$pending Daddy’$ Money! – Chantry Files Motion For New Trial

By | May 17, 2019

Photo courtesy of Vyto Starinskas/VVN

Tom Chantry has filed a motion for a new trial. I would guess that set father-in-law Al Huber back at least a month or two of Tom’s salary(see below). Of course Tom hasn’t worked in months, but that doesn’t have any impact on his ability to keep his attorney Ryan Stevens and detective Rich Robertson employed in his service.  As long as ARBCA Assistant Pastor Al Huber keeps the money spigot open, Tom will undoubtedly keep filing motions and appeals, regardless of his chance of prevailing.

Here’s a free piece of advice for team Chantry – page 10, line 1-3 of your motion is factually inaccurate. I obtained the information concerning the rogue juror of the first Chantry trial while the second trial was already underway. The local press received their information from my blog.

And here’s a piece of advice for future jurors – I wouldn’t participate in a post-trial meeting with a defense attorney and his detective. The defense team has one purpose – to clear their client of all charges.  They have years of legal expertise, you have none. Caveat emptor.

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