Emmaus Reformed Baptist Church of Hemet, CA Resigns From ARBCA

By | June 7, 2019

Emmaus Reformed Baptist Church of Hemet, CA has withdrawn from the Association of Reformed Baptist Churches of America.

ARBCA continues to shed member churches which I believe is a direct result of the corrupt leadership covering up the fact that former ARBCA Pastor Thomas Chantry sexually molested young boys and assaulted young children while at Miller Valley Baptist Church.

I am not surprised by any church resignation from ARBCA. The one thing that does surprise me is why any church, other than those pastored by men who are part of the corrupt leadership, remains in ARBCA.

ARBCA remains quiet on all the churches who have resigned, but this is also not surprising. While promising greater transparency we actually see less. A case in point – I am still waiting for the publication of the Spring 2019 ARBCA Update newsletter. It’s overdue and actually the Summer Update should now be published.  Historically ARBCA publishes a photo of all the men who are on the Administrative Council in the Spring Update.

Below is a screenshot showing Emmaus Reformed Baptist Church as a member of ARBCA.

Below is the list of churches from the ARBCA website. This screenshot was taken on June 6, 2019 and Emmaus Reformed Baptist Church is no longer listed.

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The Giarrizzo’s Building Tomorrow’s Church conference for Reformed/Baptist attracted just a few dozen young people this year, despite being held in the more accessible Phoenix metro area. For some reason this year they moved the conference out of northern Arizona where it had been held for years (in Prescott [!] and Flagstaff):


If you look at the photos from previous conferences, the attendance was previously around one hundred!

I don’t see conference regulars Caleb & Mary Beery in the photo (some faces are obscured) but that’d be only two of the many, many missing faces this year. Where have they all gone?


Internet Archive still has the photos from past conferences that seem to have disappeared from the BTC conference website:

[scroll down to bottom]

Douglas Belardi

I see the Giarizzos and the Steve Martins

Thanks, Jerome. Caleb and Mary Beery are both serving a 4 month prison term that began on May 31, 2019.

Janna L. Chan (blog team member)

Former Christ Reformed Baptist Church member - WI

I was a member of CRBC for about three years in Wisconsin when TC was pastor. I witnessed him being taken into police custody at the church. TC was very erudite and had the to ability to ex-posit and make Scripture come alive. I learned much from/by his preaching and consider him one of the best preachers I have ever heard. That ability is what fooled many, including myself. That is one thing that makes this entire affair so tragic – causing scandal to the church. The biggest tragedy was his physical and sexual molestation of children.

Unfortunately, TC was not a “people person.” I observed that over time. He had a circle of friends and supporters and kept himself isolated and “unstained” from most others in the church. I always found that ODD from a pastor but as long as I was getting “fed” I left it alone as did many others. TC could best be described as “dismissive.” This is a haughtiness wreaking of pride and a sense of entitlement. That attitude is difficult to feign continually so when I caught on I was truly amazed.

TC’s crimes and foibles left many at CRBC extremely grieved by his history at MVBC and by his attitude and behaviors as the church split after about 18 months. CRBC was a very close and loving community of Christians with a sly “wolf” leading the flock. There are still a few deluded believers hanging on to false hope. False hope is better than no hope I guess.

I pray for TC as we must for our enemies no matter how repulsive their lives or how disobedient and unrepentant they may be. I pray that the judge has mercy in sentencing and that he should be kept away from children for a long time.

Stopped Listening; Started Watching Years Ago

” I learned much from/by his preaching and consider him one of the best preachers I have ever heard.”

What did you learn?

What actual “good” came from this man’s influence in this group?

Do you have a child molested by him and have you explained to that child how great this guy’s preaching was? Have you listened to the child/person’s response? Try telling this to any of his victims and then access the value of so called preaching. The ability to handle language and concepts in front of a group of people. The ability to influence groups of people. The ability to manipulate and control groups so that a few elect may be molested.

I agree that this is a brilliant comment. I would extend its sentiments to people who maintain that Walt Chantry, Tom Chantry’s father, is a great Christian leader even though he continues to try and cover-up the fact that his son is a child molester and disgusting human being in general.

Thanks. Janna L. Chan (blog team member)

Former Member of CRBC church-WI

When one is spiritually starving for lack of being adequately fed for YEARS then all potential “spiritual foodstuffs” appear edible. You get that, right? Yes, if you have read any of this blog you will recall that many people wrote that TC was an excellent preacher and that they were moved and inspired by his preaching. Were they all mistaken? Hmmm! A great surgeon can be a complete reprobate yet still remove a microscopic tumor with a lazer to cure a patient, can he/she not?

