Tom Chantry’s Jailhouse Conversation Concerning ARBCA Pastor Dale Smith

By | August 8, 2019

The YouTube video below is an audio recording between convicted child molester, Tom Chantry and his wife Karen Chantry. The conversation took place on September 21, 2018. This was after the conclusion of Chantry’s first trial in which he was convicted of assaulting two children.

Dale Smith is the senior pastor of Grace Reformed Baptist Church in Rockford, IL. Al Huber, the father of Karen Chantry, is the assistant pastor at the church. Al Huber bankrolled the defense of his son-in-law, Tom Chantry at both the first and second trial. He also posted a $250,000 cash bond to spring Tom Chantry from jail for about one month prior to his second trial. (Chantry was convicted on four counts of sexual molestation of a child at his second trial and sentenced to 24 years in prison. He now awaits a third trial.)

Dale Smith attended the first trial of Tom Chantry. While at the trial he spoke with a friend of mine who is now a former member of John Giarrizzo’s ARBCA church – Grace Covenant Church in Gilbert, AZ.  Smith promised my friend he was going to return to Rockford and tell his church members the truth. In an email Smith sent to members of his church while attending the trial, he told them when he returned he would openly, transparently and honestly answer any questions they had about the Chantry sexual abuse scandal. (The email can be seen in the video below.)

Apparently, Dale Smith followed through on his word to my friend. He must have told his church members of the horrific acts of abuse that Chantry committed against children while their pastor at Miller Valley Baptist Church in Prescott, AZ.

Smith’s report greatly angered Tom Chantry, and from the recorded conversation, Karen was not happy with his words either. But Karen had a conversation with Dale Smith and she said Smith “walked back” everything he said.

In this recording, Tom Chantry said Dale Smith is not qualified to be a pastor. On this I agree with the pedophile, but for different reasons.  I think Dale Smith is a coward, a spineless wimp of a man who compromised the truth. When Karen confronted him, he folded like a cheap suit.

I have long been curious how Dale Smith and Al Huber could remain fellow pastors – one man defending Chantry, seemingly believing Chantry’s narrative, and flushing boatloads of money down the toilet for Chantry’s defense; the other man knowing the truth of the matter and honestly briefing his church members about the trial.

Well, now we know. When it came to standing for truth or alienating the wealthy Huber family, Dale Smith chose the cowards path. He “walked back” the truth and remains the senior pastor of Grace Reformed Baptist Church. He has partnered with the devil, selling out for a bowl of pottage. I hope he enjoys his comfortable life of ease. He lacks integrity and, in my opinion, should be disqualified from the ministry.

If Grace Reformed Baptist Church has any principled members they would terminate both Al Huber and Dale Smith from their jobs, resign from ARBCA, and find a new pastor worthy of the title.

The “John” mentioned by Karen Chantry in this recording is John Giarrizzo.  He is another utterly contemptible ARBCA pastor whom I have written about here and here. His church did indeed “blow up.” While he somehow remains the pastor, two-thirds of the members had the integrity to resign.

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Family Friend

The thing that blows my mind is that Tom would take away from Karen, after all he has put her through, the comfort of her church family that she has been a part of since girlhood, Because they do not wholeheartedly preach his innocence. What a selfish narcissist who has destroyed so many lives. I hope poor Karen wakes up to what her husband is, so she can divorce him and pick up the pieces of her and her children’s lives and move on. I am glad to hear she is standing up for herself (at least somewhat) to Tom.

Obviously, we were not privy to the conversation between Karen and Dale, so I think to judge him based on that would be a fallacy. I don’t believe that Dale “walked back” on everything he believed about Tom, but he may have restrained himself from being harsh toward a woman that he has known for 30 years and presumably has great affection for. Not everyone is as condemning and ready to throw away people as most who frequent this board. And Karen, desperate, and clinging to any possibility that her husband is innocent or has any supporters left, may have interpreted that kindness as Dale “taking back” his belief in Tom’s guilt.

This is my opinion, and I believe it is as credible as yours, despite how much you may have read or researched on the subject.

I agree that you’re entitled to your opinion. However, please note that you can only form a valid opinion, in this case, because Todd did research that provided people like you with a credible primary source to review.

