Sovereign Grace Pastors Trey & Rich Richardson Support ARBCA Couple Who Burned Infant Child in Their Care, No Concern for Victim or Wishes of Adoptive Couple

By | October 19, 2018

Two weeks ago I wrote an article titled “ARBCA Insider John Giarizzo is Caught Lying, Admits ARBCA Cover-up Yet Manages to Keep Job.” At the end of the article, I commented on the relationship between Giarrizzo’s church – Grace Covenant Church – and Sovereign Grace Church of Gilbert. (A church I was formerly a member of.).

You may recall that Trey Richardson, one of the pastors at Sovereign Grace, had lectured on Biblical counseling at a Sunday school class at Grace Covenant Church three years ago. In an attempt to ascertain what the relationship was between the two churches, I had attempted to contact Trey several times, leaving four messages, but he never returned any of my calls.


Trey Richardson fancies himself to be a professional counselor of sorts. His bio on the Sovereign Grace website states:

“Trey is a trained, experienced and skilled Biblical counselor who walks out his passion for prayer and pastoral care by overseeing Small Groups, the prayer team and compassionately counseling couples and individuals.”

But to my knowledge, Trey is not a professionally licensed counselor.  I believe he has taken some courses through CCEF (Christian Counseling & Educational Foundation) but CCEF, on their website, clearly states:

“Please note that CCEF is not a certifying agency. CCEF does not “certify” or “endorse” counselors who have completed one of our certificate programs. If you wish to refer to yourself as a “certified counselor” or “certified biblical counselor,” you should pursue certification through an organization that provides this type of certification. Some organizations will accept CCEF courses as part of their training requirement. Licensure as a professional counselor is offered through state agencies and typically requires a graduate degree from an accredited institution.”  

That Trey Richardson is not a professionally licensed counselor will become evident as you read the rest of this article.

As a prelude to this article, you may wish to read an article I published on August 14, 2018 titled, “More Child Abuse Perpetrated By Members of an ARBCA Church.” It will give you the necessary background to the information below.

Caleb and Mary Beery were members of San Tan Reformed Baptist Church, this church was a member of ARBCA and was “planted” by Grace Covenant Church, mentioned above.  (I plan on writing another article which will deal more in-depth with the crimes of the Beery’s,  but the purpose of this article is to expose, once again, Sovereign Grace Churches care for the perpetrators of crimes against children while showing no concern for the wounded children. This seems to be systemic throughout the Sovereign Grace Churches denomination, a part of their DNA, if you will.)

The Beery’s are both now convicted felons, having plead guilty to two counts of child abuse. They both accepted plea bargains and will be serving six months in prison followed by seven years of probation. They claim to have used excessive force in disciplining a one-year-old child in their care whom they had hoped to adopt. They said they “disciplined” her for not coming when called by spanking her with a spatula. According to court documents, what appears to have taken place was the fourteen-month-old infant was dipped in scalding water, causing burns on her bottom which have scarred her for life.

The screenshot below is taken from the Presentencing Investigation report. The entire document can be viewed at the end of this post.

Here is what the adoptive father, speaking on behalf of the baby girl had to say:

The Beery’s recently quit attending their ARBCA church, and with the permission of their ARBCA elders, started attending Sovereign Grace Church of Gilbert! (Not what I would call an improvement!) They also started attending counseling sessions with Trey and his wife, Charlotte in September.

Trey would not have had access to the Presentence Investigation report as it wasn’t filed with the court until October 10th.  If he would have had the report he would have known that the infant victim’s new adoptive parents said their child was burned and has scars that will remain for the rest of her life, and that the professional medical staff stated that the infants injuries were consistent with someone who had been dipped in scalding hot water rather than spanked with a spatula. As the evaluation below states, “the injuries caused to the victim are extremely troubling.”

It is my opinion that the Beerys never admitted to Trey and Charlotte that they allegedly scalded the infant in their care.  All they admit to is that they spanked the infant with a spatula, using excessive force. This is what they “repented” of.  They also admitted (and repented) for purposely disregarding the agreement they signed as foster parents, promising to never use corporal punishment on the infant.

I hope Trey was not aware of the claims by the adoptive parents and professional hospital staff members that the Beery’s scalded the infant in their care because if he was aware of that fact he should have known he was dealing with two individuals who have some serious problems, problems way beyond the scope of his counseling abilities. To know such information and not refer the Beery’s to a professional would be a gross error in judgment, in my opinion.



As it was, the Richardson family – Trey and his wife Charlotte, and their son Rich would have us believe they have gained enough insight into the character of the Beery’s over a two week time period to write positive character reference letters to Judge McCarville! The letters, submitted to the Court, can be viewed below.

Rich admits he has not known the Beerys very long, yet apparently long enough to recommend the Berrys be given work releases from their prison sentence! This is foolhardy. One would think that the senior pastor and a leader in the denomination would possess a bit more wisdom.

