Day Twelve of the Thomas Chantry Trial

By | August 16, 2018

“The Victims want the peace of mind that justice was finally served.”
-Prosecuting Attorney Susan Eazer

Today was a day dominated by Closing Arguments.  It was also a day dominated by emotions. I counted seven Victims or family members seated behind Prosecuting Attorney Susan Eazer, in the front row of the gallery. Their presence attested to their bravery. They knew they would once again be subjected to lies and insults as the Defense Council ran roughshod over them in a futile attempt to advance Tom Chantry’s deceitful narrative, yet there they sat, a silent monument to their determination to see justice done.

To every Victim that testified in this case, I thank you. To every family member who testified, I thank you. May the God of all comfort bring to you comfort, peace, and restoration of your families. You are my heroes.

To Tony Camacho, thank you for all you do for the victims and their family members. I have watched you throughout this trial and am in awe of your tender, loving concern for all you come in contact with. When I see you, I see Christ.

To Susan Eazer, thank you for your passionate, tireless effort, so obvious to all of us as you fight for justice on behalf of the victims. Your opponent may be better funded, have more personnel at his command and have much more time to prepare his case, yet no one can match your zeal and tenacity. I greatly admire you and thank you for a job well done.  The battle draws to a close tomorrow. Whatever the outcome, you have gained a fan.

Kind Regards,

Todd Wilhelm

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Hi Everyone,

Sorry about the slow comment moderation, and I’m looking into reported tech issues.

Todd and I are recovering today from both the incredible, if exhausting, task of running this blog over the past four weeks, as well as our mixed feelings about the outcome of the trial.

We’re grateful that Tom Chantry is being held responsible for brutally beating up small children under the guise of being a good Christian leader.

However, like most people, we also believed that he was guilty of child sexual molestation and are sorry that the jury could not reach a verdict regarding most of those charges.

Of course, a major factor in that situation was the decision of several ARBCA leaders, also masquerading as good Christian leaders, to illegally obstruct justice and refuse to report credible child abuse allegations to the civil authorities,18 years ago.

So we apologize if comment moderation is a little slow today. Thanks so much for all the support.

Janna L. Chan (blog team member)

Van Helsing

We’re just so glad that you and Todd are alive and have not lost your marbles like myself. God bless you both.


To the victims of Thomas Chantry:

Please know that there are many, many people who stand with you, irrespective of these verdicts. I know that I speak for many others when I say that WE HEARD YOU AND WE BELIEVE YOU. Although there was apparently at least one person who was swayed by his performance at trial, I, for one, do not doubt that he committed these offenses against you.

Since when does”discipline” involve fondling? And since when does”discipline” involve beating? Ridiculous.

Stay strong – you’ve made it this far. We’re with you!


Now that the verdict is in, the question from the jurors today makes the judge’s response more odd to me. I’m not a lawyer, nor have a clue how Arizona’s ‘sexual’ laws are worded, and this is a tweet so little detail:

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Kelcie Grega

4h4 hours ago
Jury asks if bare-bottom spanking and rubbing of the bottom “constitutes as a sexual act.”
Court agrees that it is not a sexual act.

This is ambiguous at best by the “AND”. I suppose one could argue about a man spanking a boy not his son bare-bottomed isn’t sexual, but rubbing the bare bottom? Twitter is not a reliable source. And now so many questions. I’ll wait to find out more.

Retrying with a new victim. Not over. And can’t help to wonder how many more victims will come forward.

Please also see a police report pertaining to Tom Chantry and his interaction with a student at a school near Chicago.

This is unrelated to any of the allegations Tom Chantry faced during his recent trial. Thanks. Janna L. Chan (blog team member)

Thanks to all our readers. The verdicts can be viewed in the comments below and on Todd’s twitter feed.

Please view his recent tweets here:

You don’t need a Twitter account to view Todd’s tweets.

I think I will let Todd comment about his views regarding the verdicts later, as opposed to discussing mine at great length. I do not think that justice was served, yet believe that the members of the jury acted with integrity, and I am grateful for their service.

