Did Convicted Felon Thomas Chantry Abuse Children While Attending Another ARBCA Church?

By | September 16, 2018

Pedophiles have a strong, almost irresistible, desire to have sex with children. The average pedophile molests 260 victims during their lifetime. Over 90% of convicted pedophiles are arrested again for the same offense after their release from prison.


What is the profile of a child molester? An average child molester will offend 200–400 times before being caught, if ever. The vast majority of offenders do not get caught, and they have no criminal records. According to the FBI, only one out of ten cases of child sexual abuse is reported to law enforcement.



Any real Christian will by nature detest Chantry for the minion of Satan he is. Those who refuse to do so are at best allies of evil and more likely fellow minions of darkness themselves. ARBCA has been overrun by enemies of Christ for years now.
-Jeff Crippen, Pastor of Christ Reformation Church, Tillamook, Oregon. Author of A Cry for Justice and Unholy Charade.



Tom Lyon, ARBCA Pastor of Providence Reformed Baptist Church and enabler of Thomas Chantry.

 Prior to Tom Chantry going to MVBC, Tom was a member at TRBC [Trinity Reformed Baptist Church ] while Earl Blackburn was pastoring the church. While at TRBC, Tom taught a Sunday school class all alone with his favorite aged kids in a little room just he and the kids. The kids in Tom’s class didn’t like him. I remember one boy (now an adult) saying Tom was “weird” and gave him “the creeps.” For awhile (not sure if it was while he was attending seminary in Escondido or right after) he lived at Earl [Blackburn] and Debbie’s house and at times would babysit their son (who was 10-12 years old at the time) when they would go on vacation.

The scenario above is eerily similar to the situation that played out once Chantry left Trinity Reformed Baptist Church for Miller Valley Baptist Church. A reasonable person should rightly question if children were abused while Chantry worked among children at Trinity Reformed Baptist Church – a member church of ARBCA.

Below are letters written by the parents of Victims and a Victim himself. These letters were written in 2000 and made available to the ARBCA Informal Council when they traveled to Miller Valley Baptist Church to conduct their investigation into the despicable and savage abuses carried out by convicted felon Thomas Chantry. Miller Valley was a member of ARBCA at the time, but they withdrew from the ARBCA Association after Chantry successfully obtained membership in ARBCA for his new church, Christ Reformed Baptist Church of Hales Corners, WI. Miller Valley Baptist Church strongly argued against allowing Chantry’s church into ARBCA, but their pleas to ARBCA leadership fell on deaf ears.


Chantry Case – Letter From … by on Scribd


Chantry – Letter From Mothe… by on Scribd


Chantry – Letter From Victi… by on Scribd


Letter From Mother of Chant… by on Scribd


Letter From Father of Victi… by on Scribd

Below is a document containing a police report from the Arlington Heights Police Department. Tom Chantry was teaching 5th and 6th grade at Christian Liberty Academy and somehow got hold of a 5 year old child and spanked him so severly that he still had marks 2 days later when his parents were interviewed by the police. I am told that there were at least four or five similar incidents that took place while Chantry was teaching at Christian Liberty Academy. It should be mentioned that Walter Chantry, the father of Tom Chantry, was good friends with Philip Bennet, the Headmaster of Christian Liberty Academy. Philip Bennett has now been promoted to Superintendent and his son, Thad Bennett has taken over the duties of Headmaster. I have been told that one of Philip Bennett’s sons is married to one of Thomas Chantry’s sisters. I have not been able to verify this. Local media need to investigate this story.  Walter Chantry reportedly spoke numerous times at the Christian Liberty Academy chapel service and he has also spoken at least four times at the affiliated church.  Christian Liberty Academy featured an article on their website by Thomas Chantry in 2011 (it has now been removed) and Thomas Chantry spoke at the graduation ceremony in. 2012! 








2004 Police Report of Thoma… by on Scribd

If you have been a victim of abuse by convicted felon Thomas Chantry, or if you know someone who has been victimized by him I urge you to contact Susan Eazer at the Yavapai County District Attorney’s office.(Details below.)  If you are hesitant to do that you can email me at tlwdxb@protonmail.com and I will forward your complaint to Ms. Eazer.

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I’m the Ken Turner mentioned in the victim’s letter. I vaguely recall refusing to the father to spank the victim & his brother that summer, but I don’t recall Chantry’s involvement (I’m not denying it, but admitting my poor memory). I just wanted to add that the boys overall were great kids. They fought as brothers tend to do…but absolutely nothing that would suggest the need for over-the-top discipline.

