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Mahaney Rejoins Fellow Celebrities on T4G Stage, No Acknowledgment of Abuse Victims

“To “walk in the light,” in the context of 1 John chapter 1, is an honest relationship with the Lord and with one another. Honesty about our sins and failings and weaknesses and shortcomings. No more sweeping anything under the rug, but stepping out from the shadows of denial and evasion and posing into the light of plain… Read More »

Great Jobs!

Great news – after much prayer I have decided to make a major move back to the United States to open up a Blockbuster video store in a strip mall! That probably got your attention, but I am joking; we all know video rental stores have gone the way of 8-Track cassette tapes and public phone booths. It… Read More »

CrossHaven Church of Belleville, IL: There’s A Sucker Born Every Minute

Chris Oswald, pastor at CrossHaven Church in Belleville, IL (a city located across the Mississippi River from St. Louis) has great news for his congregation, they have joined the Sovereign Grace denomination!  I find this news deeply troubling.  The Sovereign Grace denomination has been devastated by what some have called the biggest sexual abuse scandal to hit American… Read More »