Day Twelve of the Thomas Chantry Trial

By | August 16, 2018

“The Victims want the peace of mind that justice was finally served.”
-Prosecuting Attorney Susan Eazer

Today was a day dominated by Closing Arguments.  It was also a day dominated by emotions. I counted seven Victims or family members seated behind Prosecuting Attorney Susan Eazer, in the front row of the gallery. Their presence attested to their bravery. They knew they would once again be subjected to lies and insults as the Defense Council ran roughshod over them in a futile attempt to advance Tom Chantry’s deceitful narrative, yet there they sat, a silent monument to their determination to see justice done.

To every Victim that testified in this case, I thank you. To every family member who testified, I thank you. May the God of all comfort bring to you comfort, peace, and restoration of your families. You are my heroes.

To Tony Camacho, thank you for all you do for the victims and their family members. I have watched you throughout this trial and am in awe of your tender, loving concern for all you come in contact with. When I see you, I see Christ.

To Susan Eazer, thank you for your passionate, tireless effort, so obvious to all of us as you fight for justice on behalf of the victims. Your opponent may be better funded, have more personnel at his command and have much more time to prepare his case, yet no one can match your zeal and tenacity. I greatly admire you and thank you for a job well done.  The battle draws to a close tomorrow. Whatever the outcome, you have gained a fan.

Kind Regards,

Todd Wilhelm

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