ARBCA Leaders Have Been Lying To You Since 2000

By | August 3, 2018

The document below shows that the ARBCA has been covering-up for Tom Chantry and lying to those in the pews for a long time. It’s past time for members to demand honest answers from the corrupt leaders in the ARBCA.


2018-6-29 Motion in Limine Regarding Pastor Lindblad Redacted by Todd Wilhelm on Scribd













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Colleen S

Did the ARBCA three man committee exonerate Tom Chantry from the allegations the parents and children made against him? If so, why is the report kept secret?

From the ARBCA announcement, General Assembly, 2017: “By the spring of 2002, the matter was closed. A sister church and an independent, certified (Christian Counseling & Educational Foundation) Christian counselor judged Mr. Chantry fit to return to normalcy. Their reports included pursuing pastoral ministry, should Mr. Chantry believe this was God’s will.”

7 For the overseer must be above reproach as God’s steward, not self-willed, not quick-tempered, not addicted to wine, not pugnacious, not fond of sordid gain, 8 but hospitable, loving what is good, sensible, just, devout, self-controlled, (Tit. 1:7-8 NAS)

A deacon takes money from the church offering. When he is found out he says he needed it for an emergency. He then repays the money.

Would you trust this deacon with the finances in the future? Was this man above reproach before he returned the money? Is he above reproach after he returned the money?

What does “above reproach” mean?

CRBC Member

ARBCA sent Don Lindblad and Steve Martin to our CRBC congregational meeting about Tom in Jan of 2017.

Don Lindblad was particularly slimy, condescending, and awful. Afterwards, Steve Martin was overheard saying, “This was a witch hunt.”

Not only were we never told about the ARBCA report or even a hint of anything amiss at Miller Valley before calling Tom as pastor, but ARBCA increased the division in our congregation after Tom’s arrest by refusing to show our members the report. We were told we wouldn’t be able to understand the report and needed to trust them.

We know Tom admitted to spanking the kids. Best case scenario, he is a man that mistreated children as an elder. ARBCA knew this and still allowed him to become a pastor at our church.


Wow. Just finished reading all of these comments. It all helps me to understand why the ARBCA church we attended went a little weird. Here is a message I sent to a member at our former church:

“I know it’s hard to hear negative things about a Pastor that you hold in high regard. We had been in the church for 15 years. During those 15 years there were things that happened that bothered us but we did not ask questions because it seemed questions were not welcome. The underlying current was that we were supposed to trust our leaders and asking questions was not showing trust in our leaders. Here are a few things that bothered us over the years:

1.) When Arden left the church, the congregation was going to form a pastoral search committee. Michael nixed the idea and said he would query ARBCA for possible candidates and bring them in. He never did and before long it was apparent that he was the Pastor. There was no congregational vote or input. It was not according to the constitution, however, at that time I didn’t remember what the constitution said. It is also in violation of the 1689 confession. As we were talking, we said we didn’t even recall him being ordained. Nathaniel piped up and said Michael told him during his membership process that he had been ordained by Arden and Tom Lyon at Arden’s house. So we had a congregation who had no idea that Michael had been ordained, had no idea that he had already been made Pastor of the church and were told by Michael he would bring in candidates to preach, which he never did because he was the Pastor but no body knew it.

2.) I had been counting offering money with Judy as accountability. When Judy died, Michael came to me and said they did not need the accountability any more so they wouldn’t need me. Personally, that was a relief because I’m horrible at math. But I was bothered by the fact that Michael said they don’t need the accountability. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not that I don’t trust Robert to handle the money. It’s just the idea that somehow accountability isn’t wanted by the church leadership that bothers me.

3.)Then there is the whole business meeting in an envelope joke. The business meeting is mandated by the constitution. A real business meeting allows people to ask questions during the meeting instead of telling them to ask privately. If there is nothing to hide it should not be a problem to allow questions during the meeting. Others may have the same question. The business meeting in an envelope is a convenient way to side step having the real business meeting mandated in the constitution.

4.) Then we have the Tom Chantry issue. Michael told us all to pray for Tom Chantry because he had been arrested for something from his past. So we figured it was something before he was saved. We were never told it was a crime committed during his ministry that affected other people. Then we left the church and Nathaniel told us the real reason. He had been afraid to say anything to us because he didn’t know how we would react and he was trying to figure out how to say something to Michael about it, but he knew others had been kicked out of their churches for trying to bring out the truth about Chantry. Michael had already alluded to some bloggers who thought ARBCA Pastor’s were covering for Chantry and laughed about how silly they were to Nathaniel. So once we left the church Nathaniel told us.

5.) There were some who left the church (————-and the ———- family) because they wanted to worship in a church where they could be active in ministries. They wrote letters to the church which Michael read from the pulpit. Then in his sermon he made statements that were obviously aimed at discrediting their stated reason for leaving the church. It sent a clear message that anyone leaving the church for any of those reasons would be slammed from the pulpit behind their backs.