It is the dearest hope of myself and many others that the ARBCA leaders who indisputably covered up allegations of child abuse against Tom Chantry will be criminally tried for obstructing justice and sued in civil court.

Had they behaved with integrity as opposed to acting like members of a crime syndicate, the verdicts in this trial might have been quite different.

Thanks. Janna L. Chan (blog team member)

Van Helsing

Anyone please correct me if I am wrong but with the two convictions he stands to serve at least 26-40 years. At least he’ll be off the streets and away from kids – hopefully. I want to know (maybe from the law prof) if he might be given bail and temporary freedom while he awaits the appeal that will, no doubt, be filed by Sears? Any takers on this?


Tweeted by Kelcie Grega: “Jury finds #thomaschantry guilty on two aggravated assault charges, not guilty on one aggravated assault and one molestation charge. Mistrial on 4 molestation charges.”

Unfortunately for the victims, justice is often not particularly swift or satisfying. A request for everyone who’s been following these proceedings to keep upholding the victims and their families in your prayers. Not over yet….

Van Helsing

I think that the judge should get creative in sentencing and besides the long year sentence he hopefully receives – Chantry should be ordered to disrobe in court clear to his bare butt facing the jurors and be paddled until blistering with a metal boat oar by some guy who is 6′ 4″ and 275 pounds while his father, Walter, prays that they both repent before they die. Now that would be Arizona type justice. Also, there is good likelihood that Chantry may be killed in prison once it becomes known to the other prisoners that he was a former preacher who abused kids.


Verdict in. Read Ms. Grega’s tweets. Chantry will be retried on the hung charges with sadly, a new victim.


Partial verdict from Kelcie Grega, Verde News:


Kelcie Grega

13m13 minutes ago
#ChantryTrial : Jurors have reached verdict on 1 molestation charge and 3 aggravated assault. 9-3 impasse on 4 other molestation charges. Deliberations continue.

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Kelcie Grega

25m25 minutes ago
Update: Jurors have reached a verdict on 4 of the 8 counts. 9-3 impasse on the rest. No movement since Thursday morning.

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That’s all she has for now. Praying for justice.


Which of your posts lists each of the counts against Tom Chantry?

Thank you for your work on this.

I’ll try to look that up. Thanks. Janna L. Chan (blog team member)

Van Helsing

Since I am also highly “allergic” to orange jump suits and the air in court houses (court proceedings) does reaching a verdict mean that he was found guilty or innocent?

Thanks. I don’t think we’ll know what the verdicts are until the jury has completely finished deliberating about all the charges.

I suspect that may not happen today. Thanks. Janna L. Chan (blog team member)

Samuel Conner

Given the proportion of the impasse, I’m inclined to suspect that there are a few doubters about the molestation charges (I find it hard to believe that a large proportion would disbelieve so many witnesses), but that there was a consensus on the simpler battery-type charges. If that’s right, it’s hopeful; there will be some consequences to TJC.

Thanks, Todd gave me the same info. Janna L. Chan (blog team member)

Samuel Conner

Per this item,

3/4 concurrence in a jury of 8 is required to find in favor of the
the plaintiff in a civil case brought in a court of record.

If those impasses are “guilty”-preponderant, it suggests that
civil damages could be sought with a reasonable likelihood of
success even if there are mistrials on the deadlocked counts
and the prosecutor does not seek a new trial on those counts.

Thanks, I think that a civil suit would have a great chance of prevailing unless there’s a statute of limitations issue.

Unfortunately, the statute of limitations regarding filing civil suits about child abuse and child abuse cover-ups is often only 3-7 years, depending on the nature of the case.

That’s a big reason why corrupt organizations such as ARBCA and Sovereign Grace Ministries discourage victims from reporting abuse to civil authorities or posting on blogs.

In Sovereign Grace Ministries’ case, many victims didn’t realize that the organization was harboring a pedophile ring until they read stories on blogs about SGM that mirrored their own experiences regarding being lied to about what pastors knew about confessed (to the pastors) sexual predators in their churches’ midsts.

