Emmaus Reformed Baptist Church of Hemet, CA Resigns From ARBCA

By | June 7, 2019

Emmaus Reformed Baptist Church of Hemet, CA has withdrawn from the Association of Reformed Baptist Churches of America.

ARBCA continues to shed member churches which I believe is a direct result of the corrupt leadership covering up the fact that former ARBCA Pastor Thomas Chantry sexually molested young boys and assaulted young children while at Miller Valley Baptist Church.

I am not surprised by any church resignation from ARBCA. The one thing that does surprise me is why any church, other than those pastored by men who are part of the corrupt leadership, remains in ARBCA.

ARBCA remains quiet on all the churches who have resigned, but this is also not surprising. While promising greater transparency we actually see less. A case in point – I am still waiting for the publication of the Spring 2019 ARBCA Update newsletter. It’s overdue and actually the Summer Update should now be published.  Historically ARBCA publishes a photo of all the men who are on the Administrative Council in the Spring Update.

Below is a screenshot showing Emmaus Reformed Baptist Church as a member of ARBCA.

Below is the list of churches from the ARBCA website. This screenshot was taken on June 6, 2019 and Emmaus Reformed Baptist Church is no longer listed.

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