Van Helsing

Yep, I tend to agree with your assessment. That is a very plausible reason why he was so protected – as my wife said – either to become an unrepentant and cantankerous academic and teach at their new “cemetery,” aah, I mean seminary, or to take over the reigns of ARBCA at some future point in time. TC’s narcissism would grasp at nothing less than to be in control on their AC. That is also why he could not discipline himself from blogging, tweeting, or being on Facebook. He needed the attention and admiration – to be out there and considered “important.”

Van Helsing

Todd and Janna,
Thank you both for allowing variant and discordant viewpoints on the blog. True Christians are not afraid of them as the Truth always withstands investigation and conversely, LIES do not, as we have seen. The blog has been a great tool for Christians to use as an instrument for “iron sharpening iron” and that benefits all believers and the church in general.

I am still puzzled a bit by the elders at MVBC though. Why did they wait 16 years to formally pull out of ARBCA and did so only when CRBC was admitted to membership in 2016? Something smells putrid here. Why were they still beholden to ARBCA for 16 years after the debacle there? Were they co-dependent upon ARBCA? To me, this suggests that the elders there were complicit in the cover-up by possibly having some other “skeletons in their closets” or were they that weak as a body to not take a firm stand for their abused kids?

One huge rabbit-hole after another I guess!


Here I Stand,
“Do you realize what damage your comments are having on the church of Christ?”
What an absolute cop-out! It is typical of satan and all his minions to shift blame from the guilty onto the innocent who dare to bring to light the sins of others. Not only that but your concern is misplaced: the damage done by TC and all those who support him whether they have the courage to say so or not is solely to the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ. Thus you have placed the church you so cherish (in word only) above the Lord Jesus Christ and made the church your idol just like some many of your fellow ‘church members’ have done.

Why do I hear no concern for the real victims of Tom Chantry’s evil actions? Have you erased what he did to those kids already? Perhaps you think it will be a simple cake walk for these children to live a normal life free of the memories of the atrocities inflicted upon them by their hireling “pastor” who did it in the name of Christ as a “pastor” of a church you so want to idolize and worship (please don’t insult the readers here by trying to deny your precious idol). It is a happy day to see the division caused by all of this because it draws out those who would otherwise remain hidden as the frauds that they are (1 Cor. 11:19), the elders, deacons, pastors, etc. who hide behind the doctrines of grace but live as servants of the devil—and all of this in the Name of Christ. No wonder you want to silence Todd and the others who speak up about this, who would know about the evils of TC and his sick supporters were it not for the truth given here? By the way, trying to silence a person because he speaks the truth is another effective tool of satan and his minions to accomplish his goals. How many of the prophets of old were killed for this very reason? That’s two strikes to your credit, want to see if there is a third? Only the elect repent.


Here I Stand,

You must understand that Detwiler and Wilhelm have a vendetta against C.J. Mehaney. They insert themselves in the business of others in order to attack C.J. Mehaney. They need their monsters to look like heroes! It’s a girly man way to fight but there it is.

They have no recourse but to hurl accusations they can’t substantiate!

Almost as girly as being an anonymous troll. ? Why does the masculine Mahaney hide behind you?

Janna L. Chan (blog team member)

C.J., I know you can’t afford to pay trolls very much right now. However, you might want to offer them a bonus for at least spelling your name correctly. ?

That way Google can index silly statements suggesting that there aren’t literally thousands of pages of legal documents proving that you enable pedophilia.

Just keep hiding in Louisville like a manly complementarian.

Janna L. Chan (blog team member)

CA, it’s been fun, yet you need to go hang out with the brave, anonymous trolls on other blogs now. Might I suggest Frank Turk and Phil Johnson? They’re not usually shy about trashing sexual abuse victims and defending pedophiles. Your comments won’t be approved here anymore. Todd and I like to let people see what you pedophilia enablers are like from time-to-time, but now you’re just boring everyone. Thanks for understanding.

P.S. – I am very proud that you’ve called me Todd’s bipolar sidekick. I certainly don’t consider being called bipolar an insult. Very little that you “godly, manly” weanies say bothers me. 😉 You indicated that I’ve attacked you unfairly. Did you make any intelligent statements based on credible sources? If so, I apologize for my comments.

