David and Paige Giarrizzo’s Shameful Letter of Support For John Giarrizzo

By | January 17, 2019

“The simple step of a courageous individual is not to take part in the lie. One word of truth outweighs the world.”
-Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn


“So Obadiah went to meet Ahab and told him, and Ahab went to meet Elijah. When he saw Elijah, he said to him, “Is that you, you troubler of Israel?” “I have not made trouble for Israel,” Elijah replied. “But you and your father’s family have. You have abandoned the Lord’s commands and have followed the Baals.”
-I Kings 18:16-18 NIV


“You have not rejoiced in the truth, but have strung together alleged facts to create the impression of wrongdoing. May God have mercy on your souls, soften your hearts, and cause you to fall on your knees in true repentance. May he grant you his forgiveness and the GCC congregation’s also, and may he somehow use this terrible mess you’ve caused for his glory and our good.”
-David and Paige Giarrizzo in a letter written to GCC elders supporting David’s father, John Giarrizzo.


On January 14, 2019 I published an article titled “ARBCA Publishes Shameful Rant by John Giarrizzo.” You can read that article here. The article contained a letter written by John Giarrizzo in which he stated: Last summer we suffered a severe church-split resulting in the sudden departure of many who were disgruntled, some of whom were reckless trouble-makers.”

What John Giarrizzo was referring to was the the mass exodus of GCC church members in response to the factual report compiled by his fellow elders.  This report was very thorough and proved Giarrizzo’s complicity in the ARBCA coverup of former ARBCA pastor Tom Chantry’s sexual abuse of children. I do not know all of what transpired at GCC, but I do know the elders called for John Giarrizzo to repent and for the church to withdraw from ARBCA. Giarrizzo dug in his heels and managed to remain in power at the church.  He then wrote a letter dated August 25, 2018 claiming the elders had sinned against him and needed to repent. I believe at this point all GCC members who were sincere, discerning Christians came to the conclusion that they could no longer attend a church pastored by John Giarrizzo and subsequently left.

On the same day that John Giarrizzo wrote his ridiculous letter David and Paige Giarrizzo wrote an equally ridiculous letter to the GCC elders. David is John’s son. Paige is John’s daughter-in-law.

The letter written by David and Paige did not engage with any of the factual evidence presented in the report, this was simply because they could not counter the truthful, detailed evidence. Instead, in an effort to obfuscate the factual evidence they made statements like the one I quoted above – “but have strung together alleged facts to create the impression of wrongdoing.

Further, David and Paige in addressing the elders stated, may he somehow use this terrible mess you’ve caused..”  Correction, David and Paige, it is your father/father-in-law that created the mess.

You will also notice the great lengths that David and Paige went to in an attempt to demonstrate the elders had not followed Scripture in their confrontation of John Giarrizzo. I totally disagree with the claims of David and Paige and find it quite ironic that they would claim all the elders had sinned against their dad yet the two of them, in their letter appear to be engaging in the very activity they accuse the elders of engaging in.

I could say much more, but will end with this point. Remember what is at the root of all of this – John Giarrizzo  has covered up for Tom Chantry since at least the year 2000, and he continually lied about the facts to his fellow elders when they were investigating the matter. Tom Chantry is a sexual sadist who did great harm to children of what was then an ARBCA church. Chantry is now a convicted felon and awaits trials on further counts of sexual molestation, assault and child abuse. Chantry’s sick, perverse actions have caused untold damage to not only the young children he abused, but also to their families, Miller Valley Baptist Church and now GCC and ARBCA.

And yet John Giarrizzo stubbornly refuses to acknowledge the facts of his role in the scandal and repent.  Giarrizzo is effectively choosing to continue to support his friend and convicted felon, Tom Chantry over the abused children. David and Paige Giarrizzo, in supporting their father and railing against the righteous elders who exposed John’s sins have also indirectly thrown their support behind the convicted felon Tom Chantry. In all their various quotes of Scripture they seem to have left one very important verse out:

“but whoever causes one of these little ones who believe in Me to stumble, it would be better for him to have a heavy millstone hung around his neck, and to be drowned in the depth of the sea.”
Matthew 18:6 NAS

David and Paige stated, “Based on the way that you have treated Pastor John, this should keep each of you awake at night with dread.”

