Tom Chantry’s Jailhouse Conversation with ARBCA Pastor David Dykstra

By | August 7, 2019


Below is an audio recording of a conversation which took place between convicted child molester Tom Chantry and his good friend, co-author of an extremely divisive book, and ARBCA pastor David Dykstra on May 28, 2019.

The two men discuss Grace Baptist Church in Carlisle, PA.  They likely knew Carlisle would be withdrawing from ARBCA. Apparently, Dykstra filed a complaint against an elder at the Carlisle church named Brad Wenger. Dykstra wanted Brad Wenger to receive a rebuke, I am unsure as to the reason. This does point out the fallacy of ARBCA’s claim that they don’t interfere with local churches!  The other two men mentioned are elder and senior pastor John Miller and elder Michael Van Grouw.

When speaking about the potential for family trouble, Dykstra is referring to the fact that his daughter Amanda is married to an elder of the Carlisle church, Aaron Beardmore. I imagine there are some family problems there now that Carlisle has pulled out of the corrupt ARBCA. I would think that were David to cease supporting a convicted pedophile family relations would improve dramatically.

Dykstra says he is heartbroken about Chantry’s situation. Even though Dykstra fails to mention it, I’m certain he is also heartbroken about what Tom did to his numerous victims, right?  You will never hear Dykstra utter any such thing. He has been covering up for Chantry since at least 2000.

The Stephen that Dykstra watched a movie with at the GA (ARBCA General Assembly meeting) is probably his co-elder Stephen Means.

Dykstra compares the corruption in Texas in the early 1900s with the lack of justice in this age. He states that our justice system in the United States is “utterly flawed.” (Chantry’s conviction is apparently proof of the corruption!)

Chantry then tells Dykstra that Walt Chantry spends a couple of hours a day praying that Tom will be vindicated, and he (Walt) is confident that will happen. Walt also says the judicial system is broken, (presumably, because Tommy was convicted).

They then discuss the Chantry family’s plans to keep the Carlisle church members away from the future funeral of Walt Chantry. (Walt Chantry was the long-time pastor of the Carlisle church.) It’s very petty talk, but not surprising and, in my opinion, a sign that the Chantry family is sick.

Dykstra then tells us he has really been languishing over Tom’s situation.

Stay tuned for more jailhouse talk in the near future.


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