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Mahaney – Man of Integrity

Not surprisingly, in spite of attempts to discourage the latest Christian conference from featuring C.J. Mahaney as a speaker at the Anchored Conference, including both emails to the organizers and a phone conversation one of my friends had with Rick Holland, they are pressing ahead with Mahaney as a speaker.  Who is behind this conference?  Again, not surprisingly,… Read More »

Odd and Ends

Today I decided to post some comments from others which resonate with me. A blog titled “The Tolling Bell” used to do this quite frequently, but they have disappeared from blogdom with nary a word.  Such is life in the blogosphere! This one is from Doug Murren, a former pastor of mine.  He has been around the block a… Read More »

Driscoll and Mahaney

It appears Brent Detwiler is prescient.  One year ago he authored an article titled “The Twin Brothers Driscoll and Mahaney.”  I suggest you go directly to Detwiler’s blog and read the article, but in lieu of that, Detwiler has given me permission to quote liberally from his post, which I do below.  It makes for some timely reading.… Read More »