If anyone is having trouble sleeping it should be the Giarrizzo’s.

The apple really didn’t fall far from the tree! 


Below is the letter David and Paige Giarrizzo wrote to the former GCC elders who investigated John Giarrizzo’s involvement in ARBCA’s coverup of the Tom Chantry sexual abuse of children scandal.  You may view the report here.

Letter From David Giarrizzo… by on Scribd

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Mr. Jesperson

The Church really needs to learn about the chief disorder of the Pharisees: Narcissism. I will keep posting up links to educational videos like this so that good Christians can educate themselves and consider the facts. There are many narcissists in the body of Christ. They are scattered throughout every major denomination. The best defense is gaining the wisdom to quickly recognize them. These people do not change or repent because their conscience is broken. They see other people as resources to be exploited and then thrown away when they cease to be useful: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BrHTE–jMfQ


What a great link! How true in the religious circles of today. It is educational and beneficial to listen to Dr. Carter and others who expose the evils of narcissism, the root of pride and the cornerstone of unbelief. Who is there who does not have a narcissistic bent? And what TRUE believer is there who has not been relieved of this evil? Since the doctrine of repentance has been long ago ‘shelved’ by these same “narcs” and the word “brokenness” has been removed from the lexicon of the “church” is it any wonder that these ego maniacs hold sway in every circle they attend to?


Who are these people? One of the last sentences (or maybe the last) is acutely revealing as to how demented the rational faculties of RBs truly are. Paraphrasing it: Don’t tell us to wait for the actual evidence that the 40 page report details, just repent! We don’t want truth and facts! We’ve already decided what we believe and have taken sides based on our harsh, angry, bitter, condescending and spurious feelings! It’s audacious to read what they accuse those men about (law and gospel, abuse, etc.). The analogy of the pot calling the kettle black doesn’t even quantify for this unrelenting emotional outburst. Who are these people?

“Who are these people?”

They act as though they have the temporal and ecclesiastical authority of Torquemada, the first Grand Inquisitor.

Janna L. Chan (blog team member)

Concerned Christian

I find it very interesting that David says to the elders “you have shown us a textbook example of abuse”.

First, David (hopefully you read this), have you read any textbooks, books, or examples of abuse? If so then you would know that when you hear or receive feedback, correction, or anything contrary to your view and you immediately fight back by slandering people and launching an attack on their character, that is in fact a textbook example of abuse (Matthew 26 is an excellent of Jesus not fighting back against wicked men).

Second, are you not in fact acting the very way you accuse the elders of having acted when you say “claiming to stand against oppression all the while acting like oppressors yourselves”? Have you not demonstrated with this statement that you were being oppressive and heavy handed against elders you believed to be oppressive by unjustly accusing them of sinning and lording it over the congregation without properly understanding their position and perspectives? Do two wrongs make a right? Are you to return sin with sin? Isn’t it being oppressive to call out the elders in this way and demand their repentance without ever trying to understand where they were coming from?

David Giarrizzo, you have set yourself up as the authority in this matter and not humbly submitted yourself to the elders God placed over you at the time in order to keep His church orderly and pure. You have demonstrated that you aren’t willing to subject yourself to any authority in the church except that of your dad and your own views. It is you who is attempting to Lord it over the elders and people of the church with your imbalanced, authoritarian views. Repent and return to the first love that you claim to believe in, that of Christ Jesus.


