Day Fourteen of the Thomas Chantry Trial

By | August 22, 2018

Day fourteen of the Chantry trial resumed with the jury  continuing their deliberation over the eight criminal counts.  At 1:27 P.M. Judge Astrowsky advised Council from both sides that the jury had reached a verdict on counts 1, 6, 7 and 8 but they were at an impasse on counts 2-5. Their position on this had not changed since an early straw poll last Thursday. They had voted 9-3 in favor a guilty verdict.

At 1:36 P.M. Judge Astrowsky read the jurors some written instructions, advising them that the Court was in no way pressuring them to reach a decision on the remaining four counts, but rather offering some advice on what may help them reach a concensus.

At 4:07 P.M. Judge Astrowsky advised Council from both sides that the Jury remains deadlocked on counts 2-5 and the Jury had advised him that  additional time will not help them come to a concensus. Judge Astrowsky then asked if either side objected to having the Jury come out and give their verdicts. There were no objections so the Bailiff went to call the Jury back into the courtroom.

At 4:13 P.M. the Jury returned and gave the envelope containing their verdicts to Judge Astrowsky.  The courtroom was deathly silent as we waited to hear the verdicts. Judge Astrowsky looked the forms over and then had the Clerk read the verdicts aloud.

The Jury found Thomas Chantry not guilty on counts 1 and 8.

The Jury found Thomas Chantry guilty on counts 6 and 7.

The Jury was deadlocked on counts 2-5. A mistrial was declared on these four counts.

Judge Astrowsky thanked the jurors and said their service was now complete, they no longer had to comply with the admonition. He asked them to remain in a back room so he could come and personally thank them, and then they would be free to leave or to remain and answer questions from the two Attorneys.

Sentencing was scheduled for Friday, September 28th at 9:00 A.M. The parties also agreed to have a Status Conference on the same day to discuss the 4 counts on which the jurors were unable to come to a decision.

Ms. Eazer then asked Judge Astrowsky to change the conditions of Thomas Chantry’s release, specifically she wanted Chantry to be locked up until his sentencing. Judge Astrowsky dismissed her request.

My Impressions

On the surface this case looks like a clear win for Chantry; and admittedly the victims, their families and all who believed them and supported them are disappointed with the outcome. But let’s remember what was said by the Victims of  Criminal Counts 6 and 7, the two counts Chantry was found guilty of.

Victim 3 (Count 6) said almost immediately Chantry started spanking him for unneccessary things.  Chantry denied this.

Victim 3 said he saw his sister and D.L. spanked with a paddle, an oar that appeared to be for a kayak and his hand, and they were threatened with a belt. Chantry denied this.

D.L. and Victim 3’s sister witnessed Victim 3 being taken into Chantry’s house to be spanked because he wanted to draw something rather than play croquet. Chantry couldn’t recall this event happening.

Victim 3 said he was spanked with an oar for not putting his drink on a coaster quickly enough. Chantry denied this.

Victim 3 was taken to Chantry’s office where Chantry took his pants down and spanked him with his hand. This because, again, he didn’t want to play croquet, but wanted to play pokemon and draw. Chantry denied this.

Victim 3 said the spankings he received were very hard. Afterwards Chantry would rub his bottom then force Victim 3 to hug him. Chantry denied this.

Victim 3 said Chantry told him not to tell his parents, if he did he would not get into heaven. Chantry denied this.

Victim 3 said Chantry told him if he disobeyed him he was disobeying God. Chantry denied this.

Victim 3 was sometimes spanked for disobedience and sometimes for acts not yet committed. Chantry denied this.

Victim 3 said he didn’t want to play Monopoly so Chantry took him to his bedroom and told him to choose what he wanted to be spanked with, his hand or a belt. Chantry denied this.

Victim 3 said he was spanked multiple times with his pants down and these spankings left bruises. Chantry denied this.

Victim 3 told his parents and his dad talked to Chantry. Chantry continued to spank him more often and harder. Chantry denied this.

Victim 3 saw D.L. spanked a few times very hard with an oar. Chantry denied this.