Trey, the “trained, experienced and skilled Biblical counselor” doesn’t prove any wiser. After counseling the Beerys for a “few weeks” he can attest to the exemplary character of the Beerys because for one thing, they do all their assigned homework! This is just incredibly naive.

What really aggravates me, and yet is historically typical of Sovereign Grace pastors, is their rush to forgive the criminals and even speak of them in glowing terms, while making no mention of the victims. One wonders if the Richardson clan have bothered contacting Jeff and Stephanie Ryan  to express their care and concern for the infant and to see if the Ryans would approve of them writing letters to the Court, in essence, asking the judge t0 be lenient with the Beerys, because, after all, they do their assigned homework! This is outrageous.

Jeff Ryan claims in court documents that “My little girl has scars on her buttocks that will be with her the rest of her life. Burn scars that will be there the rest of her days because they [the Beerys] couldn’t handle a child crying.”

The Beerys should have received longer sentences and they surely do not need to be granted work release while serving their six months. And Sovereign Grace pastors wonder why those outside of their echo chamber detest them? Seriously?


20118-10-10 Mary Beery Pres… by on Scribd


For further information on the Sovereign Grace denomination, please read the following articles:

Sovereign Grace Ministries and Abuse: Time to Speak Out
“And the abuser is seen as repentant and restored, and you think, well, maybe it’ll be okay. That process of rooting out sin is really thorough. And they have so much accountability–from their accountability partner and their care group leader and from the pastor.”

Christianity Today – We Need an Independent Investigation of Sovereign Grace Ministries
“To put it simply: Sovereign Grace Churches (SGC; formerly Sovereign Grace Ministries) and its individual churches and leaders, present and former, who have been accused of failing to adequately respond to past incidents of child and sexual abuse should submit to a thorough, truly independent investigation.”

by Rachael Denhollander
“In a recent article with Christianity Today, I referenced deep concerns with the intentional failure to report sexual assault perpetrated in multiple churches, by multiple elders, at Sovereign Grace Ministries (SGM), now “Sovereign Grace Churches” (SGC). Three days ago, SGC responded to this article and stated I was “mistaken” in my statements and that these concerns “are not true and have never been true”. They further stated that they would not respond to my “false accusations” with evidence as to why they are false, because they would appear “unsympathetic” to victims of abuse. They linked, as proof, to the dismissal of the civil suit against them. The lawsuit was dismissed because the statute of limitations had expired. This is a dismissal on technical grounds only, it had nothing to do with the substantive claims made against SGM. It simply means that the time for which legal proceedings can be initiated has expired and therefore the court no longer has the authority to examine the merits of the plaintiff’s claims. Ultimately, this dismissal means that the evidence against SGM was never examined by the courts. This is not evidence, in any way, shape, or form, that SGM has not done what is alleged.”


Note: Article edited on 11-20-2018.

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I know the Beery’s and Mary used to babysit my kids about 6yrs ago. They never abused my kids. They were (at least Mary) very opinionated about child rearing. I am sorry for what happened to that baby and glad They never did such a thing to my kids EVER. I have talked to them sporadically since they left and she did tell me what happened. I am grieved and told her she was wrong. I do think the sentencing is fair. I came up in the reformed tradition and never treated my kids like this. Never. I think a description or talk of this situation and the Chantry one is giving the impression that Reformed Baptists are cult members who are unable to think for themselves and are being shepherded by evil control freaks. There are some at my reformed baptist church (though not an ARBCA member) that are grieved by what happened and do not support what they did. My point is this. Their reformed baptist church dealt with it when they found out about it.. When some of us back in the midwest found out about it w e knew it was evil and condemned it. We are all reformed baptists (not necessarily ARBCA members). The Beery’s were told they were wrong and ignored it. They own their own sins and are being punished for it. As far as Chantry I can’t speak about anything beyond what I have read. Never met the guy, but I have heard of his father many years ago. In my opinion he should be executed and I feel that way about all pedophiles. I have no trouble thinking for myself as a reformed baptist. I don’t have a fundamental problem with reformed baptists nor do I blame the group for Chantry and The Beery’s. I blame them for their actions. If some ARBCA folks were complicit concerning Chantry then hopefully justice will be meeted out according to the law.

Thank you for comment. I think it is excellent. In my experience and opinion, theology and doctrine have little or no impact on people’s decisions regarding reporting child abuse responsibly.

I hope that the Beery couple receives serious psychological counseling that may help determine what caused them to commit such an atrocity against a helpless infant.

Spanking children is often considered a controversial subject. By contrast, dipping another human being in boiling water has traditionally been just a crude and cruel form of torture.

I’m glad justice is being served, yet do pray that the Beery couple get some help so they don’t do something like this again.

Janna L. Chan (blog team member)

Not Going to Be Manipulated

The ironic thing about all of these blog posts and everything happening surrounding ARBCA is that people continue to call others into question for violating the 9th commandment while they violate it themselves. It’s the ultimate shut down to anyone anywhere that disagrees with you.