Otherwise, I am comfortable stating that you are the south end of a north facing horse. So are the little men who hide behind you.

Janna L. Chan (blog team member)

Brent Detwiler


If you have interest in the truth, please read this article and the all the links to evidence in the article.

C.J. Mahaney, Covenant Life Church & the Conspiracy to Cover-up the Sexual Abuse of Children
Tuesday, February 13, 2018 at 12:42 PM

There is no vendetta. Only an interest in exposing sex abusers and those who cover up their abuse. For three decades, Mahaney (not Mehaney) had a policy of not reporting abuse to law enforcement. This resulted in ongoing abuse and destruction.

Those who have sought to cover up for Mahaney have done so by slandering us. That is a common tactic when corrupt leaders can’t address the evidence because they are guilty.

You should also read what Rachael Denhollander has said and written about Mahaney and SGM. So too, Mark Galli, editor in chief from Christianity Today.

Brent Detwiler


Here is one piece of evidence in my article. It comes from Jessica Hall, an Assistant State’s Attorney in Montgomery County, MD. She is talking about Mahaney and his pastoral staff covering up the heinous crimes committed by Nathaniel Morales. He was convicted and sentenced to 40 years.

“The church covered it up. The church protected Mr. Morales. … The church would cover up for Mr. Morales. … The church would protect a man who molested children. … The church did nothing. … They ignored the fact that heinous crimes had been committed.”

Feel free to accuse her of hurling accusations. The reality is that trolls like you are the ones who hurl accusations they never substantiate. And too often, such trolls are abusers or those who covered up for them.

If you want to be a good troll you should at least try to spell the names correctly.

He’s a pedophile himself. After years of advocacy work, I believe I can spot these guys. Thanks. Janna L. Chan (blog team member)

Headless Unicorn Guy

Did Convicted Felon Thomas Chantry Abuse Children While Attending Another ARBCA Church?

Is the Pope Catholic?
Is water Wet?


Here I Stand

What extraordinary hypocrisy for you to write anonymously as Here I Stand and compare yourself to Martin Luther when you don’t have an ounce of his courage. You desecrate his name. Identify yourself if you want to speak boldly. But instead you hide behind an alias.

Even worse, you are likely one of those who have covered up for Chantry or a supporter of those who have. Is your first name Walt, Judy, Douglas, Tom, Al, Don, Earl, Larry, David, Steve, Rob, Dale, John, et al. And by the way, where is Wilhelm wrong? No doubt he is on some points, but you cite no examples and provide no evidence.

Furthermore, from the day Chantry was arrested, the people above and many other ARBCA leaders, have been covering up for him and radically defending his innocence despite the overwhelming evidence. Evidence that goes back to 2000. Tripp, McKnight, Jensen, Selph, and the 2000 and 2001 Administrative Councils, knew he was physically assaulting children! That is plain and evident. And most likely for his wicked pleasure. Yet none of them obeyed the law or the Bible and reported him to police.

Furthermore, Chantry was unfit for ministry in so many other ways. His anger, lying, arrogance, authoritarianism, and anti-social behavior was evident within weeks of arriving at Miller Valley Baptist Church in 1995. Those same characteristics continued. People respected his intellect. No one respected his character. That was true at Christ Reformed Baptist Church in Hales Corner, WI from 2006-2017. He was terrible as a pastor. Many people have so communicated.

What is amazing, in typical ARBCA fashion, you attack Mr. Wilhelm for the very things that characterize your writing. For instance, in these sinful judgments. “You have left objectivity in the dust and are screaming like a little child. Grow up. Act like a Christian. And stop using other people’s pain to make you feel good at night.”

You are a blind guide and hypocrite. Wilhelm is not out to destroy good men and good churches. He is out to expose bad men who have covered up for bad men while the pretend to be good men and deceive their churches.

No one would know the truth about Chantry, and the widespread corruption surrounding him, if not for the work of Wilhelm (and others). Why? Because he has tirelessly worked to post the evidence and report the evidence!

For instance, his five weeks at the trial of Chantry. Where were you? What first hand accounts do you have of the proceedings? Which victims, families, church leaders, court officials and reporters did you interact with?

