Caleb and Mary Beery Granted Another Delay in Reporting to Jail

By | December 8, 2018



Having plead guilty of two counts of Class 6 Felonies of child abuse on October 15th, 2018, Mary and Caleb Beery were supposed to have reported to the Pinal County Jail on Sunday, November 12th. They then asked for and received a delay and had a hearing scheduled for December 7, 2018.  On December 6, 2018, the Court received yet another request for a delay in the hearing scheduled for December 7.  Judge Stephen McCarville, on December 7, granted this request and so ordered it. The legal documentation may be viewed below. Another hearing has now been scheduled for January 24, 2019. If there are no further delays granted it appears the Beerys will have delayed their date to report to the Pinal County Jail by about three months.

On November 19, 2018, I attended a hearing which I had requested before Justice of the Peace Brett Eisele. The purpose of this hearing was to get the two “Injunctions Against Harassment” the Beerys filed against me dismissed.  (The Injunctions were dismissed.) At the hearing, Caleb Beery testified that because of what I had written about him on my blog, he was fired from his job. Beerys have both hoped to participate in the work release program during their 6- month jail sentences, the only problem is Caleb, and perhaps Mary (who claims to work from her home) fail to meet the requirements for the program, specifically, you need to have a job.  Apparently, once you are a convicted felon it is not an easy task to obtain work, especially when you inform your prospective employer of numerous restrictions that will be placed upon you because you will be in jail for six months.

In the most recent document submitted by Attorney Craig Gillespie on behalf of Defendant Caleb Beery, Gillespie states:

“The parties discussed different options to resolve the current impediment to the two defendants’ ability to participate in the county jail’s work release program.

Following the conference call, undersigned Counsel spoke with Craig Cameron and Rodney States in the Civil Division of the Pinal County Attorney’s Office.  Mr States represents the jail and stated he would confer with the appropriate parties at the Pinal County Sheriff’s Office and Mr. Ahl in an effort to help indentify a possible solution to the work release impediment.”

Caleb Beery’s Sentencing Document states:

“IT IS ORDERED that the Defendant be incarcerated in the Pinal County Jail for a period of 180 days (FLAT) commencing November 12, 2018 with credit for zero (0) days served.

“Respondent/Defendant is eligible for work release provided that he/she meets the Sheriff Department’s Work Release Program requirements.”

Admittedly I am no expert in matters of the law, but it appears evident to me that the Beerys are eligible for work release provided they meet the program requirements.  It would appear the Beerys do not meet the requirements, therefore they should report to jail and begin serving their 6-month sentence without being able to participate in the Work Release program. Case closed.  Judge McCarville has been very gracious in twice allowing delays for the Beerys to report to jail.  I hope Judge McCarville will grant no further delays to the felony child abusers.


2018-12-7 Caleb Beery Motio… by on Scribd


2018-12-7 Mary Beery Motion… by on Scribd

Of interest is another recently added file to the Beery case. This file is titled “DPS Disposition Report”  and it is “sealed” which means it is unavailable to the public. One can only speculate as to what the report contains, but it is likely that it has sensitive information about the infant victim the Beerys abused.

What I hope everyone reading this considers is that while our two felons who each pleaded guilty to two counts of Class 6 Felonies of child abuse are granted delay after delay in reporting to jail, there remains an infant girl who has “burn scars that will be there the rest of her days because they couldn’t handle a child crying.” Who is speaking for her?

Justice delayed is justice denied!

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I think that some folks may be romanticizing King David’s story in a way that defies logic and common sense.

King David raped a woman and murdered her husband. He wasn’t held responsible for those actions because, as a King, he was not subject to laws or expected to adhere to basic standards of moral decency.

By contrast, ordinary individuals were usually brutally executed for committing major crimes againt society in Old Testatment times.

Therefore, using the King David story to argue that, supposedly repentant and violent felons should be cut some slack, makes about as much sense as suggesting that they be stoned to dealth.

It’s 2018 in the U.S.A. folks. All are expected to adhere to the law irrespective of their supposed religious beliefs.

Thanks. Janna L. Chan (blog team member)

Jeffery J Ventrella

Todd –

The spin from the R’s at SGC; Gilbert regarding this is in full swing – however, watch for several Non-R staff and volunteer resignations, including an “elder” quite soon – the eyes of some are opening . . . That’s my gut and a bit more.




