ARBCA Speaks With Forked Tongue – Part II Denies Culpability in Cover-Up of Chantry Abuse

By | October 31, 2018

“Truth is the daughter of time, not of authority.”
-Francis Bacon


On April 25, 2017, ARBCA published an “Announcement Concerning Tom Chantry.” I wrote an article in response to the announcement in which I easily demonstrated ARBCA was being dishonest.  You can view that document in the blog article here.

In the article I stated:

“What has happened is that the Administrative Council of ARBCA has been exposed as men who misrepresent material facts and are evasive and purposefully incomplete in their dealings as it relates to Tom Chantry’s actions at Miller Valley Baptist Church from 1995-2000. They are beginning to feel the ire of the common folk and they are getting nervous, fearful that their little fiefdom is about to come crashing down. So what we now see in their letter distributed today is a classic “CYA” maneuver.”

I received some private emails from the usual ARBCA supporters challenging my assertion that ARBCA was dishonest in their “Announcement.”  In their latest document, published on October 25, 2018, ARBCA admitted their “Announcement” contained errors. They stated:

“The Administrative Council issued the ARBCA Announcement to the 2017 General Assembly without access to sufficient documentation and information to make some of the definitive statements included in the Announcement. Consequently, some of those statements were inaccurate, and the Administrative Council should issue a letter of apology to member churches.”

I wonder if I can expect to also receive a letter of apology from those who privately emailed me?

To the surprise of nobody who has been following the Thomas Chantry sexual abuse scandal and the ARBCA cover-up, this ARBCA report can also be described as misrepresenting material facts, evasive, and purposefully incomplete.

My purpose in this article is to expose just a few of the more blatant lies contained in the 2018-10-29 ARBCA AC Report on Thomas J. Chantry Part II

Brent Detwiler is currently working on a more thorough response to the document and it should be published in the near future.

The authors of the “ARBCA AC Report on Thomas J. Chantry, Part II” appear to have as their goal to exonerate their Association of any guilt in an intentional cover-up of the Chantry sexual abuse scandal.  To accomplish this goal they have to throw numerous individuals under the bus. Chief among this group run over by the ARBCA bus are the elders of Miller Valley Baptist Church (MVBC).

Pastor Chris Marley of MVBC responded to ARBCA with a well-written letter which can be viewed below. In his letter, Marley described what he termed an “egregious error” on the part of ARBCA.

Some synonyms for egregious are: terrible, appalling, awful, horrendous, atrocious, abominable, abhorrent and outrageous.

I have often been accused by ARBCA supporters of, among other things, breaking the 9th Commandment. For those of you who are  unfamiliar with the Decalogue, the 9th Commandment states: “You shall not give false testimony against your neighbor.” This is a command prohibiting testifying against another person falsely. It is essentially a command against lying. I am not a fan of throwing around accusations of breaking one of the Ten Commandments, but I believe I can legitimately recommend that ARBCA supporters consider Romans 2:21-24 prior to writing me any more accusatory emails.

MVBC Objections to ARBCA Ad… by on Scribd

Below is a photograph of John Giarrizzo on the ARBCA Advisory Council in 2000.  Giarrizzo, along with several of the other men on the 2000 AC, were the primary ARBCA leaders who conspired to cover-up the Thomas Chantry scandal. Below the photo are some quotes I have taken from an investigative report carried out by the Elders from Giarrizzo’s church. Giarrizzo lied to his fellow elders for eight months, stating he was not a member of the 2000 AC. He did so because he knew this AC was guilty of covering up the Chantry scandal.

Source: GCC Elder Investigation – John Giarrizzo

This report is focused on the deception and coverup of facts by ARBCA Pastor John Giarrizzo. It should be noted that Pastor John was an active member of the AC since the inception of the association in 1997 through 2002. Pastor John withheld this information from GCC elders until it was discovered by the Weinland’s and reported to the elders on August 4, 2018. For eight months GCC elders had been working off of the false premise, as communicated by Pastor John, that he was not on the ARBCA AC in 2000, an administrative council that he, himself, condemned.

Nick received a private email from Pastor John with the January 4, 2001 AC Meeting Minutes attached. The email did not have any narrative text. The subject line of the email read, “You gotta read page 3!” Nick opened the document and read it completely and then called Pastor John to find out the significance of page 3. Page 3 contained the General Summary report that was sent by the AC to all of the member churches and is already documented in this report. John was excited and told Nick that this proved that the AC members did not know anything about the 2000 incident involving children. Nick asked him what he was getting at and Pastor John explained that this information absolved he and the other AC  board members from knowing anything about children.  Nick asked Pastor John if he had read page 9 yet and he wasn’t sure.  Nick explained that he would wait for Pastor John to read the page while he waited on the phone. Pastor John stated, “What is that doing there? That’s not supposed to be there. It reads that it is confidential and not supposed to go out. I don’t remember seeing that. I think it might have  been added by somebody.” Nick explained to Pastor John that the page 9 entry indicated all of the AC members were emphatically notified of three levels of reports and instructed to keep the “distinction of 3 levels of reports is to remain confidential!!” Nick explained to Pastor John that the two exclamation points made it pretty clear that the AC wanted this information concealed and that is what people do when they are involved in a coverup. Nick pointed out to Pastor John that his name is all over the report. Nick asked him if he was present for the whole meeting and he said it was a conference call but he was there the whole meeting.”


Now I will briefly deal with just one of the blatant lies in the recent ARBCA report. You will notice that it doesn’t take long for ARBCA to begin lying in this document.  Specifically, in paragraph four of the Preface the ARBCA report states:

“None of the documentation relating to Mr. Chantry’s tenure at MVBC or the work of the
informal council in December 2000 was available to the current Administrative Council or accessible until after the completion of Mr. Chantry’s trial.”


Following the screenshot of the Preface of the ARBCA report, you will find screenshots taken of the State’s deposition of Don Lindblad by prosecutor Susan Eazer. Lindblad is a close friend of Tom Chantry, he served as his “advocate” in the 2000 ARBCA investigation of the sordid scandal which took place at Miller Valley Baptist Church while Chantry was the pastor there. While Lindblad was evasive and deceptive both in the deposition and on the witness stand during the first Chantry trial, he is actually speaking truthfully in the screenshots below.


Lindblad’s testimony stands in direct opposition to ARBCA’s claim that they did not have access to the documentation of the informal council in December 2000.

Source: 2018-10-29 ARBCA AC Report on Thomas J. Chantry Part II and Attachments


Source: 2018-7-18 P1300CR201600966 Eazer Deposition of Don Lindblad


Finally, below you will find a copy of an email Don Lindblad sent to ARBCA leaders Steve Marquedant, John Giarrizzo, Douglas Vandermeulen and Tom Lyon. This email proves, once again that the recent report by ARBCA wherein they stated in paragraph four of the preface the quote below is a blatant lie.


“None of the documentation relating to Mr. Chantry’s tenure at MVBC or the work of the
informal council in December 2000 was available to the current Administrative Council or accessible until after the completion of Mr. Chantry’s trial.”


Maybe someday we will be able to believe that ARBCA is committed to “striving for truth in all matters.” As of today, “they speak with forked tongue.”

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