David Dykstra Removing ARBCA References From Grace Covenant Baptist Church Website

By | August 17, 2019

ARBCA recently published their Summer 2019 newsletter. In this document, seen below, please note that Grace Covenant Baptist Church, located in Willis, Texas and pastored by David Dykstra is still listed as an ARBCA member.

One may rightly wonder how long David Dykstra’s Grace Covenant Baptist Church of Willis Texas will remain a member of ARBCA.

Why do I say that?

Because pastor David Dykstra has quietly been removing references to ARBCA from the website of Grace Covenant Baptist Church.

I submit two examples of this below. On the left are pages from the church’s website in 2017, courtesy of the Wayback Machine. On the right are pages from the church’s website today. You will notice that the references to ARBCA in 2017, which I highlighted in green, no longer exist in today’s version!

What is the reason for purging references to ARBCA from the pages above? Was it an editorial accident? That would be hard to believe.

Is pastor David Dykstra attempting to rid all references to ARBCA from the website of Grace Covenant Baptist Church so that potential visitors who Google the church’s name to find out what type of church it is will not become aware of the fact that Grace Covenant Baptist Church is a member of an association that has covered up the crimes of convicted pedophile Tom Chantry?

This is a distinct possibility.

Or does David Dykstra, like his good friend Tom Chantry, now hold ARBCA in utter contempt for what they deem a lack of support for the convicted pedophile? (An illegal conviction according to Tom Chantry – a sentiment echoed by David Dykstra in his jailhouse phone conversation with Chantry.)

In my opinion, this is the most likely scenario.

David Dykstra, the pastor of Grace Covenant Baptist Church in Willis, Texas has been a long-time leader in the Association of Reformed Baptist Churches of America (ARBCA). In fact, Dykstra has been one of the ARBCA “insiders” who has conspired since late 2000 to coverup Tom Chantry’s criminal sexual molestation and assault of young children while Chantry was the pastor of Miller Valley Baptist Church in Prescott, AZ. Below are photos of the Administrative Council (AC)from 2000 and 2018.


David Dykstra, ARBCA pastor, attended a few days of Chantry’s first trial. Dykstra co-authored the book “Holding Communion Together” with Chantry. The book proved to be very divisive and sales were minimal.

I did find a few references to ARBCA remaining on the website pages of Grace Covenant Baptist Church. Perhaps the oversight was due to the fact that pastor David Dykstra is a very busy man, what with writing up formal requests to have an elder at another ARBCA church rebuked and all.

Or perhaps David Dykstra, while revising the website,  was distracted by a jailhouse phone call from Tom Chantry and he just never got around to completing his task!

And speaking of rebukes, I am no expert on ARBCA disciplinary procedures, but it would seem David Dykstra should be in line for a rebuke for maintaining the myth that Tom Chantry is an innocent man who has been wrongly/illegally convicted.


Below is an audio of a jailhouse conversation between former ARBCA pastor Tom Chantry and his good friend, and current ARBCA pastor, David Dykstra.

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After listening to this conversation one thing is clear to me. It sounds like Walter Chantry is suffering from some kind of Dementia. A person who is loosing their grip on reality may still know many things but easily forgets some things and is very susceptible to manipulation. I don’t doubt that Walter Chantry was once dedicated to protecting his legacy and his son’s reputation. It sounds like he probably doesn’t have the ability to protect or revile his son at this point.

No Kool-Aid here

Grace Covenant Church in Gilbert has revamped their website and removed previously prominent proclamations of association with ARBCA. Interesting since John Giarrizzo has been a staunch advocate of ARBCA as well as a central figure in the energy exerted to cover up TJC’s heinous acts against children.

Douglas Belardi

ah…but why no services tonight or next Wednesday night and why History of Our Church blank on the website and of course The Elders section hasn’t been updated since Price Jones was crowned as one over a year ago
Inquiring minds want to Know
but can arbca’s flagship church and the home of irBS scrub themselves of arbca references (as other prominent arbca churches are) or leave arbca? – NO, I think not
HBC will be left “turning out arbca’s ever dimming feeble light

Douglas Belardi

point of clarification, the above is in reference to Heritage Baptist Church in Mansfield , TX

Former CRBC Member - WI

Just for the record – Christ Reformed Baptist Church that was located in Hales Corners, WI (Chantry’s old church) is no longer in existence yet it is still listed on the 2019 ARBCA Update posted above. A Pentecostal church bought the property and moved in from the signage out front. What gives? Still, the perception to the non-informed is that they are still member church even though they do not formally exist. I guess this fact echoes Chantry’s and ARBCA’s delusions so to them it is consistent. Maybe the lone hold-out ARBCA elder cannot bear to be without someone to rule over in a pretend church.

Douglas Belardi

and wherein lies ANY integrity, honesty or courage…in tommy, davey or arbca and irbs?

Former Member

The word is ‘fierce’ (not ‘force’). Fat thumbs + autocorrect fail.

Paul Schmidt

Trickery afoot? Possibly. But when an Interweb search can easily unearth the link between Dykstra, ARBCA and Chantry, it’s not all that clever.

Another possibility is that Dykstra is simply preparing for his church’s departure from ARBCA. I’m more inclined to think that’s the case. But his continued association with Chantry probably makes that a weak argument.

I notice ARBCA still lists the church in Hales Corner as a member. I thought they’d disbanded. Is this yet another example of ARBCA denying reality?

Former Member

“And speaking of rebukes, I am no expert on ARBCA disciplinary procedures, but it would seem David Dykstra should be in line for a rebuke for maintaining the myth that Tom Chantry is an innocent man who has been wrongly/illegally convicted.”

I think it should be clear by now that ARBCA is a toothless ‘organization’ (a term I use loosely simply because of my experience with the denomination and knowledge of their force sense of congregational independence).

I am, however, persuaded to believe that the Brad referred to in the jailhouse conversation is Brad Wenger, an elder at GBC Carlisle, and I imagine that this was probably a reference to just such a rebuke. Knowing Brad, his rebuke would have been direct as well as sincere; he is a thoughtful and godly man who admits when he is wrong and would not hesitate to call others to repentance, regardless of their station.

For a narcissist like David Dykstra, a rebuke would have to be met with an obstinate call for a counter-rebuke (he can’t possibly be wrong – ever).

Samuel Conner

Is Dykstra publicly asserting TJC’s innocence? The thought occurs that in the interest of interpersonal peace, people might be sympathetic to TJC on the phone but more realistic in conversation with folk “on the outside”.

Just a thought; I would not expect consistency or coherence from TJC’s sympathizers

Sowre-sweet Dayes

My wife and I are friends with a couple who attends Dykstra’s church. A few months back before Tom’s trial, my wife had a phone conversation with our friend’s wife. They were not told that TJC was on trial and gave the impression that the person on trial was a nobody. Also, advices to stay away from blogs/social media and “encourage” not to gossip. I doubt if any congregation knows what transpired.