Tom Chantry’s Jailhouse Talk – “This Was an Illegal Verdict;” & “All Prosecutors Should Be Hung!”

By | August 14, 2019

Former ARBCA pastor and now convicted pedophile, Tom Chantry made some amazing comments on 6-18-2019 in a jailhouse conversation with his sister Judy Rogers.

Included were some very troubling remarks about Arizona prosecutors and judges. While I wouldn’t classify his comment that “all the prosecutors should be hung” as a direct threat, it nonetheless, in my opinion, warrants further investigation by Law Enforcement Officials. Chantry has a cadre of loyal sychophants and while I would hope they are harmless, one can’t be too careful these days.

Additionally, Chantry twice claims in this phone call that he was illegally convicted. Classic narcissism on display! These convictions were likely the first time Chantry has ever been held accountable for his actions, and poor Tom just can’t believe it!


U.S. Judiciary Facing Rise in Death Threats by Todd Wilhelm on Scribd

4:34 Tom Chantry: “This was an illegal verdict.”

4:36  Judy Rogers: “Of course, yeah.”

5:00 Tom Chantry: “I knew I was guilty.”  -Freudian slip?

5:40 Tom Chantry: “It’s (the conviction) an illegal situation.”

9:34 Tom Chantry: “It’s such a charade out here (in Arizona) it’s such a complete charade. There is nothing about it anywhere in the system, that is remotely… I mean really, all the prosecutors should be hung and all the judges should be in prison for life. That’s the only thing you can say about the system.”

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I was in the county jail with ‘TJ’ back in June.

Chantree Writing Services

Tom to the rescue for his wife and children, and ANY church without a Sunday evening service! For the first time ever, Karen and boys, are at loose ends. He is going down in history. In fact, now that Tom is writing sermons and also leading Bible studies and preaching IN the prison, he claims he is now “Doing all of those things that I was doing…I should say MOST of the things I was doing” outside of prison.

Well, there’s a mouthful.

Is there a “spank the inmate/cellmate” routine in place? How about a special Men Touring Program in the shower room / prison? This statement also makes one wonder at Tom’s previous involvement with his own wife and children.

He conveniently can’t remember when he last talked to his sister or to Dale Smith (per phone call with Dale), but he can keep it together enough to be writing letters and mailing them together to his wife to distribute and also to write a sermon series which will take months or years to complete, and telling his wife where to go to church based on someone who cared enough to show up at his first trial.

Anyway, it is this sermon obsessed molester abuser who says that the jury should be in prison for life and the judge should be hung.

Is he in a sex offender prison at this time? That would mean Bob committed a sex offense? They really are not supposed to be discussing other inmate’s cases on the phone or mail. They will find out.

Douglas Belardi

From what Todd has previously written, it seems as if Tommy is stil in the County jail
Perhaps after his upcoming September 23 hearing, he will finally be sent to prison and get to meet his new best bed buds

a former ARBCA church attendee

One of the interesting things about almost all of these recordings is that Tom monopolizes the conversation and the other person says “yeah, yeah” over and over and over. Other than his wife and Dykstra, they seem at a loss for words.
It’s also interesting that he’s writing sermons for the benefit of his family since they’re not attending a Sunday evening service (what a tragedy, only one service on Sunday). This seems like controlling behavior to me but perhaps it’s his way of participating in family life. His wife has a tough road ahead, trying to please her absent husband but having to deal with daily life on her own.
As usual, it’s all about Tom.


His sister said she started a new job and Chantry couldn’t even give her a standard, “Oh yeah, how’s it going for you?” Starting a new job is typically pretty stressful, at least for the first week. Crickets from him on that. Not even an acknowledgment of it. And yeah, I noticed they didn’t end their conversation with any “Love yous”. The sister didn’t say it either.

One other thing I’ve noticed in all his conversations, there’s nothing, ever, about the Lord. From his conversations, excluding the sermon references, you’d never know the guy was a Christian. Of course, most of us don’t believe he is, but regardless, he thinks he is. For an ex-pastor, supposed man of God, the total absence of any reference to Jesus is baffling. Nothing about how the Lord is giving him strength to carry on, how any peace he has comes from the Lord, or even how he’s giving his anger and disappointment to the Lord and asking Him “why?” Just nothing. When I’m scared or frightened, or losing hope in some particular issue, I can’t stay away from Christ for five minutes. I literally cling to Him. The darker it is, the more I cling. Yet with Chantry we hear none of this. Maybe he does speak of Jesus in other conversations, but Todd has posted quite a few now, surely enough for one or two Jesus references to slip by, yet there’s not hide nor hair of them. Very telling, I say. Or as my daughter would say, “It’s a clue.”


At the end, he’s all “I hope the job continues to go well,” even though she never said it was going well. She said it was “new, so that’s okay” twice, and he never even asked how it was going, which is why we don’t know if it’s going well or not!

He just sounds like such a self absorbed martyr. What a sanctimonious crybaby.

Another former member

I also find it interesting that Judy seemed to be (gently and almost tentatively) trying to get Tom to admit that they had “gone about this all wrong, both spiritually and legally”, but then (and I find this equally as interesting) she quickly backtracked when he objected to the notion. She is several years older than Tom, but by the way she interacts with him, one would think that the roles were reversed. She sounds very much like the meek and submissive party in their relationship.

Headless Unicorn Guy

She sounds very much like the meek and submissive party in their relationship.

The very epitome of Biblical Womanhood(TM).
And a guy like Tom wouldn’t have it any other way.

Michael R.

Elizabeth, Best comment. No love yous ( i wonder about the sister’s true beliefs regarding his guilt) and no Christian talk in any of these conversations with family and pastors! Not even a brief prayer or a reference to having prayed for him! Well, Jesus warned that people would think they’d performed wonderful works in His name (i learned much from Chantry’s preaching and writing and his interpretation of Ecclesiastes is brilliant and eye-opening) but He will send them packing since He never knew them. Tares and goats.
A lot of these commenters are not believers so it is good to know that there are folks with no hidden agendas here.

Sue Cutler

Who is the Bob who took a plea that Tom mentions?

Miss Temples

This is the sister who collected the handcrafted boat oar from his home when he fled Prescott in the middle of the night, right? Willfully blind.

Headless Unicorn Guy

Biblically Loyal and Sweetly Submissive, isn’t she?