Mahaney Moves to Silence Dissent

By | April 18, 2016

2016-04-18 Mahaney sign of satan


“Nothing can destroy fruitfulness faster than ungodly leadership—men and women who use positions of authority to manipulate and exploit people instead of serving their growth in Christ. This results partly from people who want to lord over others and partly from people who would rather follow a pastor, author, or other influential person than develop their own relationship with Jesus. We can’t ignore this danger under the guise of preserving Christian unity. Bad leadership needs to be recognized and resisted. Don’t allow anyone to curtail your own obedience to Jesus in the name of loyalty to a man or his institution. Rather find godly men and women whose hearts are more concerned for your fruitfulness, than their own. There you’ll find leaders after God’s heart.”
Wayne Jacobsen, “In Season: Embracing the Father’s Process of Fruitfulness”


“Jesus explicitly taught in Matthew 23: 8-11 that the only person who rules over Christian communities is the Lord. He is our Teacher. He is our Leader. He is our Instructor.”
Wade Burleson, Fraudulent Authority: Pastors Who Seek to Rule Over Others


2016-04-18 Mahaney Submit


C.J. Mahaney, fresh off his controversial return to the stage of the T4G celebrity worship festival, instinctively sensed there is a growing resentment to his prideful refusal to recuse himself from the national Christian conference scene. (Indeed, one may rightly wonder, based on 1 Timothy 3, why he still occupies a pulpit!)

Faced with a rising tide of pastors who appealed for his removal from the T4G stage and the organization; negative national and local press coverage; a SNAP protest outside the KFC Yum! Arena the day of his scheduled speech; a groundswell of impassioned and emboldened bloggers standing with the victims of sexual abuse and against Mahaney, and thousands of offended evangelical Christians taking to social media to voice their complaints, Mahaney knew he needed to act swiftly to shore up his base of loyal church members.

Lest you doubt how critically important the humble narcissist viewed this task, it should be noted that he took to the pulpit of his run-away church plant in spite of having a head cold and four other pastors on staff who could have preached.

Undoubtedly His Humbleness didn’t have his usual “hours and hours, and hours and hours and hours” of time required to prepare another sermon that would “serve his members well,” therefore he rolled out his well-worn sermon on how to make your pastor happy. (Note -this audio below is from a different sermon, I frequently use it to illustrate how Mahaney attempts to make his followers believe he is a hard worker worthy of their deepest respect and highest esteem .)


I heard Mahaney’s “Happy Pastor” sermon years ago at Sovereign Grace Gilbert when we were graced with an appearance of His Humbleness. Actually, His Humbleness made an informal nationwide tour of sorts years ago when he was still on the Sovereign Grace Ministries throne, the purpose of which was to browbeat all the rock-throwing peasants into submission to their local leadership team of Pastor’s College graduates by utilizing the very sermon he so skillfully delivered this past Sunday. As he said in this sermon, it is not an easy task to deliver this message to your own congregation, so Mahaney graciously took the task upon himself those many years ago. (Not to be ignored was the fringe benefit of adding to his already attractive salary through the expected honorarium Mahaney collected from each local church he preached in, but I digress.)

Mahaney effectively combines browbeating with flattery as he cajoles the proletariat to submit themselves to their pastors,  the men to whom God has entrusted your very souls!

I have heard this sermon four or five times now, all preached to different audiences. Every time Mahaney flatters his audience with the same comments he made to his church – basically praising them for being such a joy for their pastors to lead, a congregation that doesn’t need this sermon preached to them as a corrective measure because they are already so joyfully submitting to their leaders, etc.  Is Mahaney being honest with his listeners or merely offering insincere flattery? If he is being honest, then why is he preaching on the subject?

I have done my readers a favor by wading through the sniffling thespian’s sickening forty-five-minute performance to splice together a much more endurable nine-minute highlight recording.  If you have the stomach, listen to the master manipulator at work:



I’ve got news for you,  we can look at the history of Covenant Life Church,  (Mahaney’s former “dearest place on earth,” prior to his leaving in a huff to his new “dearest place on earth”) and indeed at the history of the entire Sovereign Grace Churches denomination, over which Mahaney at one time reigned, and see the fruits of Mahaney’s application of Hebrews 13:17; it doesn’t take an Einstein to determine something is rotten in the state of Denmark.

What Mahaney is preaching is regurgitated and repackaged 1970’s Shepherding balderdash.  It was exposed as an unbiblical movement back then, and it needs to be exposed again today.

I would urge members of Sovereign Grace Church of Louisville to flee Mahaney’s clutches. As Galatians 5:1 states:  “Stand fast therefore in the liberty wherewith Christ hath made us free, and be not entangled again with the yoke of bondage.” My experience and the experience of thousands of former Sovereign Grace members is you will not realize until you have left a Sovereign Grace church how enslaved you really were.

Listen to this refreshing sermon by Wayne Burleson for a view opposing Mahaney’s.

Freedom is out there my friend.  Be bold and go for it!


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It looks as if Mr. Fullerton of a Louisville church (who tweeted recent CJ support) attempted to answer your question of “one may rightly wonder, based on 1 Timothy 3, why CJ still occupies a pulpit.”

Interesting sermon. He (ironically?) attempts to address abusive leadership in the earlier part but in the last six minutes in particular, the verse re: “he must also have a good reputation with outsiders” is so qualified that it basically renders the phrase pointless imho. I guess unless the courts convict someone, it doesn’t matter what the outsiders think (or the insiders for that matter).