I posted once and let it be known that the Beery’s babysat for 2yrs and NEVER EVER abused my children yet disciplined their foster child corporally against an agreement with the state and crossed the line into abuse. The child has been removed, they have repented of it, and the court is dealing with it. I have not seen where you have asked for prayer for them or the child. Christ’s forgiveness is for anyone who asks. Your website is titled Thou Art The Man and that is a reference to the prophet Nathan when he confronted David about his sin with Bathesheba and the murder of Urriah. God forgave David though he had to live with the consequences the rest of his life. His sin was far worse yet he obtained mercy cause he repented. If Mary and Caleb asked for forgiveness God will forgive them and never bring it up again on that final great day. Will you complain to God that it is not fair to forgive them? You need to let it go. You have sinned too and it doesn’t matter if it is in the same vein. You know that one sin is enough for God to damn according to Genesis. You have already been rash in reporting how the good people at the San Tan didn’t do right by the child. You obviously have been ticked off by some reformed people and can’t let it go. Let it go to God in prayer about it and move on with your life. Life is far to short to hold grudges.

I have really been looking forward to letting you have it, Ayana. I’m returning home from a very expensive trip to Arizona.

I was there because the “repentent” individuals that tortured a baby (in my opinion) ,whom you’re defending, filed an injunction against harrassment, regarding my work here, that consisted primarily of demonstrably slanderous allegations.

They were automatically dismissed yesterday because Caleb and Mary didn’t bother to show up to my hearing, as they showed up for Todd’s.

I won’t give you the total cost of my trip, but let’s say it was four figures and a week out of my life.

You want to pray for your little “repentant” friends? Then pray that I don’t sue them for slander and the cost of my trip to Arizona to have their ridiculous and unlawful (in my view) injunctions dismissed.

I pray that the baby they abused grows up and sues Mr. and Mrs. Repentant for anything they have.

I pray that I’ll be able to pay her legal bill for that effort.

You and your little “repentant” friends are an embarrassment to humanity.

So are the churches that did and are still propping them up. I very much doubt that filing bogus injunctions against me and Todd was their idea.

Mary and Caleb aren’t real bright. Am I right, Pastor (you know who you are)?

Have a nice day, Ayana. Life is too short to spend time interacting with someone as ignorant as you.

Janna L. Chan (blog team member)


To Janna

Psalm 109:7b

May your prayer be counted as sin

Thanks, Doug, for coming by to show the world how sick you are.

Janna L. Chan (blog team member)

I think you may have taken things to the point at which you can be held responsible for your actions by the secular legal system, my friend.

It certainly won’t care that you use your religious beliefs as a excuse to do horrible things.

Thanks. Janna L. Chan (blog team member)


When one looks at Jesus’ response to the money changers in the temple (Matthew 21:12-13), one can only imagine the wrath of God reserved for those who willfully harm children! (Matthew 18:6-7)

Thank you Janna and Todd, and thank you to all who are speaking for those who cannot speak for themselves. May God bless you and keep you, and give you continued courage and strength to expose the corruption and evildoing, and help those who have been harmed. I can’t think of a more noble or worthy endeavor than the work that you are doing.

Thanks, Rae, for the great work you do.

I’ll be taking a couple days off to unwind. I will get back to people after that.


Janna L. Chan (blog team member)

Thanks, Rae. Just an FYI that the injunctions against me were dismissed by a different judge who, fortunately, had attended law school.

I suspect that the uneducated judge who initially issued the injunctions recused himself from my case based on the way he mishandled (in my opinion) Todd’s case.

I also believe that the uneducated judge had a pretty serious conflict of interest that affected his judgment.

I don’t want to comment too much about that subject because I’m in the process of filing a formal complaint, regarding judicial misconduct, about this judge with the state of Arizona.

Thanks always for your prayers and support.

Janna L. Chan (blog team member)

And you truly see no irony in that prayer, Doug? ? My prayer wouldn’t be necessary if sickos like you weren’t using the Bible to justify enabling and covering up child abuse and any number of other heinous crimes.

I don’t know how to pray for someone as crazy, cowardly, and non intelligent as you. That’s nothing personal; I know many other people like this, Doug.

We are all in the hands of a just God who does not need you or me to presume to tell him how to handle the sins of others on judgment day.

However while I’m in this world, I feel called to protect children and others who cannot advocate for themselves from what I perceive as the twisted and evil way you portray God and Christianity.

Have a nice day, my friend. I imagine that some of the skeletons in your closet will be falling out soon.

Slandering and harrassing people in your pathetic, slimy way won’t change that. It just puts you on the radar more.

Janna L. Chan (blog team member)

Douglas R Belardi

Justice delayed is justice denied
William E. Gladstone