It’s likely also why some Christian organizations discourage people from seeing licensed mental health professionals, who are required to report child abuse to civil authorities.

Thanks. Janna L. Chan (blog team member)

Douglas Belardi

The sad truth is sometimes ” beyond a reasonable doubt” is a hard standard to meet
Curious to see ARBCA’s spin

Thanks, Douglas. I agree.

Janna L. Chan (blog team member)

Douglas Belardi

Let the civil suits begin

I agree. Also, let us hope that people will boycott ARBCA.

Thanks. Janna L. Chan (blog team member)

Hi Douglas,

You are profoundly misinformed. There are many heterosexual pedophiles. In fact, serious studies indicate that the rates for heterosexual and homosexual child sexual abuse are about the same.

Several women who read this blog have commented about being sexually abused, in a church setting, as children. In a case pertaining to Sovereign Grace Ministries, which was subject to a major lawsuit, a woman victim was gang raped as a child by men.

I am removing the link in your comment and will only ask you once not to use the blog as a means of spouting ignorance about gay people. Thanks. Janna L. Chan (blog team member)

Actually, Douglas, your comment was so bigoted that I deleted it. Please don’t submit something so ignorant again. The idea that there is no such thing as a heterosexual child molester is ridiculous. Janna L. Chan (blog team member)

The issue this blog primarily addresses is the cover up of child physical and sexual abuse. Suspected child abuse will be reported at any organization or church, at some point, given how prevalent it is in society. It’s how the people in these churches and organizations handle those allegations that really matters, as most child predators are serial child predators. Given what I’ve learned over the past seven years of doing advocacy work, I believe that the evangelical Protestant community is on the verge of experiencing the same fallout that the Roman Catholic Church has endured and is enduring.

I wish that wasn’t true, yet I don’t think that anything short of lawsuits and criminal convictions will end what has become a widespread culture of covering up child abuse instead of reporting it to the appropriate civil authorities. That is just my opinion, yet I believe that it is an informed opinion.

Thanks. Janna L. Chan (blog team member)

Dee Parsons

I will be checking your site all day while waiting for the jury decision.

Since you’re the owner and moderator of a what I consider to be a great blog, I will personally send you an e-mail when I find out. Thanks. Janna L. Chan (blog team member)

Hi Dee,

I checked with Todd and the jury doesn’t deliberate again until tomorrow, Tuesday. Thanks. Janna L. Chan (blog team member)

Dee Parsons

I am dying over here.

Yes, and the jury may not even reach a verdict today, my friend. I hope that Tom Chantry is formally declared guilty in a court of law. However, in my opinion as a U.S. citizen and human being, there’s no question that he’s guilty of all these charges and that ARBCA/his family covered for him. No court verdict either way changes or even impacts that for me.

My dream would be attending a trial featuring Ted Tripp and other ARBCA leaders who indisputably obstructed justice by covering up allegations of child sexual and physical abuse against Tom Chantry, in my view. Their actions almost certainly led to other children being abused or put at great risk of being abused.

If these guys were normal mercenary human beings, that would be one thing. The fact that they prance around talking about what great Christians they are is disgusting and an embarrassment to Christianity, in my view.

Janna L. Chan (blog team member)

Hi Everyone, there appear to be some hosting issues this morning. Hopefully, they’ll be resolved shortly. Thanks and have a great Sunday. Janna L. Chan (blog team member)

Hi All,

Thanks for all the great comments. People are submitting comments saying that they’re still having trouble navigating this blog’s comment system.

If that’s the case, please send me an e-mail from the contact page , and I’ll try to personally trouble shoot any problems for you.

Thanks. Janna L. Chan (blog team member)

Douglas Belardi

I noticed you recently posted d that some portion of the website had recorded 30,000 hits
Could you tell us someting about the web traffic on here and Todd’s Twitter account
Thank you for the wonderful work you and Todd have done

Thanks so much for the supportive comment. While I know there are many good people in ARBCA churches, in part because they e-mail us, I am glad that you are through with the organization. I believe that many ARBCA churches seem unhealthy right now to the point that attending them may not be safe for anyone, especially children.

