Tom Chantry’s Sister Judy Rogers No Longer on the ARBCA Payroll

By | July 16, 2019

Tom Chantry’s sister, Judy Rogers, is no longer on the ARBCA payroll. She formerly served as Director of Development for the ARBCA seminary – IRBS.  Taking her place is Brent Ward. It appears that Ward made the announcement of his hiring on Friday, July 12, 2019.

The national ARBCA website has no information on this, nor did they have any information on the retirement of Earl Blackburn. I understood  ARBCA had pledged at their last GA gathering that they would be more transparent in the future, but the opposite appears to be the case. The reason for this may simply be a lack of money. I noticed that Fred Pugh, their new national coordinator, is only part-time, in better days the coordinator job has been full-time.

Unknown to me is whether Ms. Rogers resigned her position or was asked to leave by ARBCA  officials. It does appear that ARBCA, in an effort to stay financially solvent, is eager to shed any trace of connections to the Chantry clan. They have been hit hard by numerous churches resigning from the ARBCA association in light of overwhelming evidence that ARBCA leaders have lied and covered up the crimes of convicted pedophile Tom Chantry.

My advice to Mr. Ward is to keep your resume up to date and your eyes open for possible employment with an employer who has a better long-term outlook for job security. I really can’t see IRBS surviving for more than a few years.




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