Don’t like my thoughts of that? Well don’t you dare say anything against me for it or I’ll claim that you violated the 9th commandment. See how silly that sounds people? And yet ARBCA and all its supporters continue try and manipulate people from seeking the truth because we wouldn’t want to violate the 9th commandment by hearing or reading anything about someone. That’s a cult tactic from way back and guess what Lois, you just wrongly accused Todd of doing something he didn’t do. Why don’t you do us all a favor and stand up for yourself and stop believing all the nonsense people are spinning to try and hide the truth. And for all you people reading this that are told you’re not supposed to be reading this, did you ever stop to think people don’t want you reading this blog or others because it shows the truth and exposes their evil deeds? It’s not a violation of the 9th commandment to read the truth. It’s a violation if you spread false rumors or lies about someone to slander them. Are court documents and letters from people not fact? So it’s bearing false witness to read what the court says about the facts of a court case of abusers? Wake up and use your head. Don’t trust people who don’t want you to get all the information.

Former GBC member

For the love of all things grammatical, would you please stop abusing the apostrophe?

Besides that, your writing is much appreciated.

Okay. ? I make many more grammatical mistakes in blog comments than I would in other writing contexts, because I’m often trying to respond quickly. I usually go back and catch them. Sometimes there isn’t time to do that.

If a grammatical issue is really bothering you, feel free to send us an edited version of a passage by e-mail. That is often helpful and appreciated.

Thanks. Janna L. Chan (blog team member)

Former GBC member

Great work here.

But… plural names get no apostrophe.


Thanks, can you provide an example of what issue you’re referring to? Grammatical issues can be disputed. For instance, ending a sentence with a preposition now seems to be permissible in many circles.

I’m happy to do things your way.

Janna L. Chan

Former GBC member

Hi Janna. Sure. When you write, “…the Beerys’ (sic) are…”, the apostrophe is indicating a possessive, when, in fact, you are intending to express a plural. No apostrophe there.

You wouldn’t say, “girls’ are faster than boys’ are.” You’d say, “girls are faster than boys are.”

As you pointed out, language changes over time – for a variety of reasons.

In this case, I haven’t seen any legitimate argument for adding an unnecessary apostrophe to plurals.


Thanks, got it.

Janna L. Chan (blog team member)


“Trey Richardson fancies himself to be a professional counselor of sorts”

Looks like he also fancies himself a judge too!

His judicial bio here:

“Sovereign Grace Churches > Court of Appeals

Trey Richardson
Trey is a pastor at Sovereign Grace Church (Gilbert, AZ). He is married to Charlotte, and they have four children.”

Lois Blake

This article is built on a false premise. You state that Trey and Charlotte had no information regarding the abuse of the child yet you proceed to excoriate them for just that. I believe sir, you are guilty of bearing false witness. Repentance is in order.

Lois, please give us all a break from your false piety.?

Instead of showing compassion for a tortured baby, you’ve borne false witness against Todd. You said he stated something that he clearly did not.

Are you going to repent of your slander? I don’t really care if you do, by the way. Unlike the pastors of Sovereign Grace Ministries/Churches, I don’t presume to tell you how to live your life. I think that’s between you and God.

Also, why can’t Pastor Trey speak for himself instead of hiding behind a church member like you? Most Sovereign Grace pastors say that they believe men should protect women. Why is he failing to defend ahd protect a woman like you?

I think that Todd was generous in his assessment of Trey and Charlotte. By contrast, I believe that they did know that the Beery’s were torturing a baby and chose to support that behavior anyway.

I’ve been informally doing advocacy work for victims of Sovereign Grace Ministries’ pastors and their wives for more than 7 years. As civil suits and criminal trials have proven, many SGM pastors and their wives have a long history of covering up or excusing child sexual and physical abuse.

Why are Trey and Charlotte choosing to be part of a denomination that is now known for little more than covering up child abuse? Why are you?

Could it be that,like you, they really don’t seem to care about child abuse victims?

Even if Trey didn’t know that he was effectively endorsing baby torture by writing a reference letter for the Beery couple, doesn’t he know that now?

Perhaps you should worry less about the perceived sin of bearing false witness and more about getting Trey to retract a letter indicating that he approves of torturing babies.

Arguably, the Beery couple has now confessed and been convicted of that crime.

At best, didn’t Pastor Trey badly misjudge their character?

Isn’t Todd doing a Godly thing by pointing that out to others who view Trey as a spiritual leader?

Thanks. Janna L. Chan (blog team member)

The crimes the Berry couple were charged with have always been a matter of public record. Trey had some familiarity with the secular legal system, as he sent a reference letter for them to a judge.

I think that any ignorance on his part was willful ignorance?

Don’t you?

Thanks. Janna L. Chan (blog team nember)


OMG! Shades of Michael Pearl! And I’m sure Tedd Tripp’s teachings, as well!