These are just a few things that bothered us over the years, but we kept our mouths shut for fear of rocking the boat. There are a few more that I won’t get into due to time and space. “

What finally sent us packing was when one of the men lied to our son, telling him he would teach him self defense and confidence to help him get past nightmares from a sexual harassment issue on a job he had. Instead this man brainwashed him, talked him into dropping his mental health meds and turned him against us. Thankfully God made our son sick so he insisted on coming back home against this man’s wishes and once home he began to come back to his senses. We gave all the text messages to our Pastor that proved this man was a bad dude, but our Pastor & leaders protected him and blamed our son and us for misunderstanding this man’s “good motives”. When we didn’t buy it he tried to convince us to come back to church and just be quiet and act like nothing happened. That’s when we left and then we learned about all this other stuff and now we know it was good we got out. I have exMormon friends who as I told them what was happening they kept saying, “ Get out. Run! You are in a cult!”

Paul Gordon

As the pastor of a church that was in ARBCA, do you have any guidance to offer those who are currently in ARBCA churches? It seems that most ARBCA churches (members and pastors) are likely completely ignorant concerning this matter (many not even knowing about Tom’s incarceration or trial, let alone all that has been revealed about the investigation in 2000).

My only guidance for anyone concerned with my opinion would be that they identify with their own local assemblies and the brothers and sisters they know and woship with week by week rather than with an extra-biblical organization whose members know so little about one another and meet together but once a year. There really shouldn’t be any ARBCA churches and I never really pastored one, only the local assembly of believers that met as the Grace Church in Pine Bush, NY.
As for inter church fellowship I would advise anyone to find local churches you can actually “Hold Communion Together With” where you are not ignorant or kept in the dark about the problems actually plaguing the fellowship of churches but can support one another in a climate of mutual transparency and trust.

Sandy Williams

I understand that in the American legal system a person is innocent until proven guilty. A person has a right to defense and a right to face his accusers. I believe that’s the best system for preventing injustice. However, for those who follow Jesus, where does the integrity modeled by the apostle Paul get put into practice? Acts 25:11–“If, however, I am guilty of doing anything deserving death, I do not refuse to die . . .” (NIV). Isn’t he saying, “If I’ve done the crime, I’ll do the time. I’ll admit it, and take the appropriate punishment.” The apostle modeled a similar integrity in 1 Corinthians 4:4–“My conscience is clear, but that does not make me innocent. It is the Lord who judges me” (NIV). Wouldn’t it be a good and noble thing to do for Tom Chantry to admit his guilt (if indeed he is guilty, which he appears to be) rather than defend his innocence and hope a jury cannot get beyond a reasonable doubt? Can Tom change his plea to guilty and set a great example for other offenders?


Dear Todd & Janna, I am so thankful for the work you are doing here. I know Tom Chantry. I have been blessed by his preaching. I have never seen him do anything that would make me think any of this could be possible. I also know many of the men that have been mentioned, in fact I belong to a church pastored by one of them. These are men who I have a deep love and respect for. I have never heard a word mentioned in our pulpit or among any of the people at my church about these charges against Chantry. Had it not been for people like you exposing this I would know nothing about it. I have read all the evidence I have found online and find it to be irrefutable. Some of the most powerful evidence to me is Tom Chantry’s own words and actions. You have done a great job putting this all together in one place. Not just the trial, but the blogging comments made by Chantry and the other information provided. It’s difficult and painful to imagine that someone you know and love could do such things, but the evidence seems clear.
“The one who states his case first seems right, until the other comes and examines him.” Proverbs 18:17
So I look forward to hearing the defense but I am very doubtful at this point.
There seems to be lots of “cognitive dissonance” going on with other church members (the few who know). Some refuse to look at all the evidence because they assume it’s biased. Some are lying to themselves. I understand the anger in the comments toward the deffendent and those who have and are supporting him, but I don’t think it’s helpful. Letting the evidence speak for itself would be more effective because the information would feel more trustworthy to those on the fence.
I am praying that if these men knew and hid information that they will fear God more than men and have the great courage to confess and repent like David.


The tragedy is how little, if at all, ARBCA, has reached out to these children who have been abused in the past 18 years. They have done everything to bring Chantry back into the fold by alienating several churches and several “good men” for the sake of the doctrine of Divine Impassibility. But those who knew that Tom had beaten these children (and now we’re understanding much more about what he did) have now rallied round him. Have any of these so called “godly men” issued a phone call to the victims? Ever?

How do they rationalize a 30 year old single male pastor issuing corporal punishment without parental consent? And how then do they believe that a single 30 year old male getting away with such treatment wouldn’t go further? But here are witnesses who virtually tell the same story of the abuse they underwent at his hand.

But ARBCA doesn’t care about these poor souls that have been scarred if not ruined by the wickedness of Chantry and those who helped cover this up. I am sickened beyond belief.

Dee Parsons

Thank you for posting this. Well done.


Why are those documents as yet inadmissible?

Not being a lawyer or understanding about what makes evidence admissable or inadmissable, I fair bit of this is above my head.

But it’s clear to me that Don Lindblad has muffed it badly. He contradicted himself multiple times.

And that makes it clear he is not qualified to be a pastor.

I’m wondering whether R Scott Clark is following this. I think he thinks that men like Lindblad are good guys.


Did the State ever receive these documents?