Chantry Legacy Grows – Former ARBCA Church in Hales Corners, WI is Dissolved, Building Sold

By | December 22, 2018

Below is a photograph of Thomas Chantry and his father-in-law, Al Huber. Huber preaches at Grace Reformed Baptist Church, an ARBCA church located in Rockford IL. Little did the two men know at the time of this photograph that the dark secrets they were keeping would soon land Tom Chantry in jail, followed by a trial where he was convicted of two counts of felony assault of children. Chantry was then arrested again on nine additional counts of assault and sexual abuse of children and has been in jail since September 10, 2018. Chantry currently is awaiting a trial on the new counts as well as a retrial on four counts of sexual abuse of children from his first trial.

Meanwhile, the ARBCA organization is crumbling. Numerous churches have resigned from the Association, citing deception and coverup of Thomas Chantry’s horrific crimes by ARBCA officials intent on allowing Chantry to join their Association back in 2016.

Above is a recording of my telephone call to Christ Reformed Baptist Church (414) 377-9738 and an ELO song.  The CRBC number apparently is no longer in service!



Acting on a reader’s tip that the church Chantry formerly pastored – Christ Reformed Baptist Church located in Hales Corners, WI, was dissolved and the building sold, I conducted some research and found that my reader’s information was accurate.

I found out from a realtor that the church property was sold on December 12, 2018.  I would recommend ARBCA Coordinator, Steve Martin hire some additional help as he is obviously having problems keeping the ARBCA website up to date as it relates to their church directory!

By the way, Steve – have you seen fit to remove your positive endorsement of the book authored by Thomas Chantry and David Dykstra, or will you go to your grave defending a disgraced felon?


I did not find out what the selling price was, but if there are any ethical, upright churches remaining in ARBCA, and I know there are at least a few, they need to pay close attention to the ARBCA books. It is my opinion that those in leadership positions of ARBCA cannot be trusted.  I would guess the CRBC  property sold for $550,000 or more and I would guess the church property was likely paid off. Regulations state that when a non-profit organization dissolves, the cash they have can only be donated to another non-profit organization. While I would personally recommend the money be donated to the Humane Society or almost any other non-profit organization besides ARBCA, the unfortunate reality is that the few remaining members who attended CRBC prior to its collapse were likely blind loyalists to ARBCA and therefore will give the money to ARBCA.

I feel sad for the former members of Christ Reformed Baptist Church. They were badly duped by ARBCA leadership who knew full well of Thomas Chantry’s scandalous past and yet felt no compunction to advise the members of this prior to dumping him on their church. Then they were further scandalized after Thomas Chantry was arrested; ARBCA leaders Don Lindblad and Steve Martin showed up at their church in January of 2017 in an attempt to quell an angry uprising among members who demanded truthful answers. Unfortunately they did not receive any, rather, in my opinion, they were fed more lies and coverup.  These members did not buy the lies they were fed and continued to search for the truth. When the truth became known the good folks left the church. (My sources told me about two thirds of the congregation resigned their memberships.) These lay people attended the church for years. It was their hard earned money that was donated to pay for the church property, and now they have to face the fact that what they purchased will, in all likelihood, be donated to the corrupt organization that foisted Thomas Chantry upon them and ultimately forced them to leave their church.





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