And were you there to personally observe Karen Chantry, Judy Rogers, Don Lindbald, Al Huber, and Dave Dysktra cheering on Thomas Chantry as he incessantly lied under oath. For instance, categorically denying in absolute terms ever assaulting the two victims for which he was convicted of felonies. I was sitting behind one of those dear victims, agonizing with bowed head and eyes in tears, as the person listened to him deny ever assaulting them. And yet, Thomas Chantry was one of the heroes in ARBCA.

It is not Wilhelm that is doing harm to churches in ARBCA. It is ARBCA that has done harm to ARBCA. In particular, people like you in ARBCA, which thankfully is not everyone. Many people are discovering the truth about ARBCA by the sinful reactions of pastors and the overwhelming evidence of wrong doing!

Tragically, you are reaping what you have sown but are too self-righteous to discern it.

Here I Stand

You should know that I am neither a supporter of Chantry or his Supporters. I never have been. But what you and Todd are doing is wrong. Let the police do their job. If pastors are liable for investigation, the authorities will take care of it. You are trying to be judge, jury, and executioner here. Your slant and bias are clear. The proper reaction should be grief, not the kind of triumphant attitude that is showcased here.


I am deeply grieved for the victims and their families.and what they have suffered! I have seen and felt a little of their great anguish. Will you accuse them of triumphalism if Tom Chantry gets justice and is sentenced for life?

But like any biblically minded Christian, I hate what God hates. And I am zealous for what he is zealous. That means I am holy repulsed by the audacious lying and criminal acts of Tom Chantry and those who have defended his innocence, protected his crimes. and cared less about the victims and their families.

I am confident Susan Eazer and her team will do their job. I am not confident the 2016, 2017 and 2018 Administrative Councils, the 2000 and 2001 Administrative Councils, or the 2000 Informal Council will ever repent.


Here I Stand:

Triumphant attitude? We must be reading different blogs. I see no “triumphant attitude”here – only a commitment to expose sin and coverups and the deeply felt anguish and harm caused not only by Thomas Chantry, but also by any and all who aided and abetted his rein of terror which he inflicted upon innocent children. In case you missed that, I’ll say it again – INNOCENT CHILDREN!!! I don’t know if you profess to be a believer or not, but if so, may I humbly suggest that you read Mark 9:42: “Whoever causes one of these little ones who believe to stumble, it would be better for him if, with a heavy millstone hung around his neck, he had been cast into the sea.”

According to you, the proper attitude of Todd and Brent should be grief – too bad that same grief wasn’t present in the leaders of ARBCA, who, knowing what Thomas Chantry did to INNOCENT CHILDREN, should have been compelled (as anyone with a conscience should have been) to pick up the phone and call the police! Apparently, their concern was more fervently felt for their great and mighty institution than for INNOCENT CHILDREN!

I can scarcely stand to throw more pearls before swine, but there are a few more things in your diatribe I must address. One of your first accusations against Todd: “You quote without context, and assume without knowledge.” And then, “Do you realize what damage your comments are having on the church of Christ?” So, Todd’s reporting of Chantry’s deeds and the ensuing trial is, according to you, wreaking havoc on the church. Hmmm…. I wonder if you’ve bothered to contact Thomas Chantry to express to him how the horrific acts he committed have “damaged” the church? Or, how his self serving actions have decimated families? That’s just a minor consequence, I suppose!

Or how about the leaders of ARBCA, who failed miserably to protect those entrusted to their care? Perhaps you could persuade them to finally and fully stand up and take responsibility for their lack of action, which led to even more kids being abused. No time like the present to begin to make things right! Please, I implore you – go and make your case to them, hopefully with the same passion you’ve employed to attack the messengers.

Then in your second paragraph, you charge: “You are using this situation to gratify some desire of revenge. In fact, you are smearing the pain of children across the internet to use for an agenda of destruction against Christ’s church.” Seriously?! You DO realize that Thomas Chantry is the one who committed these atrocities against INNOCENT CHILDREN, right?! Correct me if I’m wrong , but Todd Wilhelm was nowhere near Thomas Chantry when he was committing these offenses; however, Todd has provided a tremendous service (at great personal expense and inconvenience, I might add ) in: 1. Bringing the truth to light 2. Giving victims a voice 3. Exposing corruption 4. Helping families to gain an understanding of how and why this happened, and on it goes.

And finally, the best gem of all: “And above all, seek repentance for the destruction you have waged against many of Christ’s sheep. Try for some remorse, Todd.” Wow – just no words! Chantry did these despicable things, ARBCA covered it up, and yet, according to you, Todd has caused destruction. That’s some twisted logic there, my friend. You obviously have no idea of the devastation left in the wake of physical and sexual abuse! I hope someday that you take the time to learn about abuse – you may come away with a different perspective!