Victim 4 (Count 7) said she was spanked for not using a coaster. Chantry was mad, yelled at her to follow him into his office and spanked her very hard with his bare hand. She had never been hit so hard and it took her breath away. She was then forced to hug him. Chantry denied this.

Victim 4 was told by Chantry that God wasn’t going to love her and her parents weren’t going to love her if she disobeyed him. Chantry denied this.

Lets remember that Thomas Chantry swore an oath to tell the truth, so help him God. The jury did not believe Chantry was honest. They did believe Victims 3 and 4 spoke truthfully.

Susan Eazer said the State intends to retry Chantry on the counts the jury could not come to a concensus on. She also said the State intends to bring additional charges of sexual molestation against Chantry from a new victim.

In speaking with Prosecutor Eazer after the case she told me that the jury had switched from 9-3 to 10-2 and one of the remaining 2 was leaning to voting guilty as well.  She’s disappointed with the inability of the jurors to reach a guilty verdict on the remaining counts but is determined to retry the case and see that justice is done.

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“Whatever you do just don’t disagree, disobey or ask questions. Do not question their interpretation of scripture. Do not point out any errors. Do not assume you know anything. Do not assume professionals know anything….when you do you will find out the true nature of these men.”

Truer words were never spoken. We never questioned our pastor. Then we had our own abuse situation and reported it to him and the church leadership thinking they would help us. WRONG!

Our pastor went on an angry monologue leaving out key information and twisting the truth. When I questioned him about it he glared at me. When he saw he had not convinced us he tried to get us to come back to church and just act like nothing happened.

That episode revealed a whole other side of him I had never seen before. It revealed sides of other people we had never seen before too. It was shocking. Left me wondering if these people had really been my friends to begin with or if it was all fake all along.

“Whatever you do just don’t disagree, disobey or ask questions. Do not question their interpretation of scripture. Do not point out any errors. Do not assume you know anything. Do not assume professionals know anything….when you do you will find out the true nature of these men.”

Truer words were never spoken. We never questioned our pastor. Then we had our own abuse situation and reported it to him and the church leadership thinking they would help us. WRONG!

Our pastor went on an angry monologue leaving out key information and twisting the truth. When I questioned him about it he glared at me. When he saw he had not convinced us he tried to get us to come back to church and just act like nothing happened.

That episode revealed a whole other side of him I had never seen before. It revealed sides of other people we had never seen before too. It was shocking. Left me wondering if these people had really been my friends to begin with or if it was all fake all along.


An Redeeming Outcome: “We can only hope?”


You are in my thoughts & prayers, brother. Thank you for your dedication and your fruitful efforts.

I believe ‘His’ Word and ‘His’ Blood are still strong enough to bring forth ‘His’ Light and ‘His’ Justice.

That is also my prayer.


By wisdom a house is built, and through understanding it is established; through knowledge its rooms are filled with rare and beautiful treasures.




– –

Just Sayin

I think it might be wise for anyone doing research on Thomas J Chantry to look into where he went to college and what access he had to children and where he went to church while in seminary at Escondido CA. Since the abuse started so quickly at MVBC (3 months) and he had an established pattern of behavior (writing a letter to parents who had become his friends), I would not be surprised to find more of this behavior and more victims prior to MVBC.

Douglas Belardi

Chantry should only be allowed to “plead out” if he alocutes in open court

Roberto G

This whole ordeal saddened and angered me greatly. I was formerly associated with GRBC from 97-03 with a group of Spanish speaking believers who desired help in planting a RB church in Chicago. I knew and loved the Hubers and Smiths along with two other elders during those years. Have nothing but warm memories of hospitality and spiritual growth during those years. The only reason GRBC did not take us under their wing and sponsor our church plant desires was that they were already sponsoring a group from Milwaukee that eventually became the church that Chantry was installed in. Some Arbca leadership broke public trust by not fulfilling their legal responsibilities in reporting what they heard the moment they heard it. Mandated reporters, not mandated investigators. Seems like they all ignored their duty and went into “good-ol-boy network” mode.