Todd would have to tell you about his Twitter account numbers. I believe that Tom Chantry’s trial started on July 19, yet please don’t quote me as I could be a day or two off. Prior to the start of Chantry’s trial, this blog received about 500-1000 hits a day. As soon as Todd starting live blogging about his experiences attending the trial, traffic immediately shot up to about 15,000-25,000 hits a day. Neither Todd nor I expected that to happen. I think that the blog got close to 30,000 hits on Thursday, when there was the possibility that the jury could have reached a verdict. The traffic comes from many sources including organic searches from Google and social media platforms. However, it also receives many direct hits indicating that people are following the blog on their own, which is great.

There are 385 published other posts on this blog, yet the Chantry material is getting about 95% of the current traffic. Prior to July 19 about 40 people were signed up to receive comment notifications. Now more than 600 people have opted to receive them. I will add the disclaimer that I will need to check the program to see if that number includes people who have signed up to receive comment updates for more than one post. I doubt that any non-Chantry post on this blog has received more than 15 comments.

The articles about Chantry are getting 50+ comments. That may not seem like much, yet Todd and I moderate each comment individually and try to respond to many of them. That does take a lot of time, and we’re thrilled to moderate so many comments. We just didn’t see them coming. 😉 There have been some comments from trolls, yet 95% of the comments are excellent, in my view.

That’s a big deal to me, because this blog could have attracted more traffic if it had had a lower bar for approving comments. It’s Todd’s blog, yet he and I have always agreed that the comments sections of many blogs can degenerate into a mess of personal attacks or off-topic commentary. That’s not what Todd wanted to happen to this one. That policy meant that this blog just didn’t get many comments for a long time…several years in fact.

However, we’re now so blessed and grateful to have attracted people who do want to have spirited dialogues through comments based on intelligent reasoning or credible sources. Certainly, the traffic will go down after the Chantry trial is finished, yet we hope that Thou Art The Man has attracted people who will continue to follow the blog and submit good comments.

Thanks for your interest. Janna L. Chan (blog team member)


Did the AZ prosecuting attorney in this case, Eazer, or her staff, find the information about the 2004 police report?

After the police report was filed – would it come in a background search (or whatever it is called)? The kind of background check that would be done by the YMCA or a school, or an employer (or a church)?

I’m assuming it’s not common to do this on prospective pastors, but…


For those struggling to wait over the next few days I am encouraging you to dive into Psalm 37. There’s no more to “do” now while we wait. I am going to be examining my own heart in how I am worshipping God as I wait and imploring God to fulfill His word and His promises not only in eternity but also now. Thy will be done, for His name’s sake.


Good advice! Thank you!


Hi Todd,
On the screen shot on your Twitter page where the prosecution asserts that Chantry has a “pedophilic disorder,” I assume that that was part of a motion to deny bail, yes? Can you tell when that was filed? I believe that Chantry had been in custody for a year or so after his arrest, but it seems is not currently being held. Am I correct in that?

If he is not in custody, do we know with whom he is staying? Also, if he’s not in custody, do you know – is he being supervised, or wearing an ankle bracelet?

Hi Rae:

Todd can probably tell you more about the terms of Tom Chantry’s release on bail. As I recall, the terms were strict. He is not allowed to be within 100 ft. of children except his own children, which he can only visit while supervised.

Also, even if we knew where he was staying, which we do not, we could not disclose that information for security reasons. Thanks, Rae! Janna L. Chan (blog team member)


Oh, absolutely! I guess I should have worded my question better. Not so much concerned about where he’s staying, as that he is not around children.

Sometimes defendants “slip through the cracks.” However, with the high profile nature of this case, hopefully, he is being closely monitored! And hopefully, the person supervising is someone from the court system and not one of his church buddies.

No worries, Rae. I just didn’t want anyone to submit a comment saying where Tom Chantry is residing.

