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Odd and Ends

By | March 29, 2014

Today I decided to post some comments from others which resonate with me. A blog titled “The Tolling Bell” used to do this quite frequently, but they have disappeared from blogdom with nary a word.  Such is life in the blogosphere! This one is from Doug Murren, a former pastor of mine.  He has been around the block a… Read More »

Grant Layman Leaves the Ministry to Sell Paint

By | March 3, 2014

Grant Layman, brother in-law of C.J. Mahaney and a fixture for the past 31 years at Covenant Life Church of Gaithersburg, MD, has announced that effective March 31, 2014 he will step down from his full-time staff position.  You may recall that C.J. Mahaney served as the senior pastor of CLC for many years and then handed the… Read More »