The Surveyor

All Died in the Wool ARBCA Leaders,

I find your blind loyalty to Thomas Chantry incredibly foolish and wicked. You care about your own desires more than God’s. I was a member of Miller Valley Baptist Church at the time of most of the abuse/molestation and you were not even present during the abuse but yet you have believed in a “Man” blindly and you weren’t even there at the time. I was a personal witness to Thomas Chantry’s behavior (Selfishness & Abusive Speech), and you were what….a thousand plus miles away at a minimum, except for John Giarrizzo(100 miles) and yet you blindly accept Tom’s word. Wow, you also believe Tom is a great preacher; I did too. I used to listen to his sermons on the road…..then I became a member of MVBC and found out who he really was when he wasn’t behind the pulpit.
Demons have more knowledge of scripture than a single man will ever possess but all of you would rather put children at risk in at least 3 different states than be the whistleblower. Whistleblowers usually are the ones who get crucified by the empire that is threatened by the truth coming out. The truth is called slander and gossip by the empire because it will expose the wicked leaders. You, ARBCA, chose to cover up Tom’s wickedness to save the empire for your own glory. John Giarrizzo told me directly, in person, that he took Tom Chantry in when he fled MVBC in the dead of night….like a coward(Exposed). The innocent do not run; the guilty do. John Giarizzo, ARBCA pastor, ARBCA Council Member, aided and abetted a criminal in his home so Tom could flee his crimes against children. I was there…I sat in one of the meetings with the investigative team to protect one of the victims during the secret ARBCA investigation(Not all of the truth came out that night). I was a representative for the victim. I have first-hand knowledge of the crimes Tom committed against these children. I knew who some of children were before the abuse and who they have become after the abuse. Tom’s abuse destroyed their lives, my grief for these children is an abyss because I have the knowledge. ARBCA thinks they have got it all figured out…but they have no clue. I taught the same children as Tom; sweet children, innocent of the ways of a pedophile before the abuse….but you refuse to believe the truth and have exchanged it for your own narrative. Why, because just like so many before you, protect the empire, protect your legacy, protect ARBCA, protect Walter Chantry, protect the church, protect Tom but not the children. What the HELL is wrong with you guys. You are not men. You are cowards. You are no better than the Roman Catholic Church who protected the priests rather than the children. You can’t hide from this one boys. The truth is coming and it with find you. The hidden crimes of Thomas Chantry and the ARBCA cover-up is festering like a boil and the putrefaction will rise to the surface and you will not be able to keep control no matter what you do. I have either been a member or attended at least 4 ARBCA Churches and I have seen the ELDER OVERREACH destroy the unity of the body of Christ, the Bride of Christ. The control the elders have in the typical ARBCA church is evil…it is not like a gentle, kind shepherd. I do not have any power over you but the Almighty Sovereign God of the Universe does and He will defend his people…I have no doubt. Repent ARBCA Leaders, you have aided and Abetted an abuser, violator, and molester of children. If you can’t see that now, you are as blind as the Pharisees.

Finally, for all of the families and victims, I love you and commend you. I pray for you all daily. You are brave and courageous.

Van Helsing

God bless you my man!
According to Freudian Psycho-dynamic Theory – the TWO most powerful defense mechanisms used to protect the EGO from the harm of being overwhelmed are DENIAL and RATIONALIZATION. Again, Christians call it sin. I prefer the Jay Adams or Christian version.

Walter Chantry once told me (after Liddle Tommy Chantry again refused to talk to me because he had a lot to hide) that “the truth has to wound” if it would ever be efficacious (useful) in the lives of people. Seems like he and ARBCA have been doing everything humanly possible to avoid facing the truth since they wish to avoid the BIG hurt (loss of reputation, status, adulation, power and control) if they embraced it. They would prefer to take a thousand little hurts along the way and lose it that way I guess – either way it takes a huge hit in the end. Simple insanity anyone? Hypocrisy anyone? RATIONALIZATION/DENIAL anyone?

Many folks do not understand the depth of HURT that kids experience when they are physically, sexually, emotionally, or spiritually abused especially by priests or pastors. Life dies in many parts of them as they become the walking wounded – sometimes the walking dead. Mild Depression almost always sets in. Their thinking and perceptions become skewed negative. Emotionally, they are on a roller coaster ride. They retreat inside of themselves due to fears, anxieties and suspicion. They often become quiet and withdrawn. They rarely laugh spontaneously, have few friends, misread the emotions of others and tend to isolate. These signs of abuse are much worse if the kids have high IQs and are sensitive.