Thanks. Janna L. Chan (blog team member)

Sandra Owens

Thank you Todd and Janna for allowing us a place to come and get a true and accurate account of how this trial was progressing. I as a former member of MVBC and someone who can bare witness to the events that unfolded during Toms time at MVBC. My heart is filled with such sadness at the degree of abuse we were never made aware of.. I am grieved that myself and others failed these “children” and I hope and pray they know that if we were made aware of the actual events I believe things would have been different and I am sorry to all of you for that. It is in my opinion that Tom Chantry is guity as charged and pray that the jury will see through the defeanse.
Did we drink the kook aid?? as some wonder ..I’m not sure .
I think we loved and trusted those in charge and believed they would do what was right and just while honoring the wishes of the victims and there parents.
I have always had that nawing voice that something did not add up and was not surprised by Toms charges. My biggest fear is if there are more victims my gut says we are not done seeing Chantrys reign of abuse and terror.
I know that the ARBCA churches are being directed not to read this blog but I am sure there are those who will. If this is so I appeal to you to weigh out all the facts to put aside your agenda of keeping the organization and its people safe and read the victims testimonies and that of there families and I believe you will also see the Tom Chantry we at MVBC saw..
My last hope is that all involved at “covering “ up what needed to be exposed will come forward and admit to your wrong doings and apologize to the victims and give them some peace..
To the family friends and supporters of Tom Chantry listen to that little nawing voice if you ignore it , it will not go away it will only grow and become louder and eventually you will have to listen!!!
To Walter Chantry you are the man that holds the key. Put aside your own pride and fears and acknowledge that there were warning signs that you ignored or hide and only than will the healing began not only for the victims but your own family..
To my beloved MVBC people.. I love you all and pray for those who have been victimized by Tom and his band of brothers. You are doing what is right in the eyes of the Lord and know you are not alone hold onto what you know to be true and right. Remember the days of the “Old MVBC “ those days were filled with love, compassion, fellowship and a desire to serve our Lord .. Lets not let Tom still that joy from us ..
Again thank you thank you Todd , Janna and all wo cared to put this forward . “The Truth will set us free”

Thank you for following the blog, Sandra. It received almost 30,000 hits today, so I do believe that some members of ARBCA churches are reading some of the posts and comments here. I don’t think that Todd and I have a monopoly on Godliness or accurate reporting. However, I’m not aware that any other blog covering this trial has presented so much primary source material about Tom Chantry’s trial. That’s why I wish that people would read the blog entries here. All of Todd’s posts about Tom Chantry can probably be read in a few hours.

As for making mistakes regarding trusting pastors and others in churches, my prayer is that people can move forward without beating themselves up about that. Unless you were directly part of a cover-up, you probably made the best decisions you could at the time you made them.

It is difficult to believe that people whom you trust and who seem decent and Godly, could commit such terrible crimes against children and society. In my experience, many individuals who were abused as children in churches turn away from Christianity in general and the whole concept of attending churches specifically. How can one blame them when they were so badly betrayed by pastors who told them that God hates those who criticize child molesters?

There are churches that cover-up a single instance of child abuse. However, they usually do so in a haphazard way. By contrast, I think that ARBCA set up formal committees and methodically lied to the parents of victims so that they would not report Tom Chantry to the police or other appropriate civil authorities. In my experience, churches and pastors who so carefully cover-up crimes against children never do it just once. Instead, they’re in the habit of covering up crimes that may embarrass them or their churches.

So yes, I believe that ARBCA has likely covered up other allegations of child physical and sexual abuse. I hope I am wrong, yet I really doubt that I am, unfortunately.

Thanks. Janna L. Chan (blog team member)


Does anyone know if it’s possible to bring charges directly against ARBCA? After what the judge said about them being convicted if they were on trial, it wouldn’t surprise me a bit if the victims band together and accuse the organization itself. Especially if they’re aware of the judge’s comment. I’m just not sure if an organization can be charged or if only individuals can be.