Commentaries seem to differ with Fullerton on the necessity of pastors having an unstained character before the watching world. They insist it actually is essential to eldership:

“The man to be chosen as a responsible office-bearer in the Church, should be one possessing a stainless reputation for integrity and honour with the world outside the Church’s pale; he should be one regarded by the world at large as having led a self-restrained, decorous life—a life free from those disorders and licentious practices which worldly men, even while themselves indulging in them, are the first to condemn in others.” (Ellicots Commentary)

“Moreover he must have a good report of them which are without – Who are without the church; that is, of those who are not Christians. This includes, of course, “all” classes of those who are not Christians – pagans, infidels, Jews, moral people, and scoffers. The idea is, that he must have a fair reputation with them for integrity of character. His life must be in their view upright. He must not be addicted to anything which they regard as inconsistent with good morals. His deportment must be such that they shall regard it as not inconsistent with his profession. He must be true and just and honest in his dealings with his fellow-men, and so live that they cannot say that he has wronged them. He must not give occasion for scandal or reproach in his contact with the other sex, but must be regarded as a man of a pure life and of a holy walk. The “reason” for this injunction is obvious. It is his business to endeavor to do such people good, and to persuade them to become Christians. “But no minister of the gospel can possibly do such people good, unless they regard him as an upright and honest man.” No matter how he preaches or prays; no matter how orthodox, learned, or apparently devout he may be, all his efforts will be in vain unless they regard him as a man of incorruptible integrity. If they hate religion themselves, they insist justly that since he has professed it he shall be governed by its principles; or if they feel its importance, they will not be influenced to embrace it by a man that they regard as hypocritical and impure. Go to a man whom you have defrauded, or who regards you as having done or attempted wrong to any other one, and talk to him about the necessity of religion, and he will instinctively say that he does not “want” a religion which will not make its professor true, honest, and pure. It is impossible, therefore, for a minister to over-estimate the importance of having a fair character in the view of the world, and no man should be introduced into the ministry, or sustained in it, who has not a fair reputation” (Barnes Notes on the Bible)

“This takes up the idea of being beyond reproach (which when taken in depth included much of what followed) and applies it specifically to witness to outsiders. It was important that a bishop be a good advertisement for the church, and one important test of this was how outsiders whose opinion could be trusted thought of him. (not, of course, those who had become riled by his spirituality or his forthrightness in preaching the Gospel). For if he was not of a suitable character he might well unnecessarily bring reproach on the church and himself by his behaviour, and find himself tripped up by the Devil (for he would become a targetman both for outsiders and for the Devil) to the detriment of the church as a whole. It was necessary that he be able to maintain his reputation in the eyes of fair-minded people even when under attack in o way or another.” (Pett’s Commentary)

Thanks for the great comment!


What is the purpose of such a sermon? If the church excels in honoring the pastors and there is no division or accusations in the midst, then why would you give this sermon? Only reason I can think of is to STOP you from asking questions BEFORE you do. Head ’em off at the pass. Those in attendance are being given a warning. Want to ask questions or act like something may be wrong? Forget it. We just want you to leave.

If you check your brain in at the door, you have only yourself to blame. And as far as I am concerned, the day will eventually come for you, if you do that. I’ve been in 4 churches and there were major problems in all of them with the pastors. Did not Paul write in one of his letters, that he knew when he left that wolves would come in amongst them to take them away from the truth? Could that not also include pastors?

This is the dumbest advice I have heard in a while. A pastor should not be afraid to answer any questions. What are they hiding? Like how much money they make? The churches are FULL of pastors who need to be held accountable, and that’s not to just other pastors because many times the other pastor/s have a financial or other interest in keeping secrets. ‘Just trust me’ is what a cult uses. Actually, I would say it is probably the number one thing on a list of how to define a cult.

A lot of men want to run their church as if they were the CEO of a corporation. It’s their baby, and no ones going to tell them how to do things. It’s my way or the highway.

When CLC (which was the church he built; he started it with Larry Tomzack and I think it was first called Gathering of Believers GOB) voted to leave SGM/C, the vote was something like this. Someone can get the exact numbers and please correct me if I am wrong. I think it was 61% or 63% of the members voted. 91% of the ones who voted, voted to leave SGM/C. By my calculation, that meant, only about 6% of the total members voted to stay with him. This was really a vote whether or not to stay with him and his organization or leave. Yes, he and others had left by that time, so I know the number would have been higher. How much higher I don’t know. But who were many who had left and were they really independent to make a judgment? Look, many of them who left worked for SGM, if they had not gotten laid off, and many of them had a financial interest, like their spouse worked for them or a relative did or their child or parent.

I know a couple. One of them worked for them. They were elated when the news broke that SGM/C was moving to Louisville. You could not tell them anything if their lives depended on it. The following Christmas we got a card from them. The one who worked for SGM got canned and that was after years of service.

Does this not indicate some deep problems?

I think that C.J. Mahaney is in need of some serious psychological help as he sounds more and more delusional with each passing day. His trials aren’t over; they’re just beginning.

Thanks for the comment. Janna

CJ Mahaney is one frustrated and angry man. No doubt his T4G experience left him feeling pretty powerless inside. What to do? Get in front of your little audience at home and browbeat them. How pathetic was that!?