When I worked with adolescents I often encountered these kids dressed up as “Goths.” They wore those Victorian looking clothes with black hair, heavy make-up and fingernails painted black. Once I got over my initial confusion about them I discovered that I liked working them a lot. They were all highly intelligent and sensitive but they were the walking wounded and revealed it by their outward appearance. Most of these kids were abused by their parents, caregivers or other authority figures. Once they realized that I was “cool” about their appearance they poured their hearts out to me. In turn, my heart always went out to them.


The more I read from pro-Chantry supporters, which, thankfully are few, the more positive thought I give to society forced population control. I’d start with them because they should not be having kids if they’re ok with Chantry’s actions.

Van Helsing

Well, we already have “society enforced birth control.” Christians call it ABORTION.


Todd, how did Chantry respond when the jury was called in and during the reading of the verdicts and afterwards? I would guess stoic, but any nuances? And his family and supporters? And was Frank Turk ever in attendance?

Thanks, Sonja


Why can’t i see all the comments?

Ron Oommen

Truth will out, and it has – regardless of the legal outcome. No-one can look at Tom Chantry and think he’s “vindicated” other than those who are blinded by their bias – or by some motive other than truth.
He assaulted and molested young children. He has not been found guilty in court today on those counts but the truth is now out. He took the stand and denied culpability on all counts, 2 of which he’s been found guilty if. Seems to me if he lied about those then he lied about the rest too – that is what a reasonable person would conclude.
Anyone who allows him anywhere near a pulpit or pastoral role in future will be complicit in aiding and abetting an unrepentant child molester.

My 2c.


Todd, what now is your impression of the judge’s performance? Up until the end, I had a good feeling about him. Now, I just don’t know. I’m no lawyer, so i realize he may not have been able to do more than he did. Perhaps the sentencing will be telling. I know you appreciate the prosecutor’s role.

Ann carpenter

I will be surprised if the State retries Chantry . Money will be the issue . She might want to retry but higher ups with not agree .

Tim Fulton

Tom has been vindicated of the molestation charges and convicted of spanking two of the children. I pray Tom is granted probation and allowed to put the last two years behind him and to pick up the pieces of his marriage and put them back together. He has a loving wife and three growing children who want and need there father and husband. I have known Tom and his father Walter and mother Joy for over 15 years. Tom and Christ Reformed Baptist were there for me 12 years ago when I was at the low point of my life and helped me through a very difficult time – I remember hearing Walter preach from Revelations 21 on the New Jerusalem and how that sermon moved – Tom also is a wonderful expositor of scripture I pray he is allowed to pick up in Ephesians where he left off a couple years ago – I’m fully aware of the bitter anger on this site I really feel the readers and commenters were falsely influenced by the sites founders – if the truth were known I wonder how many of the so called victims were readers of this blog and for that matter the jurists. To God be the Glory Great things He has done.


You are right, sir. Tom can preach. But he has no love for people. He is now a convicted felon. You think that meets the qualifications of an elder??!!


Vindicated? Not hardly. You have a lone juror that should have never been there in the first place, who lied about his bias and prevented justice from being done. A 10-2 hung jury is hardly a vindication of the charges. I began this journey on Tom’s side but no longer. If he really cared for his wife and children then he would tell them the truth. May God have mercy on his soul.

As for justice this all seems to be beneficial in bringing Tom to justice. A new trial will be allowed to bring the new victims and further support the case against Tom. I pray for a quick and definitive verdict. I do feel for the family but what about the victims… I’m tired of hearing them referred to as enemies. It’s just sickening


“I really feel the readers and commenters were falsely influenced by the sites founders”

Bull$hit. I was at MVBC when Tom became pastor. I know the victims and families personally. There’s been convos even in the past 24 hours. There are many tears shedding right now in AZ. I’m glad the Lord used the preaching of his word and the fellowship of a local church to help you personally. But that does not dismiss the horrible crimes committed. If you only knew the mess of the lives of these victims. They’ve all had a tough go, and much of it stems from the abuse–sexual, physical, and spiritual. I’m not able to say publicly what I hope happens to Tom Chantry…but it certainly does not involve a return to the pulpit.