The longevity (or lack thereof) of pastor’s wives is something not to be missed…


Whew! The sanctimonious self-righteousness of these guys is nothing less than astonishing. If I hadn’t read the 40 page Investigation Report by the elders, and if I hadn’t kept up with the Chantry trial and the ARBCA cover-up, reading what David and Paige wrote I would have believed without a doubt that these elders were wolves in sheep’s clothing, out to purposely destroy the Church of Christ and that they were all tools of Satan! They really lay it on thick, and quote Scripture liberally and extensively with each accusation against the godly men who did the hard work of exposing the corruption of their pastor. To put it mildly, they are expert at fleecing the flock.

God is not mocked; they should tremble.

Todd, do you have a copy of the supposed admission of sin letter that David references…
“By your own admissions (your letter to the GCC congregation from 8/23/18), you have each committed sin that we believe disqualifies each of you from holding the office of an elder…” I’m very curious at what sin the elders supposedly confessed to. Or is that reference simply another rabbit hole to boggle and confuse the members?

Concerned Christian

Elizabeth, you are absolutely right about their self-righteousness. Interesting how they in turn violate the things they call out the elders for. Like the 9th commandment for example; their letter was shared with many people after sending it to the elders. If they were concerned with the reputation of the elders (as they quote the Westminster catechism), they wouldn’t have promoted a spirit of ungracious, backhanded campaigning against the elders by trying to get people to read their letter and send a similar letter calling the elders to repentance too. The preservation of the good name of our neighbor surely doesn’t involve harsh and hasty letters, text messages, and emails demanding their repentance, the bashing of their character, and the promoting of lies and slander that call their past into question with false accusations of wrongdoing.

Concerned Christian

Elizabeth, he is referring to an email the elders sent out apologizing to the congregation for causing confusion and not caring for them as they should have. They also apologized for unintentionally implying a charge against John without providing the necessary evidence (the key point). David has taken this and ran with it to spout off about how the elders admitted they charged John falsely. What they did say, and still maintain, is that they never meant to confuse God’s people with the process and the reading of a letter that pointed to the fact that they were trying to determine John’s involvement with this scandal. When they said they unintentionally implied a charge without providing the evidence, they weren’t apologizing for bringing a charge (those men twisting what the elders actually said) but they were apologizing for not providing the evidence at that time. They had evidence of John’s sin.

Everything John and David have manufactured up to this point has all been to confuse people, discredit the elders who were simply trying to be good stewards of their offices and the church according to the Scriptures, and to protect the name and reputation of Jesus Christ; the only one who we should truly be concerned about when it comes to protecting reputations. They continue to distort the facts, cherry pick Scripture and confession references to use for their benefit, and show the world they’re more concerned with their own names and reputations and concerned with their allegiance to ARBCA. It’s sad. They are in a bad way and hopefully the Lord will humble them and bring about repentance.


Thank you, Concerned Christian, for such a detailed and clear answer to my question. So the godly elders who did the unenviable work of exposing their corrupt pastor actually corrected, with transparency and humility to the congregants, their error? You mean like our shepherds are supposed to do? Instead, the Giarrizzo’s sensed a crack in the armor and like a pack of wolves used it to their advantage. It’s a shame they didn’t take note and emulate their confession. Yes, they are in a bad way, but the arm of the Lord hasn’t been shortened and perhaps all “this mess” as they like to call it, will lead to their true repentance one day.

Concerned Christian

You hit the nail on the head with your comment about “sensing a crack in the armor”. John and his crew absolutely exploited the elders humility in being sensitive to the congregation and they, like typical abusers, ran with the opportunity to turn it against them. I’m glad you, and probably many others, see this type of abusive behavior as it is and recognize that Godly men do not use another’s vulnerability to do harm and sin against them.

I do pray for John, David, and others to repent of their sin of abuse, slander, and ungodly rejection of the authority God placed over them in the elders that were trying to care for the sheep entrusted to them. The behavior of these men (John, David, and others) is abhorrent and they must be called to account for it. The Lord will deal with these men as He sees fit and vengeance is His but we must also not take that as a cue to be passive against abusers. We must call sin sin and bring correction to those who are not walking according to the Word of God.