The short answer is yes, you can sue an organization not just the individuals in it. Thanks. Janna L. Chan (blog team member)


JLC, do you mean both the organization and the individuals, or just the organization (not the individuals)? Hypothetically, if individuals were to be gone after in a civil lawsuit, what do you think the priority might be? That is, who are the most culpable (legally) vs. those probably not worth going after (even if guilty in common sense standards)?


JLC, do you mean both the organization and the individuals, or just the organization (not the individuals)? Hypothetically, if individuals were to be gone after in a civil lawsuit, what do you think the priority might be? That is, who are the most culpable (legally) vs. those probably not worth going after (even if guilty in common sense standards)?

In my experience, attorneys often sue both individuals and the corporation they’re a part of if there’s any evidence that individuals are culpable. If someone wants to file a lawsuit, I think their best best is suing ARBCA and anyone who participated in the kangaroo court of an “investigation” into the allegations of physical and sexual abuse against Tom Chantry. Of course, people would have to seek out the advice of attorneys regarding this hypothetical situation.

Thanks. Janna L. Chan (blog team member)


Thank you for your encouraging words. I hope you are wrong and that ARBCA did not cover up other abuses but time will tell this stuff dose not usually stay hidden for long, Especially when the empire starts to crumble..


Hi Sandra,
I empathize with you and all the others who are pure in heart and only wanted to believe the best of people, particularly your leaders. It’s important to realize that men like this are supremely cunning and deceitful and that is how they reel you in. They are so skilled at what they do that most people never see it coming. I believe that that is why the Scriptures admonish us to be “wise as serpents, but innocent as doves.” Most folks read this passage and believe that we are being warned about “bad” people outside the church. However, the sad truth is that we need to be especially vigilant against wolves in sheep’s clothing WITHIN the church.

Years ago, I read a book called “The Gift of Fear.” It was written by a man who is a security expert, and the basic premise of the book is that we need to be aware of, and listen to, our own intuition. The man who wrote the book refers to “Mother Nature” instilling this in us, and before anyone goes apoplectic, I believe that this is our “God-given” intuition. As I like to say, “Eat the watermelon and spit out the seeds.” In other words, just because something doesn’t necessarily come from a “Christian” perspective, doesn’t mean we can’t learn something from it. Anyway, I digress.

One of the more salient points of the book is that we have been conditioned, as members of our society, to “go along,” to not “make waves.” We have been trained to ignore our own intuition. Our insides may be screaming at us, but everyone around us is pressuring us to go along. Remember the attacks on 9/11? After the attacks, there were airport security workers who were devastated, because they said something just hadn’t seemed right about the hijackers, but they didn’t stop them. One worker in particular, I remember, said that the hijacker didn’t have any luggage, and when she looked in his eyes, he looked “dead” – something inside of her was telling her that something wasn’t right. However, she let them go through, probably in part because she knew she would have gotten grief from her superiors for detaining them on a “gut feeling.”

I believe the church, in many ways, adds another layer to this, with all the teaching about respecting our leaders, etc. So, for many folks, they literally don’t see these wolves coming. I agree with Janna – don’t beat yourself up too much. Rather, take the wisdom that you’ve gained to teach others. On a personal note, I always taught my children to listen to that still small voice inside, and as I told them, “I don’t care how many people are saying that that person is great – I don’t care if ten thousand people are singing his or her praises, if something inside of you is telling you that something is wrong, “LISTEN TO THAT VOICE! ” It will never steer you wrong.

Some organizations (the Girl Scouts being one of them), are even starting to teach children to listen to their own intuition, and training parents to not override or circumvent that intuition. There’s quite a bit of back and forth on this. Some parents believe (and I agree, to a point) that children should be taught to respect their elders, and therefore, should give grandpa a hug when directed to by a parent. However, there’s also the school of thought that a child’s body belongs to him or her, and maybe there’s a reason why he/she doesn’t want to give Uncle Johnny a hug. Maybe we should listen to our children more, and not so much someone else’s philosophies on how we should raise them.