In closing, it is my fervent hope that you are actively addressing the lack of remorse on the part of the leaders of ARBCA, who have every opportunity to come clean, admit their shortcomings, and beg forgiveness for their wickedness in covering for a predator. If what we’ve seen so far is any indication, I have serious doubts that will happen. So far, it has been nothing but lofty sounding explanations, excuses, obfuscation and spin. But maybe you can convince any or all of the leaders in ARBCA of the error of their ways. I would humbly suggest you spend your energy there. You might even appeal to Thomas Chantry to clear his conscience and confess. That’s probably even less likely than appealing to the leaders of ARBCA, but who knows, with your powers of persuasion, it might just happen! YOU might try some remorse and repentance also, for attacking an innocent man whose only purpose is exposing the truth.

P.S. Your quote: “And stop using other people’s pain to make you feel good at night.” is so ludicrous and offensive I’m not even going to dignify it with a response. Good day.

We pass along much information to the police and other civil authorities. So do other responsible citizens. The police often appreciate that.

I grieve for your stupidity, but your cowardice amuses me. Brent Detwiler is a real man. You are acting like a whiny, little, anonymous man-child, by contrast. What have you ever done for child sexual abuse victims? Where is your concern for their well-being in a Christian setting? I feel sorry for any children entrusted to your care. Somehow I doubt that you will be passing any information along to the correct civil authorities.

Janna L. Chan (blog team member)

Here I Stand

Greetings Todd,

Although a small part of what you are writing about is accurate, you have surrounded fact with assumption. You quote without context, and assume without knowledge. When will you be finished? When will you have drunk your fill of other’s reputations? Do you realize what damage your comments are having on the church of Christ?

It has been apparent from the very beginning of this that you are not objectively seeking for justice in the Tom Chantry matter. He is in the law’s hands. You seem to put a great deal of confidence in the law. Good, so perhaps let them do their job. You are using this situation to gratify some desire of revenge. In fact, you are smearing the pain of children across the internet to use for an agenda of destruction against Christ’s church. Imagine when you get to heaven someday, and your Savior asks you, “Why did you persecute me?” You may be right in your accusations of Chantry, but you have gone way too far in your systematic attack on many true churches and good men. There are countless examples of this in your blogs.

What is your end goal? Because to many it seems like it is fulfilling some personal vendetta against all ARBCA churches and more than that. You have left objectivity in the dust and are screaming like a little child. Grow up. Act like a Christian. And stop using other people’s pain to make you feel good at night.

My advice to you: Go back to your hard earned retirement. Help your local church. Stay off the internet. And above all, seek repentance for the destruction you have waged against many of Christ’s sheep. Try for some remorse, Todd.

A concerned Christian.


Frank Turk, is that you?

Headless Unicorn Guy

Throw a rock into a pack of dogs and the one who yelps the loudest is the one who got hit.

No matter how much they try to spin it, or how glorious an Angel of Light mask they wear.

Van Helsing

“No, leave me alone. I am hiding out at Tom Lyon’s church in Tacoma smoking Cuban cigars, drinking fine wine, eating gourmet meals, honing my paddles, and ‘doing my penance’ in that order.”

Roberto G

I say Todd and anyone else who provide info into sicko Tom Chantry’s criminal predatory behavior are providing a valuable service to the body of Christ. It forces ARBCA to look long and hard at their failures. Sins of commission and omission. Nobody that has read all the evidence and conclusions believes the average people in the Arbca pews are corrupt. But many of the leaders/pastors involved with sicko Tom Chantry are guilty of negligence, partiality, favoritism, incompetence, the fear of men, cowardice, etc.


“Do you realize what damage your comments are having on the church of Christ?”

Actually, I’m pretty sure it’s Chantry who caused the damage.

Granted, Todd might be blaming some others a little too much. I honestly have been paying more attention to the primary sources: police reports, legal documents, letters. The evidence is overwhelming. If I were Chantry’s own parent, I could not believe him innocent.

He’s the primary person to blame. The others Todd blames could easily clear their names by coming forward, admitting they screwed up, and doing anything they can to make it right: apologizing to the victims, removing the unrepentant from positions of leadership, and putting policies in place that will keep their churches from revisiting this horror with some other wolf in shepherd’s clothing.

