ARBCA Leader and Chantry Enabler Earl Blackburn Retires From The Ministry

By | July 15, 2019

You’ve got to know when to hold ’em
Know when to fold ’em
Know when to walk away
And know when to run

-The Gambler
Kenny Rogers

Earl Blackburn, Pastor, past Chairman of the ARBCA Administrative Council and one of the chief men involved in covering up the crimes of former ARBCA Pastor Tom Chantry has retired. ARBCA leaders  James Renihan and Steve Martin spoke at Blackburn’s final service. Blackburn will be moving back to North Carolina, the state he was born and raised in. Corey Smith will be replacing Blackburn.


Below is a short section from Steve Martin’s speech.


I classify Blackburn’s retirement as a good start.  There are several other corrupt  ARBCA leaders that need to follow suit if ARBCA intends to survive. (See Anthony Battaglia’s blog article “Who is ARBCA?” for some hints.)


John Giarrizzo and Earl Blackburn, 2 of Tom Chantry’s top advocates.

As my final tribute to Earl Blackburn, I will leave you with this example of his hypocrisy and bias towards Tom Chantry.

“The Informal Council members consider this pattern of behavior to be very serious. Taken in its entirety, the question must be raised, did Thomas Chantry use this method of punishment for his own pleasure.”

-Confidential Report and Recommendations of the Informal Council of the Reformed Baptist Churches of America
December 13, 2000, to December 16, 2000


“Since you, Don Lindblad and Tom Chantry all thought that matters had not been properly handled, you should have called for a formal council. It is my belief that had that been done, Tom Chantry would have been found guilty and formal legal charges would have been filed by the parents of some of the abused children. There is no doubt in my mind that Tom Chantry would have been found guilty in a legal proceeding and may even be in jail today… You should have insisted on a formal council. If you had I do not believe that Tom Chantry would be teaching children today or teaching an Adult Sunday School in an Association church.”

Pastor Tedd Tripp’s Response to Earl Blackburn’s letter.
August 26, 2002


“By that I meant, as I explained, that you sought to be generous and kind to Thomas Chantry by giving him an opportunity to deal with matters and, hopefully, in time reenter the ministry. For that I was and am thankful.”

Letter from Earl Blackburn, Pastor & Chairman of the ARBCA Administrative Council to Pastors Rich Jensen and Tedd Tripp and Elder Mike McKnight.
April 18, 2002




Three months after Pastor & Chairman of the ARBCA Administrative Council, Earl Blackburn had written a letter to the members of the ARBCA Informal Council thanking them for giving pedophile Tom Chantry an opportunity to return to the ministry, Blackburn was lamenting the fact that a preacher who had an affair with his mother was back in the pulpit within one year with no consequences for his sin!

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Mr. Jesperson

This is one drop in the ocean out there of men Jesus’ would still call “white-washed septic tanks.” These men put a lot of effort into creating a false public image for themselves, just like the original Pharisees and yet their deeds are purely anti-Christ. Many of these men would call themselves “orthodox” as they claim to be passionate about perfect doctrine, but Jesus said orthopraxy (right practice) is what he was concerned about. Jesus did not say if we love Him that we will repeat correct teachings to each other. He said that if we love Him, we should obey His commands!
He also said that we should pray for His Kingdom to come and His will to be done. Men like Blackburn devoted their careers to seeing their own kingdoms get built and their own wills being done. All who do this have Satan as their father, according to Jesus, because Satan did the exact same thing with his fellow angels as men like Blackburn have done with other men. There is a huge backlash now building against the neo-Pharisees of today. We still have to know them by their fruit, not their words. Satan has his pastors which have his priorities and this Devil works overtime to see them attain the highest positions available in religious institutions. This is just the way that things are. And ARBCA proves that he can be very successful at getting his people just where he want them.

She Sins

Translation: women are not allowed to “sin”.

Our Children are our Teachers

Women, especially those who must “be godly women” especially when their husband’s paycheck depends on it, are not allowed to “sin” this is why they end up dying before their time and not being there for their grandchildren…stay tuned to those children’s voices over time