As for any of the people involved in the cover up coming clean, that WILL NOT happen, IMHO. Admitting that they are wrong is not part of their DNA (figuratively speaking), and that’s why they could so easily lie and obfuscate in the first place. It’s not about THE truth to them, but about THEIR truth. It’s all about protecting their positions and maintaining their power, and they will stop at very little to accomplish that. Seen it, experienced it.


Rae, Excellent comment. I am familiar with the book you mention. Your points are dead on about our being desensitized to our instincts both culturally and at church. I made that a priority teaching with my kids because of some things I ignored years ago to be “nice” and a “team player” that were devastating to me. Yes, Instincts and know your boundaries. . Better to blunder and be wrong about a red flag than harmed. With the rise of cons, frauds even at church, it’s best to politely walk away or run if need be!

One of the many horrors of Chantry is how he positioned God in the minds of those children while abusing them. I have no words that will pass blog guidelines.

Ole Ganny

YES! Thank you Rae! Again I have been crying as I read this!!! I warned people about the men in charge at our church. No one wanted to listen and hear. Though I’m under an assumed name , if any one from that church reads this, they will know who it is. I don’t think there is another ole Ganny out there. Anyway, thank you and thank you Sandy. We’ve been gone 5 years but the pain is still with me. We praise God we are no longer there.

Sandra Owens

Ole Ganny I am so sorry for your pain. Speaking out especially against leaders of the church is not as easy as people might think. It leaves you with such a feeling of isolation. I pray God continues to give you healing. Who would of thought this “nasty” blog could of brought so many together for healing and encouragement..

Ole Ganny

Thank you Sandra. Yes, I believe it has brought healing for me and for my husband. I have a lot more to say but that will come later. Right now, I pray for these victims of spysical and sexual abuse. I pray also for the many young people in many churches who have been spiritually abused.

Twila Papanek

As another former member of MVBC, thank you, Sandy, for writing this. I agree wholeheartedly with everything you said.

Sandra Owens

Thank you Twila.


Sandy, thank you for speaking out so honestly. This is Ken T from the “good ol’ days” of MVBC. I’m glad you are keeping up with the trial. I want you to know that most of us from those days are also keeping track. We share wholeheartedly your sentiments—about Chantry, the regret we didn’t do more…even though we really didn’t know everything, and the fact that we really did have something special before chantry got there. Plz tell your hubby I still have the gun he gave me as my going-away gift 🙂 this will sound weird to everyone reading this, but it totally makes sense to us AZ folks! Love you. Plz take care.

Sandra Owens

Oh Ken, thank you so much. My heart it so full right now. I never wanted to say anything that would harm victims or there families. I wanted people to understand who we were as a church. obviously the story of the abuse that took place is not ours to tell . But we have our own stories and I think it’s okay to tell them. Ken you and the other “young” men are walking testaments of what can come out of a loving church just wanting to preach and teach the gospel. I am proud to have been given the privilege to witness your spiritual journey. I know some of you have had your beliefs rocked and friendships tested due to the actions of Tom and those on his side.
I will definitely tell my hubby you still have the gun I
remember that moment so we’ll LOL..
So Now we wait as
“affected “ said meditating on Psalm 37. Love you !!!

Hello Everyone:

Thanks for reading. Several regular commenters have expressed concern that the comments section on some posts is a mess. I have tried to remedy this problem by paginating comments (there are now only 10 per page) and improving the “nesting” feature. That means that people should be able to reply more directly to different comments in a thread of comments. I know that’s confusing. I wish I could explain how comments on WordPress work a little better.

I hope that helps. If not, let me know. Thanks! Janna L. Chan (blog team member)


I am reluctant to ask but did Chantry’s sons ever come to court? Where they ever mentioned? I always feel so bad for the kids who are so affected by such all their lives.


I have great hope for a guilty decision but have to say it really concerns me when sociopathic type defendants take the stand. They can really fool people. I take Todd at his word Chantry wasn’t all that credible.

Breaking News:

Todd says that the jury has not reached a verdict and will reconvene on Tuesday. Thanks. Janna L. Chan (blog team member)