Karen Chantry and Dale Smith appear to want you to take everything they say at face value, by contrast.

Based on previous experience, I doubt that people who have sympathy toward Tom Chantry or his family will consider your opinions legitimate if you disagree with any official stance that ARBCA puts forward.

They sure don’t seem to want any information about Tom Chantry’s crimes made public, do they?

Todd and I genuinely want you and others to think for themselves. You call yourself a “Family Friend.” Do you think you’ll be a friend for long if you publicly confront this family with facts they don’t like?

Thanks. Janna L. Chan (blog team member)


Dale Smith is a great preacher, I’ve heard him. That said, he is leadership, and all of ARBCA leadership are open to criticism where TC is concerned. There was complicity among them. Otherwise, how could Dale continue on with Al Huber in the same church? A man of integrity could not.

We do not know to what Karen is referring when she said Dale “walked back” what he said. I am of the belief, however, that a man of integrity would not have changed his mind about the harshness of anything he may have told his congregation about TC. Therefore, I question Dale’s integrity, as I question Tom Lyon’s and Don Lindblad’s integrity.

It is laughable that TC doesn’t want his children under the preaching of an RBC. Perhaps, he believes they didn’t do enough for him, which is why he’s in prison. He still blames others and is unrepentant.

Douglas Belardi

I will take a GOOD Pastor over a “great” preacher any day of the week and twice on Sunday


Amen to that!


Thank you for posting this! A conversation between two people who have no real relationship.
What a treasure. Listening to this conversation really recreates for the me what it was like to be stuck in “I can’t leave that church because that over rated man in a business suit just said the words I wanted, and my family is here and I have no life apart from this environment.” I am so very glad those days are over.

Tom actually thinks that his boys are going to grow up believing he is innocent and that he can dictate their lives from behind bars while the courts don’t want HIM around his own children…interesting how many ARBCA and similar type pastors no longer have their wives beside them. Those boys are now in school telling their classmates that their dad is innocent…yeah, how’s that working?

Douglas Belardi

more comedy phone calls…


It seems telling to me that Karen didn’t just roll over when he said he didn’t want his children there that weekend. She said it didn’t hold her conscience and she could promise to keep them away even one Sunday while waiting for his letter of explanation. In RB circles, for a wife to say that is HUGE. It says, “I don’t trust your judgement” and possibly a little bit, “I think you’re going to be in the slammer for awhile so I’m going to do my single parenting without your 100% approval. C-ya, Suckah.”

Oh, yeah, and the IRONY: “It’s not safe for our children to be in a Reformed Baptist Church pastored by a man so thoroughly unqualified.” Like they were in TOM’S church? Like the children he abused? Oh my GOSH, the sanctimony!

Roberto G

I truly believe Karen’s words have to be taken with a grain of salt. She seemed to have wanted accomplish something specific in this conversation with Tom and did not specify how Dale walked back his report. Seems like she was trying to gauge Tom’s response about something.

Despite the supposed resolution between Karen and Dale, Tom still was vehemently opposed to him and the church. And she did not promise her husband she would abide by his desire for her and the children to attend elsewhere. There is more going on there from Karen’s perspective.

I think your analysis on this conversation may have been too hasty and harsh against Dale Smith. Yes, the relationship between Al and Dale is complicated due to Tom Chantry, but to suggest that Dale is motivated to keeping silent or less than moral in regards to the Chantry convictions because of the financial resources of Al’s net worth is not borne by any evidence brought up on this website. Unless I have missed it. I do support the work you do and am thankful to God for using your ministry to shine light where necessary.

Now, Dale may not be a paragon of virtue and strength, but a partner of the devil? No, brothers. Unless there are other credible reports of Dale’s motives, wrong actions (his reporting to the church is a good action), or solidarity with Tom, then I think it is not correct to inveigh against Dale to this specific extreme.

Criticism, yes. More will probably trickle out. Thank you. I will stay tuned.


I think if she was trying to gauge Tom’s response to something it was whether or not he would grant her permission to stay in her church. She is enmeshed in her situation and can’t disappoint others.