What you have described is called the “mystery of evil.” We are all inadequate to explain it for only the Lord knows. The evil one manifests as an “angel of light” so HOW DO YOU account for that? Was it not too easy to be duped by the narcissists in ARBCA – even the “sophisticated” people on the LEFT coast were conned. Hard lessons were learned by all of this and this will not be end of it. So c’mon man, move past the righteous anger to learn and teach your children about these “mysteries” so as to try to prevent them from occurring in the future.

This is also an excellent comment, in my view.

Janna L. Chan (blog team member)

Perhaps this is a sensitivity issue rather than an intellectual one. Now that Chantry has been formally convicted of molestation, few individuals appear to still be arguing that he may be innocent.

Therefore acknowledging that Tom Chantry has abused children might be a good thing for folks to add when referencing his preaching skills.

Just a thought.

Janna L. Chan (blog team member)

Former Member of CRBC church-WI

We often forget that we live in a Post-Christian world. The truth has become totally relative and subjective. We are now experiencing the REAL consequences of this relativism in every sphere of life as the tribulations prophesied become more prevalent and prominent.

However, even the Lord said that the “elect” will be deceived. Many wonder how a seemingly good preaching pastor who has learned how to use the Gospel to attract an audience by preaching solid doctrine lives a secret reprehensible lifestyle hiding behind precepts (corporal punishment used in God’s name for His purposes – righteously done by ME, is always justified).

These are elements of that same Gospel but infused with PRIDE and then a man rightly accused and convicted of hideous and atrocious crimes with innocent children, is staunchly defended by other blinded and pride filled men.

You have two totally different people before you and a facsimile of a supposedly committed group of people helping to spread the Gospel message but instead conclude that they are nothing but a pseudo-religious organization of “serious

Thanks, you make some excellent points. I will just broadly mention that we’re redoing the blog comment policies to make clear that there is no religious test for posting on Thou Art The Man.

Certainly, people can comment on relativism and say that the world is post Christian.

However, Todd also wants individuals who do not consider themselves Christians to know that they are welcome to comment on a site that is Christian in nature.

Thanks. Janna L. Chan (blog team member)

No Longer Starving

When one is starving for lack of being fed for years, then one learns to feed oneself, in my view.

Don't Ask, Just Follow Your Pastors

What doctrine will be adopted/or discovered “treasure chest” style by these name changers that will prevent the kind of abuses that led to tolerance and cover up of child abuse and molestation within their organization? Because if it is a necessary doctrine, then John Calvin would have already thunk it up. John Calvin, who was first and foremost, a lawyer. And surely that guy, Tozier, who could not speak to his own family members at the dinner table because he was too busy with his CLOSE communication with God, has stumbled onto this truth as well, while it evaded the rest of us tithers. John Calvin is the one who eloquently and convincingly “taught” that “the only reason to leave a church is over doctrine.” This is why when WE were abused in our Christian schools and churches and we told our parents, they literally did NOT want to hear it, because no doctrine was being violated. Where is the doctrine of reformed (aligned with the 1689 London Baptist Version) pedophilia? Reformed style of tutoring children? Reformed church members in the pagan legal system, 101? Not being a young parent any longer, I am seething over how these young families have their time, money, energies, and very will stolen by these greed monger manipulators.

Follow Your Pastors

Reformed Baptist Network is the new association
formed in 2016

faithful followers we would (forever) be

Ask Your Pastors

Yes, these churches are leaving ARBCA and going to another association. Where my family belongs, they were told that the church left ARBCA over doctrinal difference pertaining to whether God has emotions of whatever sort…they will say anything to keep their money coming in…so what is the new association?


“doctrinal differences” is such a heady red herring. Its true though. I heard that every flipping time someone left.


Look what happened at the Rockford church the weekend before the ARBCA General Assembly.:


“ROCKFORD, Ill. (WTVO) — 55-year-old Michael Stone faces charges of attempted kidnapping after police say he tried to abduct four different children earlier this month. Rockford Police say that on May 4th, several children who were playing at a park near a church in the 6300 block of Guilford Road said Stone told them to come home with him and attempted to lure them into his vehicle.”


“It happened near the 6300 block of Guilford in early May. Unconfirmed reports said it happened at the Grace Reformed Baptist Church playground. Police investigated the incidents and arrested 55 year old Michael Stone. He was arrested on 4 counts of attempted aggravated kidnapping and child abduction.”

Thanks for the information.

Janna L. Chan (blog team member)


Is “Michael Stone” a member / attendee of GRBC in Rockford?