Tom Chantry’s Jailhouse Talk With Recently Ordained ARBCA Pastor Dabney Olguin

By | August 9, 2019
I would like to thank a couple of individuals who wish to remain anonymous for supplying me with much of the information found in this article.


Dabney Olguin is mentioned in the Karen/Tom Chantry jailhouse call of my a Youtube video I published yesterday. You will find the remark at the 2:45 mark here.


The Chantrys are unhappy with Dale Smith regarding what happened with Tom’s protege, Dabney Olguin.
Background: Tom is the mentor of Dabney Olguin.
I have taken a clip of a speech Dabney Olguin gave at his graduation ceremony from Westminster Seminary, Escondido in 2016. At the end of his speech, he said, “I want to thank my pastor Tom Chantry, who is an alumni, for his example of faithful service to Christ and His kingdom and his support and encouragement and tutelage of me for the past close to six years now.”

You may watch the entire video here.
Chantry attended Dabney Olguin’s graduation in May 2016 and then preached at Christ Reformed Baptist Church, Vista, CA while there, specifically because Olguin attended Renihan and Walters church while attending Westminster Seminary from 2013-16.


Below is an audio clip of the first minute from Chantry’s speech.


Allegedly, after Seminary, Dabney was an intern at  Grace Reformed Baptist Church of Rockford IL and under examination for eldership.  Early in 2018, there was a congregational vote to approve Dabney for eldership. Dabney failed to receive sufficient votes to be confirmed.
The blame for this failure of approving Tom’s prized student is centered on Dale Smith for not openly endorsing Dabney to the congregation.  Regardless, the church that sent Olguin to Westminster Seminary and received him back did not support his eldership. Odd. Except in light of the mentorship and connection to Tom Chantry.
Recently, Dabney has found a home with Fred Pugh.  Apparently, Dale Smith failed the loyalty test so Fred Pugh, current loyal ARBCA Coordinator, and member of the ARBCA leadership cabal, gladly ordained Tom’s protege.  And guess who happily preached at the ordination of Tom’s prized student? None other than the esteemed James Renihan!
Below is a clip from the first minute of Renihan’s speech.


Curious how these ARBCA boys all hang together, isn’t it? It’s either hang together or hang separately.
So without further delay, let’s get to another heartwarming chat from the narcissistic pedophile, Tom Chantry.

Jailhouse Phone Call Between Dabney Olguin and Tom Chantry 5-24-2019 by Todd Wilhelm on Scribd

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