Redeeming Grace Baptist Church of Matthews, VA Resigns From ARBCA, Cites Thomas Chantry Scandal

By | December 12, 2018

Redeeming Grace Baptist Church, located in Matthews, Virginia has resigned from ARBCA.  Pastor Van Loomis has penned a concise letter of resignation which can be viewed below. Once again, the primary reason given for their resignation is “the reconmendation and admission into ARBCA of Christ Reformed Baptist Church, Hales Corner, and specifically their former pastor, Tom Chantry.

I am always encouraged by local churches that take a principled stand! May God bless them for doing so.


Redeeming Grace Baptist Chu… by on Scribd


With so many churches withdrawing their membership from ARBCA, it would seem church planting is imperative to ARBCAs continued survival as an Association. At some point one must wonder if an ongoing Association is the Lord’s will. At any rate, I am doubtful a two day “school” will reverse the trend of shrinking numbers.

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