even existed. Those who served on the investigative committee that looked into the allegations at Miller Valley against Chantry VERY MUCH need to come right out in the public view and tell the world that in fact there was a recommendation for the charges against Chantry to be announced to the entire association. If myself and others are wrong about that, then I ask the members of the investigative committee to say so publicly. But I believe you will find that this recommendation was squashed by some of the very same bullying individuals who still hold power in the association.”
-Jeff Crippen
December 27, 2016
Pastor, Christ Reformed Church, Tillamook, OR

Let me also add this audio to further expose the ARBCA cover-up. This is a conversation between Anthony Battaglia and a detective in the Prescott Police Department. Battaglia used to be a deacon in an ARBCA church in Clinton, LA. He was determined to find the truth and then let others know about the corruption within the ARBCA. After he posted information on his website ( church leadership “severed” him from membership!


I would encourage any and all to contact leadership in the ARBCA and demand the truth. (Members of ARBCA churches especially need to take action.) Corrupt leaders need to be removed. I will let you in on a little secret – the ARBCA will, at some point, be facing civil lawsuits by people who have been victimized by Thomas Chantry. In my opinion, the lawsuits will be easily won. The ARBCA is a relatively small association of churches and likely will face financial ruin unless good folks in the pews take action.

I sent the email below to Pastor John Miller. He never responded to me and likely never investigated my claim nor told anyone in his congregation the truth.

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Have you given any thought to contributing to ARBCA’s Wikipedia page?

I am not qualified to enter information on the controversy, but surely others are. I am surprised that the page includes nothing about it, but my guess is that there is a good reason.


Hi Everyone,

Thanks for your prayers and support. Just an FYI that Todd will be in court today, and I have several professional commitments. Therefore, comment moderation may be slower. We may need up to a 24-hour window to approve everything, although the time-frame will likely be shorter.

I apologize for this. Please also note that you can sign up to receive comments even if you don’t want to comment yourself. Just select that option from the drop-down menu.

Also, I deeply regret getting grouchy with people, one day, who were trying to make this blog’s coverage as accurate as possible.

Please let us know about any problems including spelling errors. If you’re a grammar teacher, perhaps consider cutting us some slack unless the error is so bad that a sentence’s meaning is unclear. 😉

Also, you can e-mail either Todd or myself from the contact page. We can’t guarantee that e-mail correspondence will remain confidential, yet try to keep it private.

Thanks. Janna L. Chan (blog team member)

Just wanted to say thanks Todd for taking the time to do this. From someone who spent two thirds of my life in the Valley of the Sun, I know how far away Camp Verde is from every place most people live. We need more people who care about justice in The Church. In our modern society that word that the very foundation of God’s throne is founded on has largely been thrown away in favor of a liberal do whatever you want and whatever you can get away with mentality. There is as much of it in The Church as anywhere else. We have lost the fear of God and a great time of judgment is coming on The Church. Both legalism and lawlessness will take the blows.


Jeff said, “just tell them they are wrong about something, or just say “no” to them and the fangs come out. ”
He is so right.

I was in a sgm church and ask twice to listen to a sermon from a particular sgm pastor who had recently abandoned his flock. (Let’s theoretically refer to said pastor as CJ) After refusing for a second time to listen to him, me and my family experienced the wonderful Christian principle of being shunned.

We put up with that for a few months and then left.
After 13 years of service to that church and having taught every pastor’s child or grandchild in Sunday school not a single pastor said anything to us when we left.

Ps Jeff Crippen’ comment is spot on. The church Jeff pastors used to be a member of ARBCA but it left the ARBCA association some years ago because of how the heavy-weights at ARBCA were gnat straining over very a abstruse doctrine (Divine Impassibility) and were claiming that unless you concurred with that doctrine, you were not really a Christian.

The Tom Chantry scandal was going on under the scene at that stage, and later it came to light.

Wherever there is an imbalanced emphasis on certain doctrines , you will also find there is immorality, especially sexual immorality, going on. I’m not saying which is the chicken and which is the egg, but they usually co-occur.

People who abuse others, and people who cunningly cover up for abusers, are equally guilty.

