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Ryan Fullerton of Immanuel Baptist Church of Louisville Supports CJ Mahaney

A lying tongue hates its victims, and flattering words cause ruin. Proverbs 26:28 NLT   I heartily add my own solemn warnings against your pampering the flesh by listening to the praises of the kindest friends you have. They are injudicious, and you must beware of them. A sensible friend who will unsparingly criticize you from week to week… Read More »

Suspected Covenant Life Church Member Does His Church Proud

Over the past few weeks, I have been hearing from several Covenant Life Church faithful. One common trait I have noticed is that critical thinking is not their strong point. I do not mean to tarnish all members of Covenant Life Church, because I know a few bright individuals who, for valid reasons, have remained, even while approximately… Read More »

The Victims of Alleged Pedophile Larry Caffery Are Still In Danger Even Though He Is Incarcerated

Update: 4/30/2016 Alleged pedophile Larry Caffery was released on bail on April 4. Please see this article for more information about his present status and the support that Covenant Life Church is providing him with.  Hello Everyone: This Janna L. Chan, the moderator  and occasional guest poster of/on this blog. I hope you’re having a good a Sunday… Read More »