Headless Unicorn Guy

More Righteous Than Thou handle…
Signs off as “Concerned Christian”; I have learned from experience that “Concerned” is the Mark of the Sociopath.

The more they Virtue Signal their Concern and Compassion(TM), the more corrupt they are.

Van Helsing

Man, just as I think that this cannot get anymore BIZARRE the abject lunacy of “Here I Stand” appears. I will go easy since I too, was bamboozled by TC and ARBCA so I was in YOUR position of delusion at one time.

Dude, rationally for a moment if possible, who has caused more division in church by the UNFETTERED devastation of little kids or their families – this blog or the acts of TC, WC, and the minions in the ARBCA? If these sins had not happened or had not been covered up in the first place then the blog would have been unnecessary, right?


36 years ago I was the member of a church that had an adulterous pastor. It wasn’t a secret…everyone in our small town knew. He finally resigned, where he went on to another church and did the same thing. It turned out he had behaved this way in at least four different churches with church staff, or leaders’ wives. The church totally fell apart, and it still exists today, butt it has never really recovered. Fast forward a few years, I was with another church with the same denomination and I asked the pastor about what had happened in my previous church. He said that, since all of the churches were “independent”, action had to be taken at the local church level. However, all these pastors for the churches attended the same seminaries and had to be ordained into the denomination. They just kept passing the trash from church to church. Amazingly, after being thrown out of his last church for indecent behavior (they got it right), he was able to get a pastorate in an independent church with his own radio program. He passed away a few years ago, still preaching from his own pulpit.

Van Helsing

So there is little difference in some Protestant churches (denominations) from how these things are purposely mis-handled in papist churches. I get it. We all need to get over the almost automatic tendency to elevate clergy to a higher position of esteem, respect, or authority than warranted, myself included. Pastors are sinners like the rest of us. At times, they need to be reminded of that in a gentle and restorative attitude.

I think this is true because so many ministers today have been tainted by the narcissistic culture around them. We cannot imagine how difficult that must be at times. They all want bigger churches even if they are packed with fake Christians. They are busy promoting themselves, their ministries, or selling BOGUS spiritual healing water. Along with dumbing-down the Gospel this combination of arrogance has become deadly. Just witness the inability of the Christian churches today to be “salt and light” to the culture. The salt has become worthless and only worthy to be trampled under foot.

Here’s what we should take away from the Chantry debacle as Christians! Add things of your own if desired since the list is in no way exhaustive. From now on. I will now automatically assume that most ministers are plagued by issues of pride (in varying degrees) even if they themselves are unaware of the issues themselves. I will back off and take the time to observe from a distance before any commitments are made. I will become a Berean in earnest as we should all be.

Bottom line:
1) Never ever feel afraid to gently challenge or seek clarification on an issue from any pastor (respectfully and in good faith) about what comes out of their mouths during sermons or what you see them doing or NOT doing. I believe that sins of OMISSION are more prominent than sins of commission these days since they are more difficult to detect.

It is the avoidance of tough politically incorrect issues from the pulpits that must be challenged. If these pastors become irritated or defensive then that’s a RED FLAG and must not be ignored! Something is seriously amiss in any church if the pastor avoids preaching on the evils of abortion, fornication, adultery, sodomy, same-sex unions, transgenderism or simple lying, stealing or cheating. This should be done judiciously of course and not all at once but it must BE DONE or the church totally collapses as it becomes just like the world.

2) Always examine their “fruit.” As in Chantry’s case he could preach anyone’s socks off but his fruit was ROTTEN and that was ignored. When you see rotten fruit deal with it and do “reality checks” with other church members (not gossip sessions) to make sure you are accurate. If not accurate then accept any rebukes and repent of them immediately but keep vigilant. Rotten fruit includes isolation from members, meanness of spirit, shaming others, snap judgments, selfishness, impatience, short-temper, no empathy, and an overall bad attitude.

3) Automatically be suspicious of any minister for signs of authoritarianism if they verbally denigrate another pastor or theologian who THEY happen to disagree with. This has happened to me twice now as I have shared the ideas of prominent Christians with two of my former pastors (Tom was one) and these “pastors” denigrated these individuals who I considered instrumental in my faith walk. When this is done the person sharing automatically feels shamed by the authoritarian pastor simply by stating that another person was helpful to them in understanding the Christian faith. This is spiritual abuse.