Jeff Crippen

This is the same old yada, yada, yada that we hear all the time when we have to confront an unrepentant sinner in the church. “We don’t like the way you did it.” That’s what they always say. Why? Because they are guilty and they cannot disprove the case against them. So like a rebellious child they complain and moan and accuse the method. Well, guess what? There is NO method that the wicked are going to like when confronted with their sin. David, your father is guilty. And now you are as well.


Good observation. I’ve noticed, too, a tendency to howl against ‘the law’ while screaming for ‘grace’.


Who is the older man in the top photo and also in the lower photo of John, David, Paul, and a younger man?


I know you didn’t ask, but the younger man in the bottom photo is Sam Renihan. He’s the son of Jim Renihan (president of IRBS) and is a pastor of Trinity Reformed Baptist Church in La Mirada, CA.


Thank you. I actually did ask.


You’re very welcome. Sorry, I misread your comment and thought you were just asking about the older man (Earl Blackburn).

Douglas Belardi

“I was approved by congregational vote at church to be a ‘gifted brother’ (basically a formally recognized teacher)…have found myself taking on more and more teaching and preaching at church.” – David Giarrizo

the parallels to Heritage Baptist Church of Mansfield are uncanny
nepotism runs so deep in ARBCA – fleecing the flock is the family business

Douglas Belardi

Coming soon: DESTROYING tomorrow’s “church” – David Giarrizo’s toy

Douglas Belardi

the family that sins together “wins” together


They create their own word meanings. Very wearying. I’ve had a lifetime of it, having to figure this out over many years.
What you say is very true: the family that sins together “wins” together.
The ARBCA churches that pull out are not all telling their congregations why. I heard in one church that it was a complicated doctrinal issue. The pure doctrine of pedophilia is indeed very complicated. I now know why the church split decades ago now, over something OTHER than doctrine.


And I feel like one waking up in older years realizing the aftermath of having a church splitting youth pastor/director “teaching” us that french kissing is intercourse above the waist, on and on, anything to keep us from legitimately pairing up, and anything to stay in our business. After he initiated that church split, his adult sunday school themes would pound our ears for the following years. Listening to him for an hour was an exercise in some form of mental torture, always steadily building a foundation to take us to a point that he created that could not be disputed, “no turning back,” and if you didn’t leave that day with his newly gained ground in your mind as your new priority in life, then you were on your way to the afterlife hell, not only the hell he just created. He loved to talk about others who invent ways to sin, but he was the master of it. IS IT EVER RIGHT TO LIE was his favorite. I now see what he meant: IS IT EVER RIGHT TO LIE TO YOUR LEADERS? Well, Mr. Man, I know ask: IS IT EVER RIGHT TO PRY?

Jeff Crippen

Just to say it once more, Giarrizo is the one who, while interim coordinator for ARBCA, threatened me when I confronted the ARBCA leadership for their ungoldy and unkind evils in the “does God have emotion” debate which they used to put people out of ARBCA membership who they didn’t like. Our church saw what they were doing and we confronted them and resigned. Giarrizo emailed me and told me that God was not ever going to bless me and our church unless I repented of what I had said. Ha! Well, my elders and our church are still a united, loving church body serving the Lord. Giarrizo? Hmmm…your elders confronted you with terrible sin, you hardened your heart, and they all resigned.

Concerned Christian

Jeff, I know you posted about the letter Giarrizzo sent you on your blog but is there any way you can post it here or link to the original letter for everyone to see? I like many was unaware of this and his nasty emails to those who oppose his sin until I read about it in article you did. People at GCC and elsewhere need to see that and many of the other emails that John sent to elders, ex-members, and people in other congregations. They would be shocked at his unloving responses to dear saints who lovingly tried to point out his sin.


I would also be interested in seeing this. It would be helpful for these rants to be in one place. The differences between the elders’ report and the Giarrizzo’s accusations are astonishing and for me, at least, very helpful to compare the two behaviors.

Concerned Christian