Convicted Felon Thomas Chantry Jailed; Indicted on Nine New Felony Counts!

By | September 14, 2018


“Those who are capable of tyranny are capable of perjury to sustain it.”
― Lysander Spooner

“In all the interviews I have done, I cannot remember one offender who did not admit privately to more victims than those for whom he had been caught. On the contrary, most offenders had been charged with and/or convicted of from one to three victims. In the interviews I have done, they have admitted to roughly 10 to 1,250 victims. What was truly frightening was that all the offenders had been reported before by children, and the reports had been ignored.”
― Anna Salter, Predators: Pedophiles, Rapists, And Other Sex Offenders

“At the defendant’s recent trial, defendant took the stand and boldly claimed that every single one of the 20 individuals who testified at the trial had lied about something. He literally denied every single thing of significance that every single witness testified to during the trial. Undersigned  counsel and Mr. Sears met with four of the jurors after trial, all of whom unanimously agreed that they did not believe anything that the Defendant said under oath during his testimony.”
Susan Eazer, Deputy County Attorney, “Verified Motion Pursuant to A.R.S. 13-3961(D) To Hold Defendant Without Bond and Request for Hearing.”  

Below is an email Karen Chantry sent out to her dwindling number of supporters. It is a futile attempt to keep the “true believers” convinced of Tom’s innocence and the Chantry’s great struggles to overcome hardships and the attacks of Satan.

Left unexpressed, of course, is any mention of the victims whom Tom beat the living daylights out of. Young, innocent, helpless children were abused sexually to satisfy Tom’s sick, twisted sexual cravings. Chantry’s  actions not only wreaked long-term havoc in the lives of his victims, it also has caused untold grief in their families.

Do you want to know who experienced attacks from Satan? It was the young children Tom assaulted. Chantry is, in my opinion, demonized. There is no other explanation for this wolf in sheep’s clothing. The man is deeply disturbing.

You want to know what else I found deeply disturbing? After one of the victims gave a gut-wrenching account on the witness stand of the horrific abuse he suffered at the hands of Chantry I walked out into the hall in a state of stunned silence. I was near tears as I pondered how a human could do such cruel things to another human. I would compare it to the same feeling I had as I walked out of the Holocaust Museum in Washington, D.C. or the Yad Veshem Memorial in Jerusalem. As I stood in silence in the hallway outside the courtroom Karen Chantry and Judy Rogers (Tom’s sister) walked out of the courtroom and headed down the hall yukking it up and laughing!

But of course the Chantry clan continue to profess Tom is an innocent victim of persecution! These people and those who continue to support them and perpetuate their lies make me sick. Miller Valley Baptist Church elder Eric Owens stated from the witness stand that he did not believe Tom Chantry was a Christian. I agree with his assessment and I will take it a step further – I do not see how a God-fearing person can continue in a church pastored by a man who continues to support ARBCA.

Chantry Update by Karen Chantry 9-11-2018 by Todd Wilhelm on Scribd

Below is a photo of Thomas Chantry’s new accomodations. He gets to stay for free, courtesy of the Arizona taxpayers. His last minute airfare for he and the Mrs. from Illinois to Arizona was undoubtedly pricey, but I would imagine that, like everything else the last few years, father-in-law Al Huber footed the bill for the innocent, persecuted servant of the Lord. The poor guy probably isn’t living in as much comfort as when he was in John Sears’ guest house, and the fine dining has come to a screeching halt, but look on the bright side Tom, think of it as an enforced weight loss program!


Below is a letter by Bob Selph. I do not know the man. I have never met him. All I know is the good people of Miller Valley Baptist Church dearly loved the man who pastored their church for seventeen years. Elder Rich Howe’s daughter is married to Bob Selph’s son. I have two burning questions for Bob, and then I will let Brent Detwiler’s response to Selph speak further for me. First, how could Bob Selph not report the abuse that he was fully aware of to Prescott Law Enforcement? Second, when the Tom Chantry scandal had devastated the small body of believers at Miller Valley, and they were really left without any leader, how could Bob Selph not return for a week, or a month to offer some comfort and guidance?

Bob Selph’s Explanation… by on Scribd


All the ARBCA boys now seem to be running for cover. Brent Detwiler does a good job of confronting a few of them(i.e. Bob Selph, Tedd Tripp, Mike McKnight and Richard Jensen) with his letter below.

Brent Detwiler Letter to Selph, Tedd Tripp, McKnight and Jensen by Todd Wilhelm on Scribd


Below are the nine new criminal counts convicted felon Tom Chantry is charged with. I believe he is guilty on all counts. Were I in the jury pool I would have to disqualify myself from serving because there is no way I could be impartial. Since Charlie Daniel’s method of justice cannot be imposed I can only pray Chantry spends the rest of his life in free accomodation, courtesy of the Arizona taxpayers and the Corrections Department.

Thomas Chantry Arrest Warra… by on Scribd

I will warn you the document below is quite descriptive. Proceed at your own risk.

All I will say is the District Attorney’s office of Yavapai County, AZ made a strong case why convicted felon Thomas Chantry should not be freed on bail as he awaits trial, nor, in my opinion should he ever be a free man again.

Motion to Hold Chantry With… by on Scribd


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