Thank you, KJ for your strong opposition to ridiculous accusations. I also was at MVBC at the same time. Yes, there are many tears in AZ. I hope and pray that justice will still be seen this side of heaven for these kids. And you are right…this was not just abuse, these were CRIMES. Tom is now a convicted felon, a criminal.

Van Helsing

Hi Tim,
I am glad that Tom helped you at that low point since that is what concerned and loving pastors do. Tom is not a concerned and loving pastor but a misfit and had been unfit for ministry since his time at Westminster – but he was passed along due to being Walt’s warped son. In almost 5 years that I was a member of CRBC I only saw Tom interact with a select few people and keep his distance from the rest of the flock. I never once saw him go out of his way to help anyone nor did I ever hear that he did. Once a deacon approached me, unsolicited by me, and told me that Tom did not like people and then smirked. I said, “come again?” He repeated what he said and I was dumbfounded as I experienced “cognitive dissonance” – trying to reconcile the pedestal that I placed Tom upon and who he really was – a sadistic narcissist. I could say more but it seems that the Kool-Aid you drank has done its damage.

Tim Fulton

The participants on this blog who take offense to my opinions on this entire matter are quite a Motley Crue. Tom was found not guilty on one count of molestation and there was not a quorum of jurists that found him guilty on the other four counts of molestation. Not that it’s anyone’s business but I am a father of five children I never used spanking to discipline my children I used positive reinforcement and taking away things they liked when they did poorly in school or were discipline problems and had them earn back the things they liked. I must have done something right because they’ve all turned out to be responsible adults with good families of Their Own. As to my feelings about Tom and his father Walter I honestly never saw any of the actions that he is described to have committed. We used to have a fellowship meal dinner once a month at both Christ Reformed Baptist and at Grace Reformed Baptist and I saw Tom socialize with the people in the church all the time he was very friendly and quite approachable on both doctrinal and biblical questions. I used to sit with Walter and Joy periodically in church and they also were very friendly. I also used to go over to Dale’s Smith’s house on the days that we had our fellowship meal dinner at church in the evening we would get together at Dale’s house for a discussion on the sermon of the day it was a great way to end the day. A couple times a year Al Huber invited the whole church out to his farm for a hayride and for dinner and a good time. Once again I will say emphatically I never witnessed anything remotely like what people are saying on this blog. I was nobody special at either Grace Reformed Baptist or Christ Reformed Baptist I wasn’t even a member I was just someone who enjoyed the sermons and the congregation at both of the churches. I also enjoyed singing the old hymns that we sang and also I enjoyed on Wednesdays once a month we had a hymn sing I also enjoyed how with each hymn that we would sing whoever was leading the singing would talk about the history of the hymn and the person who wrote it. Hebrews 13: 5&6


Return to nimrodville. Tim, unlike you showing up from time to time to Tom’s church, and witnessing people outside of private tutoring sessions, I was a member at MVBC from 1992 to 2004. If you’ve read the comments, there was another good friend who was a member there longer than I. Other comments have been made by others who knew Tom. Two of the families involved are extremely close to me and all of them hold a special status with me. Apparently, you haven’t read well enough to know that your last (way too long) comment was not merely banal and pointless, but also filled with an unrealistic, myopic and naive sentimentality towards a convicted child abuser. You have children but seem to be completely disinterested in the emotional, spiritual, and psychological damage that has been done and will perennially plague the victims. You’re not the victim, pal, regardless of your Hebrews 13 ending.

Artur Smuthers

He was convicted of two counts of aggravated assault against little kids. Isn’t that enough for your ‘quorum’. Why do you feel such a need to defend someone who beyond reasonable doubt bullied little kids and assaulted them. As to the molestation charges: not to, again, mention the fact that 10 jurors were going to vote guilty, one was leaning guilty and one wouldn’t convict Manson.

Don’t you always hear in the news about people who say of someone who committed some atrocious act how they thought the person was such a ‘nice person’. Ever hear the phrase the ‘banality of evil’. Think it was coined during the Nuremberg trials. So your subjective evaluations are really worthless in the scheme of things.

