Trinity Reformed Baptist Church, La Mirada, CA Resigns From ARBCA!

By | August 7, 2019

Churches that have recently resigned from ARBCA:

1 Grace Baptist Church, Chambersburg, PA
2 Covenant Baptist Church, Clarksville, TN
3 Mariposa Reformed Baptist Church, Mariposa, CA
4 Elm Street Baptist Church, Sweet Home, OR
5 Redeeming Grace Baptist Church, Hudgins, VA
6 Grace Reformed Baptist Church, Placerville, CA
7 Free Grace Baptist Church, Bremerton, WA
8 Free Grace Baptist Church, Chilliwack, B.C., Canada
9 Hope Reformed Baptist Church, Medford, NY
10 Emmaus Reformed Baptist Church, Hemet, CA
11 Grace Baptist Church, Carlisle, PA
12 Trinity Reformed Baptist Church, La Mirada, CA
Church Plants
1 San Tan Reformed Baptist Church, Queen Creek, AZ
2 Christ Reformed Baptist Church, Lookout Mountain, TN
3 Surrey Reformed Baptist Church, Surrey, BC


In the wake of the conviction of pedophile Tom Chantry and the coverup of his sexual abuse of children dating back to 2000 by a group of corrupt ARBCA pastors, Trinity Reformed Baptist Church of La Mirada, CA has resigned from ARBCA.

Trinity Reformed Baptist Church was arguably the most influential church in the Association. Their resignation, along with Grace Baptist Church of Carlisle, PA (Walter Chantry’s former church) has sent shock waves throughout ARBCA and will undoubtedly cause many other churches to tender their resignations from the corrupt association.


Sam Renihan is the senior pastor of Trinity Reformed Baptist Church. Sam’s father is James Renihan.

James Renihan, the first president of IRBS, the ARBCA seminary. Presently, the handful of students attending the seminary meet at Larry Vincent’s Heritage Baptist Church of Mansfield, TX.

Larry Vincent is one of the men who, in my opinion, belongs to the corrupt cadre of men who have covered-up the crimes of Tom Chantry for years.

James Renihan and his wife with  John Giarrizzo and his wife. Giarrizzo is an ARBCA pastor at Grace Covenant Church in Gilbert, AZ. and former ARBCA Coordinator. Giarrizzo, a good friend of Tom Chantry, covered-up Chantry’s abuse and lied to his elders who were conducting an investigation into the matter. The end result was Giarrizzo’s true character was revealed to all, but he somehow managed to remain pastor of the church. About 2/3 of the members resigned.

James Renihan seems to have been able to remain above the fray of the Chantry sexual abuse fallout, but he has closely cultivated friendships with many of the corrupt ARBCA men, which has enabled him to obtain his leadership position at IRBS. Brent Detwiler has written an article about James Renihan titled, “ARBCA Seminary President Jim Renihan Fraudulently Promotes Faculty of Impressive Professors That Never Taught in His School. Westminster Seminary California Removes Renihan As Visiting Professor.”  The article may be read here.

Needless to say, at this point, there must be some tension between Sam Renihan and James Renihan. The younger man has chosen to do the right thing while his father seems to be ruining his legacy by remaining loyal to the ARBCA ruffians.

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Concerned Christian

Anyone know why ARBCA churches are scrubbing any hint of ARBCA from their websites? Besides the obvious idea that they are trying to distance themselves from Chantry, curious to know what the motive is for removing….


I hope I didn’t just overlook it, but was there a letter written with stated reasons to their departure? I’m curious to see if it was specifically related to the Chantry issues.

Douglas Belardi
Paul Gordon

My copy of the May 2014 ARBCA directory lists 79 churches. In the past five years they have lost 30 churches with most of their losses being among the biggest churches in their membership. The revelation of the Chantry debacle has provided a inside look at the operations of an organization that has always been highly secretive and controlled by a small coterie of men wield a disproportionate amount of power. The way in which pastors of churches that are not friends of this small group or do not share their agenda have been pressured, censured, vilified and excluded has been simply appalling.

As far as Jim Renihan goes I view him as an essentially good guy who has gotten caught up in a web of corruption. I studied with him for three years and our families were close. If you notice the resume you will see that there have been many stops along the way for Jim and his family both educationally and ministerially The position with ARBCA has been more than a twenty year position in a place of prominence and stability. I am sure these factors have given him considerable incentive to go along to get along. I don’t think he is a bad guy but the company he has kept for the past twenty years has sadly not done him much spiritual good.

Paul Gordon

Todd. Please do not publish the preceding post. I just read your friend Brent’s letter to RBNet and am clearly not desirous to have my words misused just because I cannot buy into all of your narrative any more than I buy into all of ARBCA’s narrative. We really should be a bit kinder and more gracious to one another. This too would please both Spurgeon and more importantly Jesus.

Sorry, Paul, I approved your first message before I saw the second one.

As usual, your comments about ARBCA leaders are based on your vague personal opinions, not intelligent reasoning or credible sources, per the standard of this blog’s comment policies.

You’ve also made direct and indirect offensive personal attacks against me and even abuse victims of ARBCA, in the past. And no, I’m not discussing the details of those attacks in the comments section of this blog right now.

You should not be accusing others of bring ungracious or un Christian, in my view, Mr. Gordon. You certainly express little graciousness toward people who have been grievously abused by ARBCA pastors.

That’s not aligned with the mission of this blog. Todd will agree with me and has tasked me with using my own judgment when moderating comments.

I’m also aware that you seem to be having some type of personal disagreement with Brent Detwiler. Please address your beef with Mr. Detwiler directly instead of dragging it over to this blog.

In my view, you’re primarily an apologist for ARBCA, Mr. Gordon.

Perhaps then this isn’t the best blog for you. Have you considered starting your own blog?

In the future, please adhere to the comment guidelines of this blog and interact with Brent Detwiler directly.

Repeatedly stating your sympathy for ARBCA leaders and pastors is no longer necessary. Everyone reading this blog knows where you stand regarding that issue.

Thanks. Janna L. Chan (blog team member)

Douglas Belardi

I am glad I saw your preding post

Douglas Belardi

Spurgeon stood his ground during the Down-grade controversy even at the cost of his own health – that was courage and conviction

Douglas Belardi

so he is a coward who values his paycheck over his integrity

Roberto G

Samuel Renihan is a Scholar-Pastor who seems to have a heart for reaching the lost, writing, teaching, and reaching Spanish speaking people.

Douglas Belardi

what will be the next church?