Tom Chantry’s Jailhouse Conversation with ARBCA Pastor David Dykstra

By | August 7, 2019


Below is an audio recording of a conversation which took place between convicted child molester Tom Chantry and his good friend, co-author of an extremely divisive book, and ARBCA pastor David Dykstra on May 28, 2019.

The two men discuss Grace Baptist Church in Carlisle, PA.  They likely knew Carlisle would be withdrawing from ARBCA. Apparently, Dykstra filed a complaint against an elder at the Carlisle church named Brad Wenger. Dykstra wanted Brad Wenger to receive a rebuke, I am unsure as to the reason. This does point out the fallacy of ARBCA’s claim that they don’t interfere with local churches!  The other two men mentioned are elder and senior pastor John Miller and elder Michael Van Grouw.

When speaking about the potential for family trouble, Dykstra is referring to the fact that his daughter Amanda is married to an elder of the Carlisle church, Aaron Beardmore. I imagine there are some family problems there now that Carlisle has pulled out of the corrupt ARBCA. I would think that were David to cease supporting a convicted pedophile family relations would improve dramatically.

Dykstra says he is heartbroken about Chantry’s situation. Even though Dykstra fails to mention it, I’m certain he is also heartbroken about what Tom did to his numerous victims, right?  You will never hear Dykstra utter any such thing. He has been covering up for Chantry since at least 2000.

The Stephen that Dykstra watched a movie with at the GA (ARBCA General Assembly meeting) is probably his co-elder Stephen Means.

Dykstra compares the corruption in Texas in the early 1900s with the lack of justice in this age. He states that our justice system in the United States is “utterly flawed.” (Chantry’s conviction is apparently proof of the corruption!)

Chantry then tells Dykstra that Walt Chantry spends a couple of hours a day praying that Tom will be vindicated, and he (Walt) is confident that will happen. Walt also says the judicial system is broken, (presumably, because Tommy was convicted).

They then discuss the Chantry family’s plans to keep the Carlisle church members away from the future funeral of Walt Chantry. (Walt Chantry was the long-time pastor of the Carlisle church.) It’s very petty talk, but not surprising and, in my opinion, a sign that the Chantry family is sick.

Dykstra then tells us he has really been languishing over Tom’s situation.

Stay tuned for more jailhouse talk in the near future.


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[…] Tom Chantry’s Jailhouse Conversation with ARBCA Pastor David Dykstra […]


Glad to hear that Tom’s mother is “calm.” So RELIEVED also to hear that Tom is “doing well.” That’s really all it’s about, isn’t it? As long as the Chantry clan is doing well, well, that’s all that really matters. I wonder if the mothers of Tom’s victims were “calm” when they learned what Chantry had done to their children. Somehow I think not.

This entire conversation is so thick with irony it makes one’s head spin. To hear these two clowns bloviating over the “corrupt” criminal justice is priceless. Dykstra’s comments about the “Doctrine of Total Depravity” and being wrong to expect justice from a system that is “utterly flawed” – wow, can we say, clueless?

Of course, the cherry on top is Chantry’s quoting that “No system of rules is better than the men who run it” and so, when the people in the system have “no personal ethics,” THAT’S where the problem is. Ok, sure Tom. You and your delusional friends keep on thinking what you’re thinking. And by the way, I think your fear about hordes of people attempting to attend your father’s funeral is another delusion. Somehow I think folks have seen the Chantry clan for what they are, and are utterly (to borrow Dykstra’s word) repulsed by your actions. Chantry did seem to have one moment of reality in this entire conversation, though, when he said it would be a “small group” of friends who would be notified of his father’s funeral arrangements. Small indeed, and perhaps getting smaller by the day.

Sad to think that so much tragedy, so much pain, so much loss could have been prevented if just one person had had the kahunas to stand up and stop this terrible train before it reeked so much havoc. But, protecting the institution, protecting the brand, protecting the legacy of Walt Chantry trumped any concern for the innocent little victims. How’s that legacy looking now? Disgusting.

Douglas Belardi

the coversation is surreastically, comically and delutionally tragic


From some of the comments made, there is obviously a problem between Dykstra and the Carlisle church. At 12 min 48 sec Chantry says “that was already before these events of the last couple of weeks” in reference to the Carlisle church. Can anyone shed any light on what these problems were or are?

Dyke Pravity

These guys see what they want to see. Notice how this conversation lingers over details of abuse in a movie, which they both watched, supposedly comparing it to our “flawed justice system in America” but what is actually happening is that Tom, a child molester, and his friend are discussing how to abuse humans; they are actually glorifying abuse of humans and thereby triumphing over the children whose lives were devastated…oh, and BTW, Walt can’t wait to see his son again…his son, whose voice doesn’t sound like it ever dropped into manhood…another sign, in my mind, of a child who was abused/molested…Dykstra on Depravity is surely his new book yet to be written, since he says that he just never gave that doctrine enough thought…SICK SICK SICK watch out for those who can’t get enough of their own agenda

a former Carlisle ARBCA church attendee

I think the comment about Tom’s voice is unhelpful. His voice is much like his father’s. Let’s address his actions and leave his appearance/voice etc alone. There’s more than enough in his words and actions to condemn him.

Douglas Belardi

I have nothing but contempt for anyone and everyone still associated with arbca – none are ignorant, rather they are complicit

Grace Baptist member during college

Wow. I attended Grace Baptist when I was a student at Dickinson College. “Pastor Walt” was everything to this church. Brad Wenger was in college with me and I have kept up with him and his wife Mindy sporadically over the years. From everything I know, he is a godly man who won’t be bullied. It’s probably a mark of honor that Dykstra wanted him rebuked.

At first I didn’t believe your summary of the conversation about keeping Grace Baptist folks away from the funeral so I had to listen for myself. And there it is. In detail. You can’t fault these guys for not planning ahead!

This is all very saddening on so many levels. My takeaway is probably not the same as many who comment here, but I think that Reformed Baptists emphasize doctrine too much, at the expense of people. Then it gets used as a bludgeon by those who are power-hungry. And with only men as leaders, this dynamic just intensifies until this kind of standoff happens. It’s a glorified pissing contest. Then when one of the golden boys is caught in egregious sin, the ones who tell the truth are marginalized and the ever-dwindling “righteous men” circle their wagons of delusion. (I don’t know what the women are doing since they’re not allowed to do anything but “support” their arrogant men.)

May I ask how this tape was acquired?


Who talks like this?

Paul Gordon

Men whose world view only permits evidence supporting their narrative. Paul Simon put it well:

All lies and jest,
Still a man hears what he wants to hear
And disregards the rest, hmmm

These men have been lying to themselves, about themselves and about those they hate (All who fail to agree with them) for so long that they are not capable of talking truthfully. They have their own twisted and distorted “truth” that they have been peddling for years. Imagine equating those who lynched blacks in the south with those who defended abused children. Seems incomprehensible but when your reality is so bound up with the narrative they have promoted and defended with such zealous bigotry you cease being surprised by anything they come up with.