So your saying in light of all the evidence and the outcome of the trial; your position is Tom seemed so swell back then that he could have never committed these crimes?

You begin with name calling because your trying to save face due to the response to your initial post. All you are doing is further embarrassing yourself.


“Don’t you always hear in the news about people who say of someone who committed some atrocious act how they thought the person was such a ‘nice person’. Ever hear the phrase the ‘banality of evil’. Think it was coined during the Nuremberg trials. So your subjective evaluations are really worthless in the scheme of thing”

Don’t get me started. A brutal murder occurs and the news media always tracks down the granny of the suspect to interview her for a news clip. It’s the same thing every time: He is a good boy who cares about people. Sigh.

Hannah Arendt coined the term “banality of evil” during Adolf Eichmann’s trial.

She is my favorite philosopher.

Thanks. Janna L. Chan (blog team member)


Tim Fulton, OF COURSE you “never saw any of the actions that he is described to have committed”! Do you know why? Because he committed them behind closed doors! And he committed them toward little children, certainly not toward grown men! THAT’S why you never witnessed his criminal and perverted behavior. You weren’t permitted to. Gosh, man, use your critical thinking skills that God has given you. At the very least, understand that. These acts were committed in the dark (spiritually). Behind closed doors. How in the name of heaven could you have witnessed them? THINK!

Cody Langer

Tom was found guilty on two counts of aggravated assault. That means he, a grown man, was found guilty beyond reasonable doubt of assaulting little kids. Is that enough of a ‘quorum’ for you? Why do you insist on defending something like that.

Don’t your hear in the news every other day how someone ‘seemed like a nice guy’ after committing some atrocity. Ever hear the term the ‘banality of evil’?

So your take away from the all the evidence and trial results (which was guilty on two counts of aggravated assault and barely escaping convictions on the molestation charges) is that because, according to your subjective evaluation, He seemed like a swell guy, he cannot have possibly done these things and that we are a Motley Crue because we happen to think the evidence clearly shows that he committed some if not all of these crimes?

Your reacting to peoples responses to your post but you are making yourself appear less than reasonable, basically digging the hole deeper.


Ah yes, I too know these men. They love a lap dog. As long as you praise their words and actions you are loved. And always be sympathetic to their self proclaimed ‘righteous anger’ towards those who would question their righteousness, authority and doctrine.

Whatever you do just don’t disagree, disobey or ask questions.

Do not question their interpretation of scripture. Do not point out any errors. Do not assume you know anything. Do not assume professionals know anything. Do not believe children ( except for a chosen few). Just don’t. Because when you, do you will see the true nature of these men.

Tim, you are a lap dog. If you think you really know them, start asking them hard questions. Start asking them real questions. Question their answers, question their motives. Stop stroking their backs.


What part of Nimrodville are you from, Tim? How old are you and what drugs did you abuse to such an extent that you have no brain cells left? Are you a parent? Because I hope not. A man who takes it upon himself to physically assault another person’s child and is thereby convicted in a court of law for doing so is not eldership material, friend.
Moreover, a person beating kids without just cause (or no cause) and then rubs their butts for them suffers from paraphilia. In this case pedophilia. Can’t wait for him to climb the stairs to the pulpit. Who are you people? If I cuss at you my comment wouldn’t be acceptable, but you people are screwed up. Do you have any clue of the mess these children live through because of this? Their view of Christianity and Christians are forever distorted. Their very souls have been sabotaged. Are you not familiar with the bible to know that it would be better that a milstone be tied around his neck and him cast into the sea than to make a little stumble? Maybe you can make him a senior pastor of your church. You deserve him, fool.

Cody Langer

He was not convicted of spanking, He was convicted of aggravated assault. Anybody would have ‘spanked’ my kid the way he did for the reasons he did would have a serious reckoning. Believe me I would find a way. That’s all I know. How do you say he was vindicated of molestation when it basically came down to one juror who probably would not have found Dillinger guilty. The rest said He did it, except another who was leaning towards guilty. He was a bully and He is a Liar, He should repent and account for himself here or He will get it there.