Thanks, Barbara, for the great comment. I would point out that while I am not a lawyer, I think, based on what I’ve researched, that a case for obstructing justice could be brought against the relevant ARBCA leaders and pastors who covered for Chantry, in the United States. Simply not reporting private confessions of abuse, given in a confessional setting, seems to be considered a relatively minor crime.

By contrast, conspiring with others to keep families or the police from knowing about allegations of sexual abuse, regarding children, is a major crime as it undermines the legal system by obstructing justice. I hope that ARBCA leaders are charged with conspiring to obstruct justice. There are no extenuating circumstances for what these ARBCA leaders did. They were just protecting a fellow pastor at the expense of letting children be molested and beaten, in my opinion.

They can argue about doctrinal issues in prison.

Thanks again for the comment. Janna L. Chan (blog team member)

I, too, hope that ARBCA leaders are charged with conspiring to obstruct justice.

What makes it even more reprehensible is this: it seems like nepotism was going on.

I am guessing that Walter Chantry, who seems to be seen as the most venerable and influential leader in ARBCA, pressured Mike McKnight the elder in his church. And Mike and the other two members of the investigative committee would have caved under the pressure.

“Mike McKnight was an elder at Grace Baptist Church of Carlisle, PA. The pastor of Grace Baptist was Walter Chantry, father of Tom Chantry. Walter Chantry was reportedly very upset with McKnight because of the report of the investigative committee.”

Cowards all of them. Base cowards. Men who feared men more than they feared God.

If they don’t come clean — and that publicly — before they die, the Lord will cast them into outer darkness.

Serving Kids in Japan

So, wait… let me see if I understand this. A little over a year ago, in an attempt to have certain charges dismissed, Chantry’s lawyer essentially argued that the three elders in question broke the law, and that the ARBCA lied in their public statement offered just a few months before. And apparently, Chantry is OK with this.

What exactly is going on here? Did Chantry throw the ARBCA and his own colleagues under the bus, hoping to save his own skin? Or was this part another reason why this bunch covered up his alleged crimes in the first place? Not just to preserve the ARBCA’s reputation, but to force statute of limitations just in case Chantry was ever brought to trial?

Either possibility is enough to make my poor little head spin. What a tangled web they weave…

Thanks for the comment. I haven’t looked at the legal document in question in depth. However, I’m guessing that the answer is your former supposition. Chantry is being represented by a top-notch, experienced lawyer. Going after ARBCA in an attempt to have certain charges dismissed, on a technicality, was probably his idea. I suspect that Chantry has no problem throwing anyone under the bus in order to avoid going to prison as a convicted child molester or child beater.

Certainly, no one made the leaders of ARBCA cover for Chantry in such a despicable manner. They have some explaining to do.

Thanks. Janna L. Chan (blog team member)

Best case outcome would be charges brought against all who failed to report, and the expulsion of those in ARBCA hierarchy who covered up for Chantry. Long ago, behind a disguise of sheep’s clothing, men crept in as Jude warns us to watch for. Oh how saintly and godly they can seem. Preach sermons. Pray long prayers. Teach sound doctrine. And yet all along they are the hypocrites Jesus exposed for us to watch out for. If you doubt it, just tell them they are wrong about something, or just say “no” to them and the fangs come out.

Most probably what needs to happen is for ARBCA as an entity to go away completely, true Christians and churches learn wisdom from all this, and the guilty to contemplate their evils behind bars.

I agree 100%, Jeff. Thanks. Janna L. Chan (blog team member)

I heard Tedd Tripp speak at a Sovereign Grace church in Chesapeake VA years ago – probably 1999. How can a man who teaches how to shepherd a child’s heart, ignore/fail to report the abuse of a child/children? Those poor children will likely have permanent scars and anyone who knew and failed to report is complicit in causing harm.

Good to see you, Julie Anne. In my view, the people/pastors/leaders who covered up allegations of abuse against Tom Chantry should be permanently barred from ever having leadership positions in any church again. I believe in giving people second chances for most things. Egregiously enabling child abuse, on an institutional level, is not one of them.

Thanks for the comment. Janna L. Chan (blog team member)