Tom Chantry’s Jailhouse Talk – “This Was an Illegal Verdict;” & “All Prosecutors Should Be Hung!”

By | August 14, 2019

Former ARBCA pastor and now convicted pedophile, Tom Chantry made some amazing comments on 6-18-2019 in a jailhouse conversation with his sister Judy Rogers.

Included were some very troubling remarks about Arizona prosecutors and judges. While I wouldn’t classify his comment that “all the prosecutors should be hung” as a direct threat, it nonetheless, in my opinion, warrants further investigation by Law Enforcement Officials. Chantry has a cadre of loyal sychophants and while I would hope they are harmless, one can’t be too careful these days.

Additionally, Chantry twice claims in this phone call that he was illegally convicted. Classic narcissism on display! These convictions were likely the first time Chantry has ever been held accountable for his actions, and poor Tom just can’t believe it!


U.S. Judiciary Facing Rise in Death Threats by Todd Wilhelm on Scribd

4:34 Tom Chantry: “This was an illegal verdict.”

4:36  Judy Rogers: “Of course, yeah.”

5:00 Tom Chantry: “I knew I was guilty.”  -Freudian slip?

5:40 Tom Chantry: “It’s (the conviction) an illegal situation.”

9:34 Tom Chantry: “It’s such a charade out here (in Arizona) it’s such a complete charade. There is nothing about it anywhere in the system, that is remotely… I mean really, all the prosecutors should be hung and all the judges should be in prison for life. That’s the only thing you can say about the system.”

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