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Providence Community Church of Lenexa, KS – a Toxic Culture?

The difference between religion and religion incorporated – commentary by Michael Savage.   The leaders of Sovereign Grace Churches (a denomination formerly called Sovereign Grace Ministries -SGM, which was formerly called People of Destiny International – PDI, which was formerly called Gathering of Believers – GOB) are slick operators. Quick to publicize news that paints their organization in… Read More »

Sovereign Grace Pastor Matthew Wassink Removed; Why Not C.J. Mahaney?

The Sovereign Grace Churches denominational leaders should be getting proficient at scrubbing websites of any traces of their latest fallen pastor, Lord knows they get enough practice!  I’m guessing that right about now they’re wishing they wouldn’t have fired their social media expert, Brian DeWire, a few years ago. His scrubbing skills were so finely honed that he… Read More »

CrossHaven Church of Belleville, IL: There’s A Sucker Born Every Minute

Chris Oswald, pastor at CrossHaven Church in Belleville, IL (a city located across the Mississippi River from St. Louis) has great news for his congregation, they have joined the Sovereign Grace denomination!  I find this news deeply troubling.  The Sovereign Grace denomination has been devastated by what some have called the biggest sexual abuse scandal to hit American… Read More »