Free Grace Baptist Church of Silverdale, WA Resigns From ARBCA, Calls on Leadership to Humbly Examine Themselves

By | January 23, 2019


“The heart is naturally hard, and grows harder by custom in sin, especially by long abuse of mercy, neglect of the means of grace, and resisting the spirit of grace.”
-Richard Baxter


I just learned today of yet another church that has resigned from ARBCA. Free Grace Baptist Church of Silverdale, WA voted on January 6th to withdraw from the association. You can read their reasons for doing so in the well written letter below.


Free Grace Baptist Church, … by on Scribd


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Reading these letters of resignation, especially one such as this where the reason for resigning is clearly stated without a bunch of flowery language used to soothe any ruffled ARBCA feathers, makes my heart sing. Why do I rejoice in what is actually a tragic affair? Because I love seeing these pastors take a solitary stand (supported by their church, of course) and show the world what it means to fear God instead of fearing man.