TC denigrated the belief systems of a few members because they expressed their admiration of Pastor John MacArthur. MacArthur’s preaching and teaching has also been of great benefit to me personally even though MacArthur describes himself as a “leaky Dispensationalist.” Then TC was mentioned as a prominent contributor of “Pyromaniacs” blogsite run by Phil Johnson – an elder and John MacArthur’s top assistant at GTY. Which is it Tom?

This “disease” of denigration – often found in cults with authoritarian leaders – spreads to other church members unless confronted. One individual who was a Gifted Brother who left the church during the scandal, even told me that he doubted that CS Lewis was a Christian because he spent too much time in his head. I laughed in his face and suspected that he had the TC disease. He did.

4) Finally, if any pastor is deemed narcissistic, authoritarian or spiritually abusive be prepared to leave that church for healthier pastures. Direct confrontation, although encouraged Biblically, may be futile due to the limitations of the pastor in seeing or accepting the reality of his sinful life due to pride. Besides, wicked pastors often stack the deck in their favor with other elders or deacons supportive of their evil agenda.


“It should be mentioned that Walter Chantry, the father of Tom Chantry, was good friends with Philip Bennet, the Headmaster of Christian Liberty Academy. Philip Bennett has now been promoted to Superintendent and his son, Thad Bennett has taken over the duties of Headmaster. I have been told that one of Philip Bennett’s sons is married to one of Thomas Chantry’s sisters. I have not been able to verify this. Local media need to investigate this story. Walter Chantry reportedly spoke numerous times at the Christian Liberty Academy chapel service and he has also spoken at least four times at the affiliated church. Christian Liberty Academy featured an article on their website by Thomas Chantry in 2011 (it has now been removed) and Thomas Chantry spoke at the graduation ceremony in. 2012!”

Sounds right to me. Many of these ultra right wing religious groups like to keep things “in the family” as much as possible. They don’t want to dilute their imagined and self proclaimed superior status in God’s kingdom by allowing in outsiders. Although they may not come right out and say as much, that is often the underlying thought process and undergirds how they conduct themselves and their organizations.


Rae, I don’t think it’s helpful to call this an ultra right-wing thing. SJW Catholics have been covering up their molesters for decades. Nor was my statement helpful I agree that there is an easy way for predators to operate in a church. Too much trust I suppose, especially if the predator is pastor.

Pedophilia with sadism is the ultimate sickness short of murdering the child. It doesn’t know left or right. Let’s just call it evil. Those men let the devil in the door. And kept it wide open.

Satan is having a field day with all destruction TC has wrought.


Hi Sonja,
Please go back and re-read what I was referencing in my comments – the many interconnections between the governing bodies of the institutions Todd mentioned. In Calvinist and Reformed circles, this sort of thing is very common, because Calvinism and Reformed theology is, by it’s very definition, exclusionary.

You might find it interesting to know that I’m actually a part of the “ultra right wing” community, so I’ve seen this attitude on display many times. I am a born again Christian; I do not, however, subscribe to Calvinist or Reformed theology.

Before making a confession of faith, I also happened to have grown up in the Catholic church, so I’m quite familiar with how they operate as well. You are absolutely correct in the fact that both groups have acted essentially the same in the ways in which they have protected abusers. My point in my previous post was not about abuse in the church and cover-ups of same – it was about the attitude of many in the Calvinist/Reformed movement, the very concept of the “ELECT” fleshed out on a daily basis.


I think we’re going to disagree theologically, and that being said I will still contend that TC’s abhorrent behavior is not a matter of politics, theology, atheism, “born-againism” or anything else but a perverted mind and the desires that come with the Fall.

I don’t believe that theology had any part of the cover-up. Tom is elect of his father Walt to one day take over the reins of ARBCA and continue his legacy through his son. And other “leaders” agreed and did all they could do to make sure that happened.

If theology had any part of it, applying the full counsel of God, this never would have happened, in that I mean, that TC was passed along to prey on other children. He would have been stopped in 1995 when he punched the kid.

I do agree what ARBCA does seem cultish in control. God Bless!

Headless Unicorn Guy

I don’t believe that theology had any part of the cover-up. Tom is elect of his father Walt to one day take over the reins of ARBCA and continue his legacy through his son.

i.e. Heir to the Iron Throne of House Chantry.