Chantry Legacy Continues – Free Grace Baptist Church of Chilliwack, B.C. Resigns From ARBCA

By | January 21, 2019

In the weekly newsletter dated January 8, 2019, ARBCA asked for prayer for its church plants and their respective sponsoring churches.

In a letter dated January 16, 2019, Free Grace Baptist Church of Chilliwack, B.C. informed ARBCA they were resigning from ARBCA and that their church plant in Surrey, B.C. would not be pursuing membership in ARBCA.

I have included documents showing that in 2013 there were 80 churches who were ARBCA members and as of today, that number is down to 53. Included in this 53 is Christ Reformed Baptist Church of Hales Corners, WI.  This was the church pastored by Thomas Chantry, now a convicted felon. The church building was sold in December 2018 and I am told that the handful of members still remaining are meeting in a school.


ARBCA News Update – January 8, 2019

As this is the first week of the year it seems appropriate to me for us to pray for all of our church plants and the plants in which our member churches are involved.

Covenant Reformed Baptist Church Plant in Longview, TX: Heritage Baptist Church, Shreveport, LA
Pilgrims Reformed Baptist Church Plant in Valley City, ND: Community Baptist Church, Fargo, ND
Surrey Reformed Baptist Church Plant, Surrey, BC: Free Grace Baptist Church, Chilliwack, BC
Vernon Reformed Baptist Church Plant, Vernon, BC: Free Grace Baptist Church, Chilliwack, BC
Resurrection Reformed Baptist Church, Minneapolis, MN: Emmanuel Reformed Baptist Church, Georgetown, TX
Providence Reformed Baptist Church in Casa Grande, AZ: Grace Covenant Church in Gilbert, AZ

Resignation of Free GBC, Ca… by on Scribd


Below is a list of the 80 churches who were members of ARBCA in 2013.

Association of Reformed Bap… by on Scribd

Below is a list of the 53 churches who are currently members of ARBCA.

Association of Reformed Bap… by on Scribd

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Former GCC Member

Regarding the number of Churches in ARBCA, the starting number you have of 80 is from 2013 if I read correctly. That would have gone up by about 5 new churches in 2014 and maybe even in 2015 another 5. This was all before the impassibility issue within ARBCA. So between that and Chantry cover-up ARBCA has lost almost 40 churches. I pray they continue to leave!


Is Jason Smathers still pastoring ‘Providence Reformed Baptist’ in Casa Grande, Arizona?
Seems it’s now being portrayed as a church plant of the Giarrizzos’ Grace Covenant Church?

He was in the news again last year:

“the Second Circuit…rejected a request by ex-AOL Inc. employee Jason Smathers to junk the restitution component of his sentence, which requires him to recompense the online service provider for the losses it incurred after Smathers sold 92 million AOL screen names to spammers in the early 2000s—one of the earliest large-scale data security breaches of the Internet age.”

Gary Gnu

Nope. He stepped down.

Long History

I have a long history with Reformed Baptists, and I have heard this disdain(many years ago) for people who claimed to be sexually abused. I wondered at the time what the heck? Now, I see that when the good old boys get together for pre-service prayer meeting, etc., there is more going on that we will ever know.

The Wee Ones

Wee fellows enjoyed the followship until it became a felonship.


My BFF and I discuss Chantry probably more than we ought. But the theme that we can’t get away from is the carnage ONE MAN left in his wake. Protected, when it was evident to any right thinking person he had ‘problems’. And our discussion isn’t about so much Chantry or ARBCA than how judgment begins in the household of God and just what that means. I only “knew” Chantry from the Pyro blog. He was an excellent teacher and personally very kind to me. Then came Turk when he was arrested. No one asked him yet he insulted scores of people as malicious gossips and shame on us all. We didn’t even understand what was going on. So more collateral damage but no comparison to these churches. Yet destruction of trust. And the beating of the sheep.

One man, one worthless man. It should be an example of the butterfly effect.. But no, it’s providence and yes, judgment, And it indeed begins in the household of God.

i weep.

Thanks for the comment. My perspective is a little different. People associated with the pyro blog mercilessly slandered and made fun of sexual abuse victims from Sovereign Grace Ministries’ churches several years ago. Some of the victims’ stories were already backed up at that time by criminal convictions.

Frank Turk has a long history of at least indirectly defending pedophiles, in my opinion.

So I don’t think that this is a situation in which just one man did a lot of harm. Turk and others on that Pyro blog have gone out of their way to further abuse sexual abuse survivors.

So it’s hard for me to think of Chantry as a good teacher when he had no problem being associated with that Pyro blog’s pro pedophile (in my view) agenda.

However, I appreciate your perspective.

Thanks. Janna L. Chan (blog team member)


Hi, Janna. I’m the BFF Sonja refers to in her comment. Regarding your response to her concerning the bullying tactics of Team Pyro, I’d like to expand on what Sonja wrote a bit…

Before the arrest of Tom Chantry, Sonja and I both were happily unaware of the harshness and mean-spirited nature of ALL the Pyros. Yes, we did see that they could and would be ‘rude’ occasionally to certain people who we assumed were trouble makers. (Boy, does that sound familiar now!) However, we had no knowledge whatsoever of any abuse to survivors; in fact, speaking for myself, at least, I didn’t even realize there was any involvement by the Pyros in the SGM debacle. I’ve never followed the SGM issue, actually, and still don’t. We were simply two women, enjoying learning more about the Bible, and it seemed to us that those Pyro guys were loving and interesting teachers of the flock. Boy, were we wrong! Now we know more about those guys than I ever wanted to, and have completely severed ANY fellowship with each and every one of them. It took the arrest of Chantry to open our eyes and I’m still upset that these men were not who we thought them to be and instead are bullies of the meanest sort to anyone who dares disagree with them.

All this to say, both Sonja and I agree with your assessment of the Pyros. It just took the arrest of Tom Chantry and the resulting cover-up, both in ARBCA and by the Pyros) for us to begin to see that all was not what we thought it to be. We don’t and we didn’t mock any sort of survivors nor did we know that those we loved (Pyros) did and still do. Learning all this about them broke my heart.

Didn’t mean to carry on so long, but just the mention of the Pyros gets my blood boiling.

Thanks for the feedback, Elizabeth. It’s good to get different perspectives.

My only issue with the first comment was the idea that all this evil stemmed from just one man. We’d all like to believe that, yet some of Chantry’s enablers are almost as bad as he is, in my view.

Thanks. Janna L. Chan (blog team member)

Concerned Christian

Gee, I guess they were being “too hasty” to “wait on the further proceeding of the church” according to the 1689 Confession. That seems to be the catchphrase around these ARBCA churches when issues come up and people don’t want to be a part of it anymore.

Good to see another two churches realized this organization is rotten. Lord willing many more will depart.


So when does the countdown start?