Tom Chantry’s Sister Judy Rogers No Longer on the ARBCA Payroll

By | July 16, 2019

Tom Chantry’s sister, Judy Rogers, is no longer on the ARBCA payroll. She formerly served as Director of Development for the ARBCA seminary – IRBS.  Taking her place is Brent Ward. It appears that Ward made the announcement of his hiring on Friday, July 12, 2019.

The national ARBCA website has no information on this, nor did they have any information on the retirement of Earl Blackburn. I understood  ARBCA had pledged at their last GA gathering that they would be more transparent in the future, but the opposite appears to be the case. The reason for this may simply be a lack of money. I noticed that Fred Pugh, their new national coordinator, is only part-time, in better days the coordinator job has been full-time.

Unknown to me is whether Ms. Rogers resigned her position or was asked to leave by ARBCA  officials. It does appear that ARBCA, in an effort to stay financially solvent, is eager to shed any trace of connections to the Chantry clan. They have been hit hard by numerous churches resigning from the ARBCA association in light of overwhelming evidence that ARBCA leaders have lied and covered up the crimes of convicted pedophile Tom Chantry.

My advice to Mr. Ward is to keep your resume up to date and your eyes open for possible employment with an employer who has a better long-term outlook for job security. I really can’t see IRBS surviving for more than a few years.




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I’m now getting “404 Page Not Found” when I click to view the Trustees and Regents lists at the website of ARBCA’s seminary:

Also, strange language (typos?) at the ARBCA website describing the new people on its payroll:

“Pastor Fred Pugh…served as chairman of the board of Trustees of the Institute of Reformed Baptist Studies at Theological Seminary [?] until his election as ARBCA Coordinator.”

“The Administration [?] for the IRBS Theolocial [sic?] Seminary is Matt Stahl”

Sidebar says the title is ‘Administrative Assistant’

I R Not BS

Just gotta love those letters! I R a bunch of BS! We here at IRBS are collectively a bunch more of BS!

Douglas Belardi

are you a student?

I R Not

No. R U a teacher?

Douglas Belardi

you wrote “We here at IRBS”
I am hardly a teacher
but rather a FORMER member of Heritage BC where irBS is located and I am not afraid to use my REAL name

I R Not

Doug, that’s nice that you are not afraid to use your real name. Not all people feel the same way. That is why we have the option to change our names. People may have various reasons for their personal choices.

Fact Check

A bit of a correction on your data, Todd. Tom Chantry did not attend, nor graduate from IRBS. He graduated from WSCal before IRBS even began.


Look at the picture of the IRBS Trustees and take note of that wall behind the tables there in the HBC Fellowship Hall.

There’s a very important word right smack dab in the middle….

Headless Unicorn Guy

The reproduction of that picture is too small to read those words on the wall. Can you elaborate, or is it effectively “Mene, Mene, Tekel, Uparshim”?

Our Children are our Teachers

Who will pastor my grandchildren? There are a LOT of assumptions in that statement! The current grand children, young adults, do not want to be pastored. They have a vastly different perspective looking at for example, ARBCA, than previous generations. Are we listening to them? My son just asked me yesterday, hearing of the Chantry ordeal, knowing of the Chantry influence in my hometown, if the denomination was started as a hiding ground for using children, abusing children, molesting children, etc. Could we blame him for wondering?


How sad and tragic! “They do not want to be pastored.” The role of a “pastor” is not, nor ever will be, a generational concept or preference. Our blessed Lord, the head Shepard of His people, has ordained for the good of His people the office of an Elder. That does not change over time. He has also given to us the necessary qualifications for the office, (1 Tim 3, Titus 1, and 1 Peter 5:1-3). These qualifications are far more than just being able to teach the Word of God! Had these qualifications been adequately observed (among others temperate and prudent come to mind) Tom Chantry would never have been placed (anywhere) in the role of pastor or teacher. Or, certainly after striking a child for squirting water at him, he would have been immediately terminated! I think we need to teach our children, and remind ourselves, the important and weighty role God has placed upon pastors. We need to love and cherish true under-shepherds who earnestly labor for the benefit of our souls. They do so for the glory of Christ and the love of souls. These men desperately need our prayers and support, which the Holy Spirit expressly requires of us. I believe we should NEVER place any man on a pedestal simply because he knows how to preach and expound Scripture. I do think that has long been a distinct problem of reformed Baptists, though certainly not limited to just them. I hope these horrific crimes of Tom Chantry will NOT teach us, and our children, that we don’t need pastors! I pray that our gracious God would deliver the Church from false shepherds and raise up godly, Christ-like leaders, whose true desire is to serve theirs and our Savior!

I hope these fake pastors go to prison where they belong.

They’re just criminals in the “God business,” buddy.

Janna L. Chan (blog team member)

Our Children are our Teachers

Dear “Pastor” Steve,
Thank you for articulating exactly what the problem is. People do not have the choice to be pastored, to go to church, to join a church, and sometimes they don’t even have the choice to leave a church.
What do you mean that “Tom Chantry WOULD NEVER HAVE been placed anywhere in the role of pastor or teacher?” You mean in your world of scripture defining what WOULD HAVE occurred? The fact is that Tom WAS in pastoral/teacher role and committed crimes and now finally faces reality for his actions. Our children reflect the realities back to us with new and needed perspective. Do you have children? Are you listening to them or lecturing them?


Oh my! I was not wanting or trying to be contentious by what I wrote! I am very sorry if you felt offended. I am not, nor ever have been, a “pastor.” Yes, we raised wonderful children and now have precious grandchildren. Yes, I listened to them when they were young and in fact, I still do in their adulthood! I have learned so much from them all. I was not in any way trying to discredit the important value in learning from our children.

I guess I am not sure if you misunderstood my comment? What I said, or what I was simply trying to say, was that after Chantry abused a child by striking him in the face (remember 4th of July picnic) he should have been terminated (yes even arrested) at that time. I was trying to point out he demonstrated early on at Miller Valley that by his actions he did not meet God’s qualifications for an Elder. I fully, and sadly, understand that is not what happened.

My only point in commenting is that notwithstanding Chantry and his supporters, God has blessed his Church with many good and godly pastors who need our love and prayers. They have a very difficult job! I do not believe it is a bad thing to be “pastored, to go to church,” etc? Do you? I am sorry when people feel “trapped” at certain churches. I hope they will have the strength and courage to leave. I do think believers in Christ need to pray that God would deliver us from false pastors like Chantry and his supporters.

I don’t normally write on blogs, although I have read much of the postings in this one. I have appreciated being able to learn things I never knew. My heart has been truly broken for the victims of these crimes and for the dishonor done to the cause of the Lord Jesus Christ.

I won’t post anymore as it appears to be much too easy to misunderstand one another. Again I am truly sorry if I ignited contention. Please know that was never my intention.

Douglas Belardi

Brent Ward – Director Of Development – IRBS Theological Seminary …
View Brent Ward’s profile on LinkedIn, the world’s largest professional community. Brent has 7 … Duncanville, Texas … former pastor of the failed Reformed Baptist Church of Duncanville.

Douglas Belardi

and no listing of the irbs faculty

Douglas Belardi

and still no listing of the members of the arbca administrative council

Headless Unicorn Guy

Like the design flaws of an RBMK reactor, “Ees State Secret”.

Douglas Belardi

Luke 12:1-3
12 , “Beware of the leaven of the Pharisees, which is hypocrisy. 2 But there is nothing covered up that will not be revealed, and hidden that will not not be known. 3 Accordingly, whatever you have said in the dark will be heard in the light, and what you have whispered in the inner rooms will be proclaimed upon the housetops.