Vindicated is not the word for it. He got off. It looks like He played the system which is easy to do in a day when many people have lost their moral compass. The Jury system only works when there is a strong moral consensus in society, we have lost that. Only takes one amoral person to cause a mistrial. In our day and age, there are more culpable yet freed persons roaming the streets than ever before.

It’s not that hard to ‘exposit’ scripture, the challenge is to get a commensurate character. Knowledge puffeth up, Love does not bully or posit itself Authoritarian.

I would say it’s righteous anger and not ‘bitter anger’ when someone hates it when a full grown man bullies kids (most probably more) and then lies about it. If you think this outcome is some kind of exoneration for Chantry’s actions, you are terribly mistaken.

Cody Langer

I was remiss, he didn’t get off at all. Two counts of abuse (someone said they were felonies?).

Headless Unicorn Guy

Tim Fulton
August 22, 2018
Tom has been vindicated of the molestation charges…

To God be the Glory Great things He has done.


That’s actually an outright lie. The jury was unable to reach a decision about 4 of the sexual abuse charges, so Chantry can be retried for them. The state appears to have indicated that they are interested in doing so.

Also, Tom Chantry will never truly be vindicated, because ARBCA degraded evidence against him by covering up allegations of child abuse against him for more than 15 years.

Thanks. Janna L. Chan(blog team member)

Tim Fulton

Janna from the multiple blog entries regarding Tom Chantry here I’m quite certain that most if not all of the so called victims at MVBC are close followers of it. Due to you and Todd delegating yourselves both Judge and Jury I wonder how many of these victims were influenced by your deductions and embellished there thoughts and testimonies on what happened – for that matter if the truth were known I wonder how many of the Jurors were followers of your blog during the trial?

Cody Langer

Tim Fulton:

One can just look at the evidence that was posted from police reports to determine that crimes have been committed. There was assault, There was cover-up, people should have reported this to the police but didn’t, it’s obvious.

I personally did not need other’s opinions to see what went down.

The jurors were instructed not to read anything about the case. That’s standard. Like most ARBCA defenders, you seem to know nothing about how the legal system works, because you have no regard or respect for the law.

Is Al Huber paying you, Tim, to slander victims? He certainly seems to be throwing a lot of money around right now in support of a son-in-law who brutally beat partially naked children with a boat oar.

Maybe Al Huber should post here himself instead of hiding behind others.

Thanks. Janna L. Chan (blog team members)

Mr. Jesperson

You really are living in your own world, one you will not find the real Jesus on. You have a very sharp learning curve ahead. There is nothing “Christian” about defending your evil Neo-Pharisee friend. Your speaking lies simple. Jesus called out the Pharisees in his day for the same thing. He warned them that they are headed for hell. There really needs to be repentance on your part, which means acknowledging the truth and stop acting like a jerk on social media. There is plenty enough of that already, and it is worse when it comes from people who claim to be “Christian.”


ah, the glories of clichéd Neo-Reformed-speak.


A difficult day, but one I’ve been preparing my heart for in case God’s plan was different than my perspective. I don’t represent everyone on my side of the aisle. But these are my thoughts:
To every single juror who answered a summons and showed up to do your civic duty, thank you. You are a crucial part of our precious society. To those who were dismissed because this case hit to close to home, I want you to be at peace. This was not your battle to fight. You will have other chances in life to support friends, have the right answer, be silent when necessary. I weep for what you must have been through in life.

For those jurors who served, I am so grateful to you. I have prayed for this jury pool since the day I heard we were going to trial. I pray your minds can be at peace after the details you had to hear. Even though things didn’t go as we had hoped I want you to know that I am so grateful for your efforts. Reading the report of the juror who lied about his bias made my blood boil. I can only imagine what is was like to have to work with him for 2 days. Every moment that you 11 worked in that room was a gift you have given us and I am grateful. Rom 12:19 gives me peace about him. God will deal with him as He sees fit.

To those in churches that are reeling right now, I sorrow for you. I have a somber gladness that so much truth is being revealed but I take no joy in the pain that broken churches endure. I’ve been praying for you for years. Seek the Lord, He will not abandon you.

Tony, your acts of kindness and support have meant everything to us. May God bless you in your selfless line of work.
Susan, we are so grateful for all your efforts. You have worked tirelessly and we are so grateful.
Todd and Janna, you’ve helped more than you know. You’ve exposed lies that did so much damage, and you’ve given us peace in a month long process. Thank you.

To the other victims, there just aren’t words. May you be at peace as you wait.

Come quickly Lord Jesus and rule in righteousness, for Satan’s hold on this world is evil and perverse. May we each be ready for Your return.

Mr. Jesperson

So one dishonest juror causes 4 counts to end in a hung jury? Welcome to our system. For those who are angry remember that God has a better system. At the end of this life, and it does end for all of us, everything will be exposed including motives behind actions. In the end, none of us will get away with anything. This includes Tom, the dishonest juror and all of us. I wish our system was better, but in the end no one will get away with anything. The foundation of God’s throne is justice. It will be done ultimately.


I continue to pray that justice be served. If Chantry is guilty of the severe charges against him, it would seem likely that there are other victims out there who have not spoken up. Particularly from his days at he school. As to the new victim, I would like more information; for example, what was a 5th/6th grade teacher doing ‘spanking’ a 5 year old? Was Chantry simply the Spanker-in-chief at CLA? I would encourage all who know anything, all who have had experience with Chantry that might shed light on who he is and what he has done, to come forward.

I also know nothing about such things, but came across one blogger who explained to the ‘naive’ that spanking was indeed a sexual fettish, which the author admitted to having. I am guessing there must be some research regarding such things in the social psychology literature that might be useful in a future trial?


I would like to know why the prosecution did not pursue and provide evidence of the fairly well known existence of spanking as a sexual fettish. And what is meant by ‘the court’ deciding that spanking is not molesting? Does that mean ‘the judge’? And that he instructed the jury to not conflate the two? Jury instructions (i.e. control by the judge) are perhaps the major cause of justice not being served in many jury trials. These are extremely important, and troubling issues. Even had Chantry never fondled anyone, the severe and apparently premeditated spankings based on flimsy excuses point to the spanking being a sexual issue. This was not some misguided christian being too ‘extreme’ in his attempt to apply ‘discipline’, but a pervert with a spanking fettish getting his jollies by beating helpless children for no real reason. Just seems to me that the prosecution might have dropped the ball on this, unless these things were attempted, and we simply did not hear about it.


In the State of AZ, the jury instructions are the law, our state statutes, not the judge’s reasoning.


If Arizona law is clear, advocates for children need to lobby for the law to be changed.

A child cannot consent.

And what a perfect place for a predator — a small church where the culture is to never question an elder. Chantry has grooming down to an art and protected in doing carrying out his evil.

Van Helsing

Altvater: spoken like a true CULT member if I ever heard one myself. Please, by all means, continue to live in your biblical cocoon and pay homage to your idols in ARBCA while they twist and turn and redefine Romans 13 for their own benefit and for Liddle Tommy. I will never forget the sick mentality of someone who believed that they would beat (oh, I mean) SPANK the Word of God into little kids. How does the ARBCA cult redefine Matthew 18:6? Oh yeah, that’s correct – the “Super Apostles” in ARBCA know much more than plain ordinary believers since that is why they are building their own Tower of Babel, ah, I mean seminary. God help us all and rescue us from these false Christian “ubermensch.”


I am not seeing any comments on the blog is there a reason why?

Van Helsing

Just a few more questions: 1) Why weren’t guys like Walter Chantry, Bob Selph, or Ted Tripp called to testify by Eazer? That seems like a major blunder to me. 2) Why wasn’t there a call from the prosecution to have some ARBCA miscreant produce the sealed envelope with the real results of the investigation – the one that Walter Chantry denounced? In the meantime, little Tommy Chantry again avoids accountability for his crimes all the while hiding behind Scripture found in Proverbs that they used to justify the beating of children. Wow!

Hi Van Helsing, I believe that their potential testimony was ruled as hearsay, which is not admissible in court.

Comments in earlier posts explain the nuances of this legal issue. Thanks.